Today’s letters reflect the extraordinary situation UKIP finds itself in after yesterday’s unanimous decision by the NEC to support the no-confidence motion against Henry Bolton. The first one, by our contributor Rosie Beattie, was written and sent to her branch before the NEC meeting. It is a rallying shout applying to all members and branches and not just for ‘that day’:

Good Morning UKIP Southwark!

The Henry Bolton debacle has undoubtedly been extremely embarrassing for the party and there are many calling for his resignation before he can do further damage through his poor personal judgement / ego.

There are many who would like to see the back of UKIP, in particular William Hague who has recently been vocal on the subject in the media.  Of course the Tories would love to see the back of UKIP, we were the ones who forced Cameron’s hand on the Referendum and we were the ones who won the Referendum – we do have a power and force when we stick together.

That is why WE MUST NOT GIVE UP.

Things may appear bleak right now, but in reality, we are doing better now than we were in 2012.  In 2012 we were polling at 2%.  Even now, with Bolton embarrassingly splashed all over the papers and digging himself in deeper on a daily basis, we are still polling at 3-5%.  This Bolton thing is not the end of the world, nor of UKIP.

We are not the Henry Bolton party.  We are UKIP.  We have had many leaders, and none of them have been UKIP.  Not from Alan Sked (where is he now and who cares?) to Nigel Farage.  We are a party that supports freedom and independence for Britain.  We represent millions of voices.  Yes, we’ve had ups and downs.  We’ve had the leadership circus and terrible 2017 results but we’ve also had the 2014 elections and a raft of MEPs, 2015 elections,  4 million votes plus Referendum.

Cameron and Osborne were riding high, where are they now?  Where are Ed Miliband and Clegg?  The mess the Tories are making of Brexit, we could be riding high again in four months time.  Politics is a strange beast.  Hang on in there.  The cause we stand for hasn’t gone away.  There needs to be a party that represents that.  A new party would take too long to set up.  Anne Marie Waters, John Rees-Evans – they haven’t set up rival parties, they have been unable to register them, these people simply represent movements.  UKIP is not a movement, we are a political party and we can and must move on and get over this.

The NEC meet today [Ed: Sunday Jan 21st] at 2pm to discuss Henry Bolton’s future.  This is the only item on the agenda.  Whatever happens we must put up candidates for the local elections to show our face and show those who care about independence and democracy that there is still a party to vote for that unequivocally represents that.

We are not the Henry Bolton party.  We are UKIP.

Kind regards, Rosie Beattie, Chairman, UKIP Southwark”

The next letter is by our contributor Byron Sanford who wrote it after the announcement of  the NEC’s decision:


Henry Bolton’s refusal to resign as Leader of UKIP after a unanimous vote from the NEC demanding his resignation is an outrage. Not only has Bolton lost the confidence of the vast majority of the membership, he has proved to be an utter trainwreck with every appearance he has made on television over the course of the past two weeks. How difficult is it for this out of touch gentleman to comprehend that we want him to leave. Thankfully, Gerard Batten is waiting in the wings.

On the eighteenth of January, I wrote an open letter to the NEC calling for the NEC to replace Bolton. Two names were mentioned as possible replacements. One was Gerard Batten MEP and the other Bill Etheridge MEP.

Since the summer of 2016, I have written a personal email to Mr Batten calling him to run for Leader in the three cases where we have had a leadership election. Unfortunately, he did not throw his hat into the ring. In this instance, I wrote a tweet. I highly doubt my tweet had any impact in Mr Batten offering his services to the NEC to serve as Interim Leader, though I am pleased to say that many of our members throughout the country have also been calling on Batten to be appointed Interim Leader. One of which is my good friend and former member of the UKIP Barnet Committee, Mr Patrick Leonard. It was Mr Leonard who emailed every member of the UKIP NEC calling on them to replace Bolton with Mr Batten.

Even though Mr Bolton has refused to step down, we will still move forward with an EGM to remove him as soon as humanly possible. Without any doubt in my mind, Mr Batten is the obvious replacement. Had Batten won the UKIP leadership in 2009 or had Mr Godfrey Bloom not been purged from UKIP, we would never have been put in the idiotic situation where we have complete and utter chaos with Leader’s running and resigning due to their personal egos, cowardice, stupidity, and lack of a reactionary vision.

We must have a clear and concise message going forward. A demand to immediately leave the European Union. Britain must control its own borders, its own ports, and its own laws. All Islamic migration into Britain must be banned immediately. Europe it as a crossroads. God willing Italia will make us proud on the fourth of March, with Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, and Matteo Salvini’s Lega obtaining a majority of the seats for the right-wing coalition. Italia’s right-wing parties know how to market their anti-Islam, anti-mass migration message. Everyone who works in the UKIP Press Office is incapable of marketing a message and should be fired. Plenty of us could write press releases for the party without taking a salary.

The time for action is now! We must radicalise. We must strike fear into the hearts of the mainstream parties. We must unite with radical organisations such as the Traditional Britain Group and the Identitarian Movement to organise against the treasonous elements around the globe. Whether it be on the streets, in churches, or the halls of government itself, we must resist the traitors in society with every fibre of our being. Only then will we have a chance of victory against the beasts we face at the ramparts.

Rule Britannia!

Respectfully, Byron Sanford

Finally, we received the following letter from our contributor David Meacock, UKIP’s Culture and arts Spokesman, on the no-confidence vote by the NEC:


I congratulate the UKIP National Executive Committee for unanimously having the courage to reach the only correct conclusion.

I can accept that having not resigned before today as many of us have demanded, Mr Bolton could not be other than defiant in this morning’s [Ed: Sunday 21st Jan] media interviews prior to this afternoon’s NEC Meeting, and had the NEC vote been split, I would equally understand Mr Bolton wanting to fight another day at an EGM.

But in the aftermath of such a humiliatingly resounding 14-0 rejection, even he, for all his public bluster, must, in his heart of hearts, surely now realise he would not have any chance of winning; and crucially certainly not with a margin required to have any authority as leader.

As the sole cause of this debacle and given he himself has acknowledged UKIP is under financial pressure, not to at least save the party the expense of calling an EGM will only further confirm his unsuitability.

I consider that Mr Bolton is now UKIP’s Leader in name only, and so needs to RESIGN NOW – better late than never – in his best interest, his family’s and friends’ best interest, UKIP’s best interest and, above all, the UK’s best interest; so that we Brexiteers can concentrate on holding the Government’s feet to the fire, without the unwanted continued farcical distraction Mr Bolton has caused since Christmas.

Respectfully, David Meacock


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