As the snow came down these last few days, some readers have been busy indoors and send us letters. The first is from our reader Stephen Read who provides a hot argument everybody can use when talking to Remainers:


This is what I said to some Remainiacs:

You brain dead EU obsessives have no idea who is coming into your beloved EU. Eurostat data shows just under one million shiny new, go anywhere passports being issued ANNUALLY to ‘non-Europeans’ that’s mostly unqualified, unemployable Africans and Middle Eastern men, they mostly leave the wives, sisters, mothers behind to fend for themselves. Top scoring disher-outter of new passports is Italy who want these people OFF their territory and on their way to Germany, France and Britain to fill free new housing built by stupid western taxpayers and those who still dream how successfully newcomers ‘integrate’. Here is some homework for you on the numbers:

I hope other Kippers can use that point!

Respectfully, Stephen Read, Northants.

Next, our contributor Rob Mcwhirter reminds us that politics hasn’t come to a stand-still just because there’s snow around:


By-elections are like buses: you wait ages, and then several come along at once. In this case, our loci focus on Sheffield and Thanet.

Everyone expected Nick Clegg to retain Sheffield Hallam, and so when the surprise GE came along last year, Labour allowed Jared O’Mara to be their candidate with no vetting. He won, and then it turned out that his views, erm, were less than one might expect for an MP from Her Majesty’s Opposition, putting OUR vetting skills in perspective. He took an extended spell of sick leave, and the local branch unsurprisingly apparently want rid of him. Guido reports that the local Lib Dems are actively fundraising,, suspecting that the local May elections might be used to distract from a controversial by-election.

Meanwhile, in Thanet South, highly controversial former UKIP interim leader Craig Mackinlay has been accused of election fraud by Michael Crick, and the case is due in court in May.

Nigel was the candidate in 2015, but given his comments about ordinary members, and the NEC since then, I’m not sure he’d be our man in the rerun.

So let’s start planning, now (something else higher priority than constitutional reform), and see if we can get ourselves an MP again!

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

Our indefatigable correspondent Roger Arthur sent in the following letter about Juncker’s successor:


Juncker is an advocate of ever closer union and an EU army. But some say don’t worry about him, because he will be going soon. Well let me introduce you to his likely successor.

Martin Selmayr, the ‘monster’ of Brussels, says that it doesn’t matter what people might think, “if no one elects you” and he is probably just as bent on ever closer union, as Juncker and his predecessors. Selmayr has just been promoted to the post of Secretary General of the EC, making him the top official in a post which was seemingly unadvertised – see here.

As Juncker’s Deputy, he is arguably the most powerful man in Brussels, and will likely be directing EU bureaucrats on how to frustrate and defeat British attempts to escape from ECJ jurisdiction. He is just another in a long line of unelected officials, who has little interest in what we think. Yes he might be persuaded to reform, but only in the direction of ever closer union. As Van Rompuy said, “the era of the nation state is over” and as Cameron found, we will not get binding treaty change from the EU.

The EU direction remains signposted proudly on the walls of the “nauseum” adjacent to the EU complex in Brussels, in this quote from Lord Lothian:

“National SOVEREIGNTY is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time ..…The only final remedy for this… is a FEDERAL UNION of the peoples….”

If anyone still hopes to stay in a reformed EU, which is not moving towards ever closer union, then forget it. Because Juncker’s successor is not likely to change anything much.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

And finally, Peter Mchugh sent in the latest instalment of his Caustic Comments:


Another Caustic comment.  ( 1 – 3 – 18 )

  Brexit will be like this !

Another act in the orchestrated and EU sponsored : REMAIN drama took place today,  close on the heels of John Major’s limping contribution yesterday.

Tony Bliar has today,  generously availed us of his exclusive and unchallengeable knowledge of the subject and informed  Theresa May that “ Brexit just isn’t going to happen ! “

He was urging Brussels to help in stopping Brexit,  just as Donald Tusk arrived here to tell us :  just what we can and can’t do, and what we can and can’t have.  

Well, Tusk, Major and Blair together don’t amount to a hill of beans  (Casablanca) and Theresa should have told them so in no uncertain way,  and in Tusk’s case,  grabbed him by the scuff of the pants and slung him out, after handing him the bill for Britain and the USA freeing Poland from his mates : the Germans in 1945 .  

She now realises that she should have stopped the money immediately on coming to office in July 2016,   and then the whole process would have been entirely different.   

She will know this now  but it’s still not too late for her and her Chief Negotiator David Davis to say STOP,  all negotiations to this point under Article 59 are OFF,  the money stops at midnight, and we consider the UK as having left the EU .

Those are OUR terms –  the British Government is now the sole sovereign governing body in these islands under our Constitutional Monarch Elizabeth II.

You, the EU,  must deal with this situation as you feel best, we will assist you in any way that our electorate allows and directs !

OUR QUEST TO FREE OURSELVES from the pernicious European Union, is our World War Three, and if we lose it, the result will be far worse than if we had lost World War Two.




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