The following letter by our contributor Christopher Gill needs to be read today – before the votes in the HoC later today, and before Ms May actually invokes Article 50, if the vote in the HoC rejects the Lords’ Amendments:


‘Perfidious Tories’, Take 2 – Take 1 is here

David Cameron promised to implement the Referendum decision but quit rather than do so. The Referendum itself posed only two questions, LEAVE or REMAIN, but Theresa May has chosen to negotiate – an option that was most definitely not on our ballot slips. The moment the UK Government seeks to negotiate its way out of the European Union we’re sunk. Opening this particular can of worms will make opening Pandora’s Box look like a walk in the park !

The moment we concede the point and agree to open negotiations the EU will rub its collective hands with glee at the prospect of making those negotiations so complicated and so time-consuming that there is absolutely no way of knowing where it will all end, if, indeed, one can anticipate any end at all, given that with the EU nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

But what is there to negotiate ?

As things stand we have a trading arrangement with the 27 other EU member states which has been unanimously agreed. It is therefore reasonable to suppose that this is an arrangement that suits all concerned. Britain must now get off its knees and instead of opening up what may well turn out to be entirely futile negotiations simply tell the EU that we have voted unambiguously to leave, but that if they wish to continue trading with us on the same terms as heretofore then the choice is theirs. There can be no disputing the fact that the EU member states sell more to us than we sell to them  – the trade statistics are incontrovertible. We are their best customer, so, faced with an ultimatum, what are they going to do? Does anyone seriously believe that they are going to ‘cut off their noses to spite their faces’ ?

Of course they’re not !

We must forthwith stop casting ourselves in the role of supplicant at the EU table and instead, call their bluff. When all’s said and done, what we want is what other peoples in Europe also want – free-trade and friendship and a long overdue release from the political shackles imposed by Brussels. If only the political will existed we could, by taking an uncompromising line, not only deliver a clean Brexit for ourselves but also, potentially, set an example that the other member states would ultimately wish to follow. The notion that by entering into negotiations we are going to get the clean Brexit we voted for is just plain fanciful.

Once we set off down the negotiation route the end result is almost bound to be, not one of clean Brexit, but one of accommodation and abject compromise.

In those circumstances it would therefore be extremely rash to assume that we shall see the restoration of our exclusive control over, for example, our agriculture industry, our fisheries waters, our criminal justice system and a whole raft of technicalities, large and small, so many of which will have been used as bargaining chips in the spurious search for the apocryphal “very best possible deal for Britain” !

What the Tories are embarked upon is leading us into turbulent waters from which it is almost impossible to see the good ship Brexit emerging unscathed.

Respectfully, Christopher Gill

We also publish the appeal from Freddy Vachha, UKIP Chairman, London Region, which just came in – in the hope that readers can make it to this demo:


This afternoon and evening Parliament is debating the invocation of Article 50 which directly leads to Brexit. While UKIP would have preferred an alternative route – repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 – now that the government is committed to this course, we want this vote to pass.

This is arguably the most important decision in Parliament since World War II. And there is still danger of sabotage from the many miscreants within Labour, as well as from the whole flange of SNPers and LibDems…

UKIP London would like your help today.

Herbie Crossman from Harrow and I will be in College Green (more formally known as Abingdon Street Gardens), which is slap bang outside Parliament and Westminster Abbey, at 4pm today (Monday March 13th).

Please join us. This is one of the simplest spots in the UK to which to get; College Green (photo above) is three minutes walk from Westminster underground station on the Circle, District and Jubilee tube lines.

We will be easy to find because we will have large (6+ foot in height) pull-up banners with us. A little after 4pm, we are liable to move around in the area outside Parliament, so as to maximise visibility. Find us – Herbie’s mobile number is 07889 848385.

The weather is expected to be fine. Dress neatly and warmly; wear your UKIP regalia with pride.

Once again – please do come if you possibly can. I hope to see you there.

Freddy Vachha, UKIP Chairman – London Region

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