The first letter today is from our contributor Jack Russell, on the break-down of the coalition talks in Germany:


while the MSM are sort-of reporting on the break-down of Madame Merkel’s coalition talks in Germany, with the prospect of another General Election, here’s one aspect which I saw reported in German papers: thanks to the intransigence of the Greens (who are now crying crocodile tears), the German FDP – the Liberals, who are not like our LibDems – walked out and declared the talks had failed.

What this means for the Brexit negotiations we’ll have to wait and see, but for me there’s one lesson our Brexit Negotiators and indeed Ms May ought to take on board: just walk out! You win more by walking out and letting the thing crash than by betraying principles and indeed the voters by continuing to negotiate with those who think negotiating means they win and we lose.

Respectfully, Jack Russell

Next, our contributor Antony Nailer points out that UKIP must not lose sight of the ongoing ‘Climate Change’ scam and the Green’s siren call for more renewables:


Today  [Sunday 19th Nov] was pretty much a standard November day and the sun has gone down.  It is not too cold although here in Dorset there might be a gentle freeze tonight. At 4.50pm I took a look at the status of the National Grid. The demand was 43.25GW and it wasn’t a TV break for adverts so there wasn’t a spike in demand.

The demand is being met by:

Coal                 6.51GW    15.05%

Nuclear            7.09GW    16.39%

CCGT (Gas)    22.77GW    52.65%

Wind                1.15GW      2.66%

All else            5.73GW    13.25%

The all ‘else’ includes: pumped hydro, natural hydro, biomass, French + Dutch + Irish Inter-Connect.

So anyone who is still clinging to the idea that ‘so called’ renewables can supply our base electricity demand let alone the 100GW required to charge all the electric vehicles by 2040 is living in a fantasy world.

The new nuclear station at Hinkley point might provide, say, 10GW but probably won’t come on line till, say, 2030 and by then the greenies will have shut down all the coal and will be chipping away at the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).  

The greenies will be claiming gas is responsible for global warming, sorry climate change, you know the fact that somehow the climate is changing even though the temperature has not risen for 20 years and the UN is now 98% certain the climate is changing because of human burning of fossil fuels.

On Saturday night there was a program about the coldest winter night in November 2010 since records began. How is that possible with all this CO2 about! Surely that would have prevented the heat escaping to space. 

During the summer 2017 we had a short, very warm spell when they were looking hard to find if the highest summer temperature could be reached to add to the heating myth. They managed to find it at something less than half a degree Celsius above the last highest temperature 40 years before.

They managed to do it by taking the reading at Heathrow where there are now acres more tarmac and concrete beneath the highest concentration of huge passenger aircraft belching out huge volumes of hot air.  I wonder if with the same amount of tarmac and concrete and the same throughput of huge aircraft it wouldn’t have been hotter 40 years ago.

The climate change scam is equally as dangerous as islamisation! UKIP and everyone take note.

Respectfully, Antony Nailer

Finally, our contributor Caroline Stephens writes that “PESCOgate” is ongoing, in spite of the UK not signing this EU Treaty:


‘A week is a long time in politics’ Harold Wilson once said in 1964. If he was around today he would give a wry smile!

Let’s take a brief look back at the past week in relation to our military forces. Friday 10th November there was still a UK Media blackout on PESCO. The e-petition was still gathering in numbers, MPs had been responding to our ‘alert’ emails and letters (well some did but most did not) and UKIP campaigners had started to badger Bolton mercilessly for details of ‘what was he going to do about it’? The UK went straight to the meeting in Brussels on Monday morning.  In fact Boris Johnson, our Foreign Minister attended the Brussels meeting that saw 23 out of 28 Member States sign an intent declaration to create a nucleus of a joint European Army together with other joint defence projects.  There were some interesting points that came from the talks namely:

* NATO was reportedly encouraging member states to join.  

* EUObserver reports that ‘third states may exceptionally be invited’ to join the EU military club.

* Boris had indicated we would ‘support’ the scheme.  ‘We are there, like a flying buttress to support the cathedral,’ he said.

* Ireland declared that they would be finalising their decision within the next fortnight.  

How interesting.

Up until this time, Brexiteers had always cheerfully responded when questioned about the possibility of the UK joining the EU Army with ‘we’re part of NATO’ so we don’t need to join any EU Army. Presumably this argument needs revisiting?!

‘Third states’ may be invited to join.  Does this mean they can join at any time?  Only the UK along with France have nuclear capabilities within the EU. The UK also spends more money than the other EU member states so surely it would qualify for being a ‘third state’ in any event?

What did Boris mean by saying that the UK would support such a scheme.  Please be specific Mr. Johnson?  Why did the UK Government not opt out in the first place like Denmark?  The devil is indeed in the detail!  When will we learn more?

Ireland’s result will be interesting considering they never listened to their people when they were asked about the then new EU Treaty some 10 years ago!

On Thursday 16th November we watched Henry Bolton discuss, amongst other matters, the realities of PESCO.  He expressed serious concerns about the ongoing discussions of UK’s potential role in this and warned of possible trade unionisation creeping into the military together with major ramifications for the defence procurement industry. The ‘bigger picture’ is now emerging.  We thank Henry for his contribution. EU Military Union is the EU ultimate objective together with Currency Union initiates a EU Master Treasury that will tax.

We must speak up now OR we Lose our Nation, our Military, our Industry and get a Tax Bill!

So we urge UKIP supporters to join the #PESCOGATE Campaign by continuing to write to MPs and ‘holding the government’s feet to the fire’. That’s surely what politics is all about!

Respectfully, Caroline Stephens


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