In the run-up to the crunch NEC meeting tomorrow, we received two letters addressing that special event. The first is from our contributor Rob McWhirter which is certainly of interest to members:


tomorrow, Sunday, is the big day for the NEC and Henry.

Many readers will have been using contact details published here to lobby for an EGM so the membership can have their say. But consider this:

Most of the NEC, including Henry and the chairman, are directors of a company, UKIP Ltd., and as such, have specific legal and financial responsibilities. This means, in short, doing their best to ensure UKIP doesn’t go bust, and ensuring it only generates invoices it can expect to pay.

Hire of a meeting room big enough for expected EGM attendance, e.g. Methodist Central or Emmanuel Hall in London, will not be cheap. And whether the leader or NEC end up winning, the result will be an expensive ballot of the entire membership.

Therefore, the best course for those wishing to persuade NEC members that an EGM, and its consequences, is a viable option, is to demonstrate that the above costs are safely covered.

No doubt John [Ed: Bickley] will follow this thread, and onpass any appropriate comments/offers to his fellow directors, tomorrow.

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

Next, a letter from our contributor Jack Russell who asks some questions which ought to be of special interest to the NEC members attending tomorrow’s emergency meeting:


It’s been mentioned in the comment posts here already, but for those who don’t read the comments, allow me to repeat it: Henry Bolton will be on Peston/ITV tomorrow (10-11 am). Also mentioned was the interview in the Daily Telegraph with his wife, – –  which throws an even more disturbing and quite disgusting light on this whole thing.

I’d like to make two points, without going into the personal heartbreak of his tiny kids and wife.

Firstly, according to Ms Smurova, Bolton ‘went off to a cafe to work’ on Dec 20th and stayed away all the next day as well. Two days later he left them because he needed ‘to do things in the UK’ … So if he went off to work, one presumes that this was work for the Party.

I’m sure that if he worked on whatever for UKIP, there must be some evidence for this, somewhere. Might Party officials be forthcoming with this? Perhaps it was investigated during the investigation the NEC was going to undertake, as per the statement by Paul Oakden sent to us after the first NEC meeting on Jan 8th? Henry certainly didn’t send out any letters to the members. Perhaps he needed all those days to work out his ‘Christmas Message’ videos for us? Or did he spend his time texting? He seems to be rather fond of texting, so fond that he didn’t even phone his family over Christmas.

Secondly: Henry will appear on Peston’s show on Sunday morning. By that time, the Sunday papers will have been available in the TV studios and will have been dissected. I can’t be the only one who thinks that there will be more ‘revelations’ forthcoming in the Sunday editions. That is what Peston is certain to ask Henry about, not UKIP policies on such irrelevancies like Brexit and Ms May. But perhaps Henry will be given time to reiterate his accusations that there has been a campaign to undermine him, by conspirators inside UKIP and the ‘left-wing press’. Since when the Daily Mail, Telegraph and Sun are left-wing will remain his secret.

All that will happen before the NEC meeting. Henry is obviously not applying the decision by the NEC from Jan 8th to himself, namely not to speak publicly about this affair until the NEC investigations  are done/before the emergency NEC meeting tomorrow. He may well publicise his defence on national TV while NEC members must be silent. This does not speak to his sense of fair play, nor of playing by the rules. But then again, his behaviour as documented in public for all to see has shown us that he seems strangely incapable of doing either. And that does not bode well for the future of UKIP should he somehow continue as Leader.

Respectfully, Jack Russell

Finally, a letter on Hague’s suggestion in the DT earlier this week that it’s time for UKIP to disband. It’s from our indefatigable correspondent Roger Arthur:


Philip Duly (Letters 19th January, DT) supports William Hague’s suggestion that UKIP members should join the Tory Party. That of course pre-supposes that they trust the that Party.

But William Hague has limited credibility himself after leading a campaign as Tory Leader to “Save the £” he then campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU – knowing that the EU wants all members to join the Eurozone by 2025.

Perhaps they have forgotten who signed the 1973 Act in the first place, or that Mr Cameron urged us to remain in the EU, without gaining any legally binding treaty change, or that the vast majority of Tory MPs voted to remain in the referendum.

There are many other reasons why ex-Tories like myself do not trust the Tories to remove the UK from ECJ jurisdiction. Indeed, there is only one party which is fully committed to repatriating the powers lost by Parliament and it is not the Tory Party.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

If readers would like to hand the link to this page around, to colleagues and NEC members –  given the interesting points raised in today’s letters – please do so!

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