Today’s first letter is from our reader and member Dr Raymond Shamash:

Dear Sir,

Now that we are no longer a single issue party, I believe that we should develop clear views on topical issues which distinguish us from the other parties .As a UKIP member who fought in the Yom Kippur war in 1973 as a Medical Officer, I believe that a stance on Israel is such an issue. I think the party should equate a terrorist stabbing or bombing in Israel  with  such an attack in Paris or London. After all Israel is a pro-western democracy, sharing our values, fighting Islamic terrorism. It is her misfortune that she happens to be on the front line. Such a stance will lose us no votes amongst our supporters and might gain us some. With regard to immigration, a call for prioritising persecuted Christian Syrian refugees would do much to counteract accusations of xenophobia.

Respectfully, Dr. Raymond Shamash, UKIP PC Hendon 2015

The second letter, by our contributor and reader David Jessop, also looks at UKIP as ‘Single Issue Party’ and has some inconvenient questions for the leadership:


I often read a comment to the effect that UKIP is a single issue party and, now the referendum is over, has no further part to play. UKIP needs desperately to attract new members; that needs a coherent set of national policies which those potential members can support. I searched the UKIP website today hoping to see what those policies were. Result: Nothing other than a list of manifestos for local and regional government. Others may visit the site and conclude that UKIP, having forced the referendum, is now simply the party of local government.

This needs sorting out as a priority; the leadership election is out of the way so there are no excuses. Surely this information must exist and needs to be published. If it is now a “work in progress” then something should be said about it and the main tenets stated. With the apparent mess being created by May’s procrastination we could well be in for an election sooner than 2020. UKIP seems to be ill prepared for it.

Respectfully, David Jessop.

Finally, our reader and contributor Jack Russell asks inconvenient questions about our MSM:


while our MSM are full of reports about ‘fake news’ and how to stop them, there’s something very strange going on at the same time: real news are not reported, or certainly not in our national papers, never mind the BBC or SKY. Such news may be reported in our local papers – but who of us has the time to scan all the local papers?

Also, while the Police may report crimes in their police reports – who of us has the time to read every single one of them? So even if we take what we‘re told on telly, or what we read in our MSM, with a grain of salt, we do feel that somehow we’re never being told the whole truth. Let’s not forget that it’s the owners and editors of the MSM who determine what is and is not being reported.

We’re used to reading about fake outrages, like the story of the BBC’s “Great British Bake Off” winner Nadiya Hussain, who told the MSM that someone didn’t want to sit next to her on the train because she was a muslim. Now we read – see this report on Breitbart London – that the Police asked her to report this incident as ‘hate crime’ so they can officially investigate … is the hate crime in saying ‘because you’re a muslima’? What’s wrong with that? She is, isn’t she? Or is it now a hate crime not wanting to sit next to a muslim? One would like to know!

I’ve come across an interesting account on twitter, from a volunteer group in Germany, which is listing all reported crimes by muslims committed in Germany. At the top of that account is a map of Germany, with little flags of different colours for each crime. These are crimes reported in local papers and the local police reports. It is quite shocking, have a look:

The description is even in English. I wonder if something similar could be set up her in our country, but I suspect that those who might do something similar here would have their collars felt by plod because that would be a hate crime … wouldn’t it?

Respectfully, Jack Russell

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