Today’s letters take issue with the ‘body politic’, i.e. our political parties. The first one is from our contributor and reader Jack Russell who asks inconvenient questions of the UKIP Party Management:


This week members received two letters – actual letters! – in the post. They were printed on top quality paper. One was by Paul Nuttall, the other by Alan Bown – and that was yet another begging letter.

I’ve read the excellent article by Mr Russell Hicks [Ed: here] and these two letters illustrate his criticism. 

Why is it that our leaders and party managers only address us – by post or by email, e.g. that “Independent News is Back”-email a few days ago – when they need more money, while at the same time only telling us goody-goody ‘news’ which are of no use at all?

Members aren’t idiots, we read the papers and watch the news, and we talk to people. We don’t need to be told by our ‘leaders’ how and what to think! We don’t need Mr Oakden travelling around the country, organising conferences with Regional chairmen to tell tell them what our leaders want from us (“no unkind remarks about UKIP on social media!”) while those chairmen cannot even get a word in edgewise at such conferences. Of course, us ordinary members only get to know about such conferences when they are leaked to ‘order-order’, or when there’s a branch meeting and the chairman reports – days, weeks, after the event.

So now Arron Banks has sent out his email establishing his “Patriotic Alliance” – and have we heard anything from our leaders about that? Are they asleep? Do they need a ‘politbureau meeting’ to formulate a ‘party line’ to tell us what to think?

If I want to be really unkind, I would speculate that our leaders knew full well this was coming, and that they knew full well that Arron Banks was going to ask for his money back (see here) – thus the ‘keep calm and carry on’ letter by Paul Nuttall and the begging letter by Alan Bown … but I’m not unkind – I simply state that it’s the usual ‘we know best – you peasants keep quiet and pay up’ attitude our leaders have indulged in for so long. And then they wonder why so many members tear up their cards and leave …

Respectfully, Jack Russell

Today’s second letter is from our reader Hugo Jenks, who gives chapter and verse about the islamification of the ‘Official Opposition’ Party, Labour:


is Labour becoming the Islamic party? 

The Labour List website clearly does not believe in freedom of expression, which is the bedrock of democracy. Articles relating to the terrorist attack have comments disabled. I do keep an eye on that website, and all the articles relating to anti-Semitism within Labour also did not permit comments.  How is Labour ever going to address its fundamental problems unless some level of honest debate is permitted?

They have become reliant on the Muslim vote, and maybe not surprisingly they have selected a Muslim candidate for the Manchester Gorton election.  And guess what? Comments on that article are also disabled!

Labour and Islam make a good match, if you ignore ideas of equality. Labour clearly does not believe in true equality anyway, the fact that they have all-women short lists proves that to be so – these discriminate against men.  Both Labour and Islam instinctively want to control those outside their group, rather than allowing freedom. They both believe in redistributing money from the productive to the unproductive. Historically in Islamic countries non-Muslims had to pay the Jizya tax as a sign of submission. In the UK we are effectively paying such a tax already when we purchase any Halal product – the Halal certification authority receives a fee!

The grovelling, Dhimmi leaflet distributed for Paul Nuttall by the members of the Stoke UKIP branch has dismayed many UKIP members and supporters. Those who helped with the main campaign had no idea that this leaflet existed, and many would not have gone to campaign if they had known.  UKIP cannot go chasing after the Muslim vote, what is the point?  There really is no point in UKIP becoming Labour-lite!

Respectfully, Hugo Jenks


Koran chapter 9 includes:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.”

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Nuttall Stoke leaflet

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