Today’s letters are a mopping-up edition, dealing with the EGM and the aftermath. Mopping up needs to be done, as any householder knows (see – we’re not discriminating according to binary gender roles or summink!), so we start with Gerard Batten’s Press Release from Saturday:

UKIP Extraordinary General Meeting & The Leadership

The Party members have voted to uphold the NEC Vote of No Confidence in Henry Bolton.  The NEC have invited me to step in as Interim Leader and I have accepted.

I deeply regret that we found ourselves in this situation, and it gives me no pleasure or satisfaction whatsoever that we have reached this outcome.  But we have, and UKIP now has to move forward.

I volunteered for, and accepted, the post of Interim Leader purely and simply because I believe passionately in UKIP and the cause that we represent.

UKIP is needed now more than ever. Brexit has not been achieved and the great danger is that our political class will engineer an EU Withdrawal Agreement whereby we leave in name but not in reality.

First and foremost, UKIP has to continue the fight for a complete an unencumbered exit from the European Union,and the restoration of Britain’s status as an independent, democratic nation state.

There are a host of other areas where the interests of the broad mass of our people are not represented by our political class. I want UKIP to represent those people and their interests.

UKIP has achieved great things and I want enable us to build on those achievements. Despite our recent difficulties I believe that UKIP can regenerate itself as a fighting force in politics.

I have two immediate tasks to tackle; to establish the practical issues facing the Party and how we can reorganise along sound lines; and to plan a campaign for the local elections in early May.

I will be announcing my immediate team in the coming days and will announce Policy Spokespersons and other appointments later.

I am deeply appreciative of the confidence that has been expressed in me by the NEC and by the many hundreds of individual Party members who have communicated with me over the last few weeks.

It is only because I have their confidence that feel able to accept this challenging role.

The job of UKIP Leader is probably the most difficult one in British politics. And it has been made even harder by the events of recent weeks.

But I feel optimistic that UKIP can and will grow stronger and more successful because ordinary patriotic people want, need and deserve a Party that represents their interests.

UKIP came into being because it filled a political vacuum. That vacuum still exists. I want UKIP to be ‘populist’ party – popular because its policies are what people actually want.

I will have more to say about that as we progress, and I want everyone in UKIP will have a role helping us to deliver them to the electorate.

Next is the video of Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘s interview with Neil Hamilton, during the same LBC show where Bolton was interviewed first. It was sent in by Kris Hicks:


In his LBC show yesterday, Jacob Rees-Mogg also interviewed Neil Hamilton, Leader of the UKIP Wales Group in the Senedd:

Rees-Mogg betrays what he really wants – UKIP to disband and Kippers to join the Tories and support him.

Respectfully, Kris Hicks

Interesting, isn’t it, how JRM was much gentler in his questions to Bolton than when he spoke to Neil – at least that is my impression. The next letter is brief, with a video to cheer us up. It’s from Rob McWhirter:


Am I alone in thinking Henry’s performance Pythonesque?

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

Finally, urging us to start looking ahead, a letter from our correspondent Roger Arthur:


Without UKIP boots on the ground in the last referendum, Brexit would have been stillborn. Don’t be so sure that those boots won’t be needed again. While Labour looks increasingly flaky and we don’t have a credible opposition, there is even more to play for. Ask, is there a realistic alternative to UKIP?

We can all see reasons why the Party may fail and some even seem to take delight in the prospect. But what is the alternative?

The Establishment will never make the case for true Brexit, because it has been complicit in the erosion of our democratic rights. So we need to worry the hell out remainer MPs and councillors, who keep trying to frustrate Brexit – because no one else will – in the forthcoming elections.

Of course our concern is to restore UK independence and democracy and some will argue against the selection of a leader, through a coronation.

But Gerard understands the Brexit mechanism better than many and we need to deploy him now. What we don’t need at this critical time in the Brexit process, is yet another leadership contest and more infighting.

There is of course another big elephant in the room which HB refused to address, in response to a letter from our WS County Chairman. Neither of the two main parties acknowledges that several hundred ISIS activists have returned from Middle Eastern conflicts but are not under Control Orders. Gerard takes that threat very seriously.

We have a PM who was selected by default and many accepted that as a pragmatic solution, with Corbyn waiting in the wings. The question is, are we going to stand back to watch Corbyn and Juncker get their way, emasculating our Parliament in the process, or are we going to continue the fight for liberty, however difficult the road ahead?

If you do not want to be left under ECJ jurisdiction for the indefinite future, then let’s put internal strife to one side and let’s start fighting the enemy. Let’s get on with the job.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

And now for something completely different: we’re asking you for your help!

Over the weekend, our IT guru has made some changes and tweaks so that you now all ought to receive the current issue of UKIP Daily without trouble. If that is still not the case, please send me your complaints so I can forward them to said guru. He is keen to know where there are still troubles because only in that way will he know what needs fixing!

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