The two lengthy letters which we publish today both refer to the terrorist attack at Parsons Green. The first is by our contributor Hugo Jenks:


There are many who have not understood the threat that we face from Islam itself. Islam is a political ideology as well as a religion. It seeks to take political power, including financial, military and legal aspects. There is no concept of separation of church and state as there is with Christianity.

On Saturday I returned from Verona, not using the London Underground due to engineering works. At the overground railway stations there were armed police, and frequent security awareness announcements.  London is the prime target for terrorists.  See my articles here  and  here

We are currently in a sacred month. A true Muslim would wait until the sacred months are over before launching an attack. It now looks as though the recent attack at Parsons Green was time constrained, and had to be done immediately.  The “refugee child” attacker had been arrested two weeks earlier, and presumably felt the need to act as soon as possible (e.g. see this report)

 “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. …” – Koran 9:5

Terrible as the terrorist attacks are, the real threat is demographic.

Now is not the time for wishful thinking. There are some 35,000 undesirables with Jihadist sympathies known to the security services. Islam is at war with the west, whether we like it or not. Deportation of as many of these 35,000 as possible has to proceed, and if they cannot be deported then they must be interned. We have no other realistic choice.

De-radicalisation may assist in a handful of cases, however since it is effectively asking them to be apostates, it is just not going to work with the bulk of this number. The Prevent Strategy has clearly failed. The idea of there being some sort of “Moderate Islam” has clearly failed, and in any case has zero theological leverage with those who follow the actual instructions in the Koran. Pandering to Islam by allowing Sharia Councils, Halal cruelty, and Sharia Finance has clearly failed, and in the process has severely weakened our own democratic and moral principles.

If western civilisation is to survive through this century, it can only do so by fully recognising the threat, and being active to root it out. There are some apparent paradoxes to be worked through. Internment was used during WW2, and if our politicians would only recognise that we really are at war with Islam, then there should be no moral or financial barrier to its use now. It probably would be more cost effective anyway than trying to keep tabs on all those who pose immediate threats to us.

Respectfully, Hugo Jenks

The second letter comes from our correspondent Felicia Catto:


So we had another terrorist attack in London. This time, the police did not try to keep us calm by talking about ‘an incident’ – nothing to see here. Must’ve been because so many twitter photos had already been seen by so many people, as had the ambulances at Parsons Green. The terrorist has been arrested – apparently quite by chance, according to the reports in the papers. What is worse is that the police actually had arrested him a couple of weeks earlier – and then let him go (see here). Of course we’re not told why he was arrested in the first place, nor why he was let go. I bet it wasn’t because he tweeted ‘hate speech’! So we have the same picture which we know from France: the authorities ‘know’ the potential perps, even have them in their clutches, but let them go because …  yes, why?

So I want to ask this: I’ve been reading the articles and comments on here (and elsewhere) about the UKIP leadership elections and the candidates. The arguments seem to boil down to this: elect AMW and all will be well, we’ll finally be able to tackle islam in our country and if hidebound old members leave: no problem! There are masses of eager your people just waiting to join!

Other members say that they would leave – and these are, as far as I can make out, Kippers who’ve been elected to local councils and MEPs (although these have become very quiet in recent weeks …).

It is rather obvious to me that to tackle islam we must apply our existing British Laws or create new, specific ones, right?

I assume that Kippers who’ve voted for AMW already, and those eager to join, understand that in order to implement such changes one needs to be represented on local councils and, even better, get MPs elected.

Now my questions: how is this going to be achieved if we haven’t and won’t have elected representatives on local councils, or Police Commissioners, or MPs? Saying that UKIP will suddenly have 100,000 new members (this number has been bandied about!) is fine but to me it sounds like a pipe dream. Even if 10,000 join: how are these new members going to do it when elected Kippers have left, and take with them the know-how and resources to actually get elected? Have we forgotten how long it took, and how much hard work, to get members elected to local councils? Do we suddenly have time to spend the next 20 years in the wilderness? I thought islam was an imminent threat!

I am truly sorry, but it looks to me as if we’ll take our eyes off the ball if we spend all our limited resources only on fighting islam, to the detriment of fighting the other imminent threats: losing Brexit, EAW, ‘hate speech’ – all hugely necessary if we want to get rid of islam in our country. I can’t help but think of the fable of the dog swimming across a river, a string of sausages in his mouth – and losing the real sausages because he tried to snaffle up the sausages mirrored in the water as well.

I apologise for going on at such length.

Respectfully, Felicia Catto

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