Today’s letters all focus on the forthcoming EGM (Birmingham, Feb 17th 2018). The first is from Christopher Gill who needs no introduction on these pages:


I am personally delighted that Gerard Batten, UKIP’s London MEP, has volunteered to be our Party’s Interim Leader.

Not only am I delighted, but I am also excited at the prospect of UKIP being able to put behind us all the trials and tribulations that have afflicted us since our glorious victory on 23rd June 2016.

Beyond being both delighted and excited about the brighter prospects opening up ahead of us, I am also filled with optimism that, with Gerard at the helm, we will see those prospects delivered.

Politics abhors a vacuum, which, given the current state of the other Parties, only UKIP has the potential to fill.

I urge you to read Gerard’s statement here in UKIP Daily and then do all within your means to ensure that, under his leadership, we make up for lost time and all pull together to recover the lost ground …..and beyond.

I’m backing Batten !

Respectfully, Christopher Gill.

Next, this important letter from Rob McWhirter on who is and is not permitted to vote at the EGM:


I have been doing my maths homework.

4.1.2 grants voting rights to new members after “28 days have elapsed from the commencement of membership”.

The NEC passed the no-confidence vote on 21st Jan, and the EGM is on 17th Feb – 27 days later.

This means that anyone who joined after the EGM was announced will be unable to vote in the EGM.

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter.

Finally, a proposal on how to proceed at and after the EGM. It is from Liz Hazell – see her impressive credentials below – and enjoy how she slays the dragons of defeatism and despondency:


here are my thoughts on the way forward, this is how we turn defeat into satisfying victory in the 2018 local elections:

  1. At the EGM Henry Bolton will be removed as leader. The result is certain.
  2. But the real decision must be made and agreed in advance of the EGM. We must have an agreed Interim Leader at least until the local election results are counted.
  3. There will be an unprecedented number of media cameras for any UKIP event outside of the EGM. The only person to emerge and to speak must be the agreed Interim Leader. There must be a united front behind that leader at least until after the local authority elections.
  4. That leader has at most two minutes to frame the local authority election test of party strength. This is the real second referendum on Leave or Remain. It is the only national vote before Article 50 expires next May.

If you are happy with Theresa May negotiations: vote Conservative.

If you want to Remain: vote Labour.

If you want to Leave and not pay one penny of the £45 billion exit fee, vote UKIP.

If you are happy with Theresa May’s Conservative Government, vote Conservative.

If you want to protest, then vote UKIP.

If you are happy with police numbers being axed, military run down, etc, then vote Conservative.

If not, if you really want to protest and pressure the Government this year, then vote UKIP.

That’s it. That is our pitch on the doorsteps.

Keep it that simple!

  1. Henry Bolton does not speak to the media at the end of the EGM. No one speaks about Henry again. It was a mistake but we admit and decisively correct our mistakes.
  2. We get over 10% maybe over 15% and just maybe over 20% in May. The narrative is UKIP are back.
  3. We elect our leader soberly.
  4. We aim for a 2020 policy of being over 20% in the polls by 2020.
  5. By then Labour will split as deselections kick in. Two competing parties will emerge. First at local, then at national level. At local levels the bar to win, in at present safe Labour seats is lowered considerably. We get grassroots power and use it wisely, justly and responsibly. We can be at least in coalition at local level in half the Councils in the country.
  6. We aim to be at least the Official Opposition or coalition partner in the 2022 General election. There will be two Labour parties going head to head in a merciless civil war. The bar for victory will be much lower. As Labour loses credibility because of its split, as the Conservatives look like they will betray Brexit or just kick it into the never ending transition, so we hang on to our core principle and clean up.
  7. But it all starts with controlling the agenda as we emerge from the EGM. We must announce we have a leader for the local elections. That leader must make a crystal clear, bullet point, simple pitch to tell people why to vote UKIP in the local elections. The X on the ballot paper next to UKIP (especially postal votes in April) are all that matters.
  8. This can be much better than our Dunkirk or Battle of Britain moment. It can be the Second Battle of El Alamein. As Churchill said ‘Before it, we never had a victory. After it, we never had a defeat’. As Shakespeare notes: ‘All’s well that ends well’.

Respectfully, Liz Hazell,

Councillor for Willenhall North

UKIP Group Leader on Walsall Council

Treasurer for Walsall UKIP Branch

Secretary for UKIP Councillors Association (UKIP CA)

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