For those readers still undecided, the following letters might help when facing the ballot paper and trying to come to a decision as to whom to vote for as next Leader of UKIP.

The first letter comes from our contributor, Torquil Dick-Erikson:


I have sent the link to my article “An appeal to the new UKIP leader – whoever s/he may be”,  published in UKIP Daily on August 28th, to the five leadership candidates. The article opens: “I am asking for the new UKIP leader to call on the government to suspend the operation of the European Arrest Warrant, to announce that it will, from now on, only execute European Arrest Warrants if they are delivered with evidence that there is a prima facie case to answer, evidence which a UK court can examine and assess.”

These are the – only – answers I received:

From Liz Jones:

“Dear Torquil

[…] yes I would. If elected UKIP leader I will immediately call on Mrs May to unilaterally withdraw from the EAW and to withdraw her stated policy of allowing a Eurogendarmerie on British soil. If it did not need already stating, my most pressing priority as UKIP leader would be to ensure Brexit happens. I agree with you that we must not allow the will of the British people to be dismissed. They voted to leave the EU so leave we must. I sincerely hope the democratic vote is not thwarted because I fear violence would ensue and that we would most want to avoid. Our country’s politics has for the main part of our history been peaceful and I want it to continue that way.

Yours, …”

From Diane James (after being asked twice by email):

“You have that assurance

I also stated as such at a recent MeetDiane4leader event.

Regards, Diane ”

Actually at this point, the candidates might also be asked what they will do if the High Court rules that Parliament must authorise the triggering of art. 50. All I can think of is to make a public appeal to MPs, in the most Churchillian language and tones that they can muster, to remind MPs that – whatever their personal convictions may be – they are the servants of the People, and that if they flout the will of the People, as clearly expressed, to leave the EU and to regain home rule for the United Kingdom, then the resultant constitutional crisis and possible civil strife and mayhem will be their responsibility, and theirs alone.

Respectfully, Torquil Dick-Erikson


Our reader David Taverner asked us to promote this petition:






Finally, our contributor Reece Haynes sent us this letter:


We as a country have, or rather: used to have, a single unified culture with the same traditions, customs and heritage. Almost everybody could relate to each other, knowing they shared the same holidays, language and nation. Just look at any of those faded black and white pictures from the 70s and 80s lurking in your photo albums. This is how it should have remained. Unfortunately it has not.

Instead, we have been overwhelmed by both legal and illegal immigration. This has been forced on us by successive governments who have betrayed their voters. Every survey done shows that almost no-one wants more immigrants! (1) And if people don’t want more immigrants you can be certain they don’t want multiculturalism, diversity, orthodox Islam or whatever  else the Liberal-Left wants to use to obliterate Britishness and prop up their voter base.

Of course, those wishes have been trampled by greedy politicians, and the ethnic ghettos, crime waves and alien cultural practices that result are located nowhere near the multimillion-pound gated mansions where those “representatives” live.

Instead we the people have to witness them day after day, week after week, month after month. And with each plane or boat load of ‘cultural enrichment’ the rot worsens.

These people wouldn’t come here if it weren’t for the freebies. The liberals keep saying the ‘right-wing press’ spread lies and our benefits system is very stringent. So stringent in fact that the likes of Anjem Choudary receive tens of thousands of pounds. No doubt he also worked hard to get that £320,000 house he lives in! (2), (3). Although maybe now he’s finally been convicted the payouts will stop.

The latest highlight of the chaos that has been wrought is the recent statistics on baby names. Want to take a guess what the top boys name is? I’ll give you a minute…………..!

It’s Muhammad. The name of 20, yes, twenty spellings, only one of which is included in order to push it down to 12th place in the list (4), (5). By pointing this out I am an Islamophobe of course, because we don’t have a moral foundation in this country nowadays, as I’ve already observed(6).

This is because Islamic cultures have the highest fertility rate (7) and that culture is being imported into Britain. In fact, most cultures have higher fertility rates than European-Americans (8). This is why immigration is so dangerous to cultural unity and national stability. The sheer numbers of incomers and their children mean that there is no assimilation, just isolation leading to the aforementioned  ghettoisation. This has happened with France (9), and here is a taster of the growing problem in Britain (10) .

Therefore, when the indigenous majority becomes a minority, there will be various pockets of varying cultures, languages and traditions. Imagine a conflict between two such groups. Words will be of no use and violence will become the solution.

If we want to make sure all of this doesn’t happen then we need to make sure we aren’t consigned to the history books. We need to take action to stop this demographic destruction. We need to campaign to expose the lies and the deceit and we need to vote for only the toughest immigration policies. The time is now.

Respectfully, Reece Haynes


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