Today’s first letter is from our reader, contributor and E-i-C Emeritus, Brian Otridge:


This Breitbart article by James Zumwalt drew out an analogy of solving fatal engineering failures (e.g. air crashes) with the failure of politicians to identify the root causes associated with Islamic “accidents” (i.e “lone wolves”) which of course appealed to me as an engineer.

The trouble is that our politicians and the media are not engineers. I am an engineer – I was taught to analyze problems, determine the root causes, address those causes and thus prevent or delay the impact of those causes. The people who solved the Comet problem (the four 1950s Comet 2 crashes caused by metal fatigue incipient in the aircraft design) were engineers too. Engineers are highly under-valued by society, although in Germany they are more valued but that still keeps them out of politics, perhaps because they can see through the fallacies of politicians and the media.

I threw myself at politics for 2 years hoping to make a difference. All I saw were those fallacies, the unreal world these people live in and it made me ill: physically. Withdrawn from the field of battle, but alive and well now, I despair for the lack of “engineers” in politics. There have been a few in our time, but precious few who had an open mind, an incisive analytical brain and a desire to prevent problems (and to not cause them) from happening. Names like Powell, Tebbit and Farage (he but only partially, I have to say) spring to mind, but very few others.

Respectfully, Brian Otridge

The next letter, from our contributor and reader Robert Henderson, is a pre-view of a Petition which Mr Henderson submitted in the wake of his article on the Vienna Convention on Treaties in UKIP Daily:


I have submitted a petition to the 10 Downing Street website. It has passed its first hurdle of getting 5 supporters and now awaits only the Panel’s says so. You might like to circulate it to UKIP members. I will let you know when it is live to the general public, assuming the panel don’t knock it back. Here is their reply:

Dear Robert Henderson, Your petition is nearly ready to go.

Peter Watson supported your petition – “The UK to use the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties to leave the EU now”. 8 people have supported your petition so far. We’re checking your petition to make sure it meets the petition standards. If it does, we’ll publish it. This usually takes a week or less. Thanks, The Petitions team, UK Government and Parliament

The petition  will serve the immensely useful function of getting our cowardly and/or Quisling politicians to publicly justify their supine  acceptance of having the UK tied up in knots by a hostile EU for 24 months.
Respectfully, Robert Henderson
Finally, a letter by our reader and contributor Hugo Jenks:


Can Labour lose Gorton? The Gorton by election is to be held on May the 4th. This happens to be Star Wars Day.

Theoretically it should be a safe seat for Labour, however they have now lost the incumbency factor. A well-organised insurgent challenger could exploit their weaknesses, provided that the insurgent understands what the weaknesses truly are.

Unless and until UKIP can learn the lessons of the disappointing result in Stoke then it cannot be that insurgent party, I am sorry to say. The party needs to come to a rapid understanding of where its values lie, and then to communicate them clearly and consistency. Unfortunately too much muddled thinking on policy matters has been allowed to build up, and is causing anger and resentment amongst grass-roots members. Trying to serve two masters during the Stoke campaign was a contributor to the disappointing result.

For UKIP to win in Gorton will require a policy U-turn, with only a few days available to do that – time is running out rapidly. Then the remaining few weeks spent communicating that clearly and with conviction. Unfortunately I cannot see how Paul Nuttall can do this, given the contents of his “special” leaflet delivered to parts of Stoke, which was organised by the local branch not by the main campaign. A poor result in Gorton will be hard for UKIP to recover from, the party has already fallen behind the Lib Dems in the polls.

Labour can get away with sending mixed messages to different communities, UKIP cannot. The force can be strong again with UKIP, however only with the right policies, upholding British values rather than pandering to special interest groups.

UKIP has an important role – to save Britain and hence contributing to saving western civilisation. It cannot do so while the current muddled thinking persists.

Respectfully, Hugo Jenks


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