The first letter today comes from Mike Hookem MEP, who is the UKIP Fisheries Spokesman. Mike Hookem draws attention to an agreement which most of us are unaware of, and which can and ought to be scrapped now:


I call on Theresa May and David Davis to scrap a little-known, Pre-EU fishing agreement which offers EU vessels a “back door” to continue fishing in UK waters post-Brexit. This convention is the ‘daddy’ of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy and must be revoked if we are to stand any chance of reclaiming the UK’s waters.

The 1964 London Fisheries Convention – which predates by eight years the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) – was a Pre-EU agreement made between twelve European countries that gave flag vessels of each signatory nation the right to fish within the UK’s six to twelve-mile territorial limit. However, under the terms of the convention, the UK can revoke this agreement by giving two years notice. The reclamation of the fishing industry is the first serious test of Theresa May’s resolve on Brexit. If this Government is serious about making a clean break from the EU and reclaiming our fishing grounds, the London Fishing Convention must be revoked. Should the Convention be left in place, it will act as a ‘backdoor’ for EU vessels to continue fishing in British waters which currently costs this country £700 million a year on lost catch values alone. By not addressing this issue, it would indicate to me that the Government has no intention of returning UK waters to British control and could instead be planning to ‘sell-out’ British fishermen and continue with the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy.

From speaking to fishermen up and down the country, their biggest fear now is that the government will use the industry as a bargaining chip for concessions in other areas of Brexit.

Therefore, I will be seeking assurances from David Davis that this is not the case and that the UK will fully withdraw from the CFP and return to administering its own 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

According to a recent report, the fishing industry has the potential to provide a £6.3bn boost to the UK economy following Brexit, which is more than the steel industry in this country is currently worth each year. I would hate to see the fishing industry sold down the river both on entry and exit from the EU! But if the Common Fisheries Policy is adopted into British Law as part of the Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill, that is exactly what will happen.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Fisheries Spokesman

Today’s second letter is yet another call on the Government to repeal the ECA 1972, and comes from our reader Capt. Graham Harper:


During September/October 2016 our PM Theresa May made much of her ‘Grande Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972.’ She has since become silent on this matter. We hear since only of the intended triggering of the Lisbon Treaty’s Article 50, signed by PM Gordon Brown, incidentally. This Article 50 is an intended highly punitive financial and political trap. For the UK, it is quite an unnecessary course of action, likely to cause extensive drawn-out public treasury costs, an unwarranted drain of taxpayers money, at a time of excessive and continuous ‘squeezing’ pressures upon our annual Budget, shortly due for 2017/2018, and with unacceptable public and departmental effect upon the NHS, Social Care, Education and Defence shortfalls in services both today and for the foreseeable future through 2020 -25.

Mrs Theresa May should re-order our national priorities now, without further delay.

The immediate Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 is essential. At one stroke, it will restore immediately (i) our sovereignty (ii) the supremacy of Parliament (iii) the supremacy of our treasured independent Judiciary, British Law with safeguards our Magna Carta freedoms and (iv) immediate freedom from every scrap of financial liability towards the EU, thus releasing immediately the desperately needed refunding of our NHS now in a perilous condition. As an additional factor, we would immediately be free to sign up our future global free trade agreements and would be in a position of strength from which we could settle our EU trade agreement. The Eurozone, currently being in a perilous state of near collapse, could not afford to suffer significant loss of their largest export customer, the UK. Brexit means prosperity, jobs, freedom and well-being. It is what we voted for on June 23rd 2016. May our MPs attend to this matter forthwith and with vigour.

Respectfully, Capt. Graham Harper,


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