Our readers and contributors have sent us more letters on the “Friday Capitulation” by Ms May. The first is from our contributor Jack Russell:


Ms May’s Tory Party government may not be good at negotiating with the EU, as Friday’s “Agreement” has shown, but by gawd she’s good at herding all the top EUrosceptics in her Party into supporting her – from Michael Gove to the strangely silent John Redwood and Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ian Duncan Smith, with Boris Johnson having decamped (or being made to decamp) to Iran!

Forgive me but I smell a big fat rodent, especially when I recall how her Remainers are allowed to get away with murder.

Were arms twisted so her performance in the HoC today, explaining that ‘agreement’ to the House, would be suitably celebrated by her backbenchers in the face of Remain-Labour?

It’s more and more obvious that the will of 17.4 million Brits counts for nothing as long as our government and MPs get to stay where they are, at the trough a.k.a. HoC.

So what is UKIP doing? Will we get a letter from Henry Bolton? Will Gerard Batten inform us of the campaign he’s said to prepare? Or should we just resign ourselves and stay at home? After all, it’s freezing and snowing and going out is dangerous …

Respectfully, Jack Russell.

On the same issue, here is a letter from our correspondent Mike Kennedy:


Theresa May’s betrayal of the British people and her deceitful reversal of the Referendum result are now plain to see. This disgraceful agreement signed yesterday in Brussels displays the total abandonment of the UK intention to fully leave the EU and to gain independence.

I agree entirely with your analysis today  (article, Saturday Dec 9th), and I believe Mrs May has now completely sold the UK down the river and committed us to staying under EU control.

On Radio 4 News today (Sat 9th Dec) it is explained by Sir Andrew Cahn, head of a Government body to promote UK trade and investment, that the UK(May) has given the most ground because “we(May) agreed to pay far more money than we said we would”, because we(May) agreed to ECJ jurisdiction” and we(May) fudged the NI issue by saying ”we will stay in the Single Market if we can’t find another solution”.

In effect, Sir Andrew Cahn has said we will not walk away. The deal on NI commits the UK to stay “aligned” to the Single Market and Customs Union “whatever the outcome”. Because we cannot countenance any sort of hard border in NI we(May) have said the whole of the UK will conform to EU rules even if we do not reach a Free Trade agreement.

The “negotiations” are over. We are now trapped. This is the time for UKIP to really start making an impact on the public consciousness! UKIP must major on criticising May’s deception and betrayal.

This is urgent, UKIP must provide a viable option for Leavers to vote for at all forthcoming elections.

Respectfully, Mike Kennedy

Next we have this interesting and thoughtful analysis of the economic understanding exhibited by our politicians, sent in by our reader Dr David Hill:


At times I just cannot understand the intelligence of some people. I see the opposition politicians and some of the Tory’s own people being amazed that there has been no assessment of the economic situation post BREXIT. It amazes me in this respect as apparently no-one looks or even considers the economic predicting that economists have undertaken even in recent times and where over 99% got it totally wrong about the financial crash in 2008 (the biggest global economic effect ever in monetary terms to the wellbeing of 90%+ of the people worldwide).

I say totally wrong, as they did not even predict that a global financial collapse was imminent or in fact gave any warnings in the years preceding the actual meltdown. Indeed it has to be said even after 2004 (a clear 4 years before the largest collapse of the financial markets in known history and greater than that of the 1930s in creating debt) when Greenspan warned Bush, Blair, Brown and Western leaders that the financial markets had to be reeled in or a global meltdown would likely happen, the economists and politicians took no notice.

For at the base level and through time immemorial, economists are good at analysing the past, but they certainly have not a clue if truth be told, in predicting the future. Indeed, in this respect, history has recorded this over the centuries with these so-called ‘bubbles’, not mere years. Therefore people asking for predictions of how things will be economically in the future after BREXIT are just like asking for pie-in-the-sky’ in reality and would have no merit at all.

But I think I know why people ask for this unknown vision of the future though, as they require certainty and to know how they will be financially. Unfortunately if they used their intelligence just a little bit and common-sense, they would realise that economists have not the means to predict the future and where they certainly do not have a crystal ball many seem to think that they have. Indeed even if different scenarios were provided, this would not mean a thing also, as all of them would be still unknowns and that’s the basic truth. I would call it a fool’s errand.

Respectfully, Dr. David Hill

Finally, a report of a meeting with Henry Bolton which we received yesterday:


here is my report on Henry Bolton’s Visit to the North East which other members might like to read:

In December, Party Leader, Henry Bolton visited Hartlepool as part of his “Meet the Leader Tour” which I attended. This attracted much media interest from BBC ”Look North”, Hartlepool Media Group, BBC Tees Radio and various print media.

The ‘Meet the Leader’ event was well attended despite inclement weather and provided the opportunity to hear and discuss the problems facing the Party and its future.

Jonathan Arnott MEP in his encouraging and inspiring opening message focussed on doing what we do best by “fighting the establishment attempts to water down Brexit” and urged us all to “take up the battering ram once more and smash down the gates” in order to achieve a proper Brexit that protects our borders, money and culture.

Henry Bolton explained the state of the Party, its finances, the difficulties of this year and was aware of membership frustration. His views were that with better organisation, proper financial management and a clear plan to make UKIP great again, 2018 could be our year. His Shadow Cabinet had met for the first time and policy forums were being put in place to utilise the expertise of members across the country with a planned financial restructuring of the Party. He recognised the shortcomings of the party communications, which he had committed to improve to benefit all. However, whilst all these efforts were underway they were time consuming, requiring patience, constitutional amendments and hard work. Working together to rebuild a stronger and more credible UKIP was of the utmost importance. There were many searching questions to which he gave full, frank, honest and open answers.

We should be pleased to have a Leader who was prepared to improve the Party infrastructure to make UKIP become a major player in politics, once again. He obviously has a clear prepared plan to do this and enable the Party a brighter future. This is a mammoth task which requires membership loyalty and support. Those attending must have felt a sense of rejuvenation and confidence.

Thank you for publishing this.

Respectfully, Tom Moss, Guisborough, North Yorkshire.

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