Today’s letters are all addressed to our new leader Henry Bolton. The first is from the Chairman of the UKIP Surrey Committee, Helena Windsor:

Dear Henry,

As you appoint your new team, I am sure you are aware that many UKIP members were seeking a leader who was, so to speak, untainted with the failures and mistakes of the last eighteen months. The results of the contest bore that out.

Surrey members have been in despair at the lack of direction, poor strategies – which played straight into our enemies’ arms and the corruption and cronyism among the hierarchy. Surrey Committee had the honour of hosting the official SE Hustings, you may remember that the team member representing John Rees Evans, unfortunately, stirred up the hostilities over attitudes held by those candidates who were committed Christians. Just for the record, I am not a Christian and I am not in any way opposed to gay marriage, given my age however, I was brought up in what was unequivocally still a Christian country, with Christian values. These are now threatened as never before – not by other faiths, by the Establishment, infested as it is with the steady creep of Cultural Marxism.

UKIP must be the party of free speech, no other mainstream political party in the UK is prepared, or able, due to its own infiltration, to challenge the current status quo. Free speech, like charity, begins at home, in the heart of our party. The party of free speech is big enough to accommodate those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman and those who accept it can be between two people of the same sex. The leader of UKIP cannot have restrictions placed on his team from those within. We in Surrey urge you to pick the best man or woman for the job.

Many of us have come to fully appreciate the damage to the very fabric of society, here and across the globe that has been deliberately and intentionally done by those promulgating the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism. Both Stephen Crowther and David Kurten raised this in their conference speeches, David giving a graphic description of the depths to which academia has sunk. My husband has grandchildren at University, our daughters are already corrupted, our son, who hated school and served our country as an armourer in REME has, so far, escaped. No doubt, in your career, you have come across those ‘trained’ by the so called charity ‘Common Purpose’. If we want to take back control, if we want our country back, Brexit is only part of the answer; without exposing and fighting back against the deliberate destruction of British values and the incessant Orwellian doublespeak spouted by our Establishment elite and their Common Purpose trained lackeys we will never be a free nation. We urge you to make UKIP the party of free speech and work with members like David Kurten, who understand the mechanisms behind its erosion.

Finally – UKIP has a leader with an unparalleled knowledge of EU defence policy. Veterans for Britain are warning that the UK will be asked to participate in military PESCO next week, we urge you to put that expertise to use and put out a press release on UKIP’s position without delay.

Respectfully, Helena Windsor, Chairman UKIP Surrey Committee

The next letter – which was simultaneously submitted to ‘kipper central’ and has been published there as well – is by Alan Craig who was David Kurten’s campaign manager:

Dear Henry,

I write as David Kurten’s campaign manager during the leadership election to ask that you fulfil your election pledge and appoint David as deputy leader of UKIP.

I have heard increasingly over the past few days that you have decided not to do so because some members LGBT in UKIP have threatened to leave the party if you do.

IMO to not appoint David as your deputy would be a game-changing mistake:

  • It is never a good leadership to give in to blackmail, especially when – as in this case – it would involve breaking your word to do so and you are the recently-elected leader who necessarily has yet to establish yourself as the strong leader of integrity that is required.
  • As you will have seen at the Torquay conference if you sat in on his speeches, David is now widely (even wildly) popular amongst members and his socially conservative views, including about traditional versus gay marriage, are representative of the ordinary membership and received an outstanding response and standing ovation. Many of these supporters now firmly expect you to appoint David as your deputy because of your pledge. Others who could not decide between you and David voted for you because your pledge meant that they would get “two for the price of one” as someone said.
  • The LGBT in UKIP group are no friends of yours. Following your election, one of their leaders tweeted that the wrong person had been elected and that therefore he would cease working for the party; and that, further, if you appointed David as your deputy he would immediately leave the party.

Henry, I strongly urge you at this early stage in your leadership to show yourself a man of your word; as you promised, appoint David as your deputy.

With warm regards, Alan Craig

Finally, the following letter is from the UKIP South Wales East Branch, calling for a proper vote of all members on the new logo:

Dear Henry,

On 12th October 2017 at a meeting of the UKIP South Wales East Branch, which covers 8 constituencies, we discussed the matters set out below:

1) How the Party Conference was duped

At the Party Conference on 29th September 2017 the Interim Leader Steve Crowther introduced 2 alternative new Logos, and spoke at length in favour of rebranding the party. The members present were asked to choose between the 2 alternatives, and they chose the lion logo by a majority of 400+ over 100+.

The established and proven Sun/Pound/UKIP logo was not allowed to be voted upon.

No one was allowed to speak in favour of retaining it.

So the choice between the Lion and the Sun/Pound/UKIP logo was never made.

Moreover tens of thousands of UKIP members, who could not afford the time or money to attend the conference were deprived of any say in the matter.

The Party members have not rejected the Sun/Pound/UKIP logo.

The Interim Leader, by a procedural device, has deprived us of our best asset.

Let us remind ourselves of the merits of the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo.

The Pound sign reminds us to defend our separate currency, and more importantly it allows the abstract concept of Sovereignty to be reproduced as a simple sign which anyone can draw in 10 seconds.

The Lion stands for Peugeot cars, Vauxhall cars, the Freedom Association, the Football Association, chocolate bars

and anything else you want to sell. But the Lion Logo needs an artist to draw it! It cannot be drawn by anyone in 10 seconds. It is far too complicated.

The colour yellow is by far the best campaigning colour because it demands attention.

As the colour of the sun it stands for warmth, growth and life itself.

When used for life jackets it stands for buoyancy and survival.

It protects construction workers.

White has none of these properties. It is dead and meaningless.

So the Lion on white Logo lacks visual carrying power.

2) What is a Logo?

The Sun/Pound/UKIP logo fulfils the definition of a logogram according to the Shorter Oxford Dictionary:

“A symbol or device designed to represent in simple graphic form an object, concept or attitude; an organisation’s emblem or badge, a logotype”

The letters UKIP are integrated into the Pound sign, and then silhouetted against the Sun to form a whole which carries the concepts of independence, sovereignty, growth and life.

The new lion “logo” fails to do this.

The words appear alongside the picture of the lion.

You could keep the words and change the lion for a unicorn, a golden eagle, or some other noble device.

Or you could keep the lion and change the words for selling cars, or chocolate bars, or double glazing.

Because the words and the picture are not inextricably bound together, and because there is no simple graphic form the new device fails as a meaningful logo.

3) The best political Logo

The happy combination of the Pound sign and UKIP silhouetted against the Sun gave us the 10th most recognisable logo – up there with Rolls Royce and MacDonalds.

It far outstrips the Labour logo (less than 80th) and the Conservative logo (less than 90th).

Can anyone imagine Rolls Royce throwing away their RR logo ?

But that is what the Interim Leader has done to our Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo. And he did it by a procedural trick.

We therefore overwhelmingly resolved:

that all members of UKIP be allowed to vote, under a fair procedure, to retain the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo or not.

Respectfully, Founder Member Hugh Moelwyn Hughes,

UKIP South Wales East

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