The outstanding letter today comes from David Moreland, Chair of the Broadland Branch, Norfolk. It’s a stark reminder of what UKIP will lose should members choose to keep Henry Bolton as leader:


I am the Chairman of Broadland Branch in Norfolk and was the Candidate for Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner in 2016 as well as the General Election Candidate in Broadland last year.

I am also highly privileged to be a UK military veteran as well as an ex Metropolitan Police CID officer, and party member for 13 years.

Though many senior contacts I have now been officially told that a substantial number of very large social media groups, led by the Veterans Against Terrorism, have, after several senior level meetings between themselves which I was also allowed to attend, have now united in absolute agreement over their major concerns as to the way this country is being led by our current political elite.

They are fully aware that at our core we were, and still are The People’s Party, who have and would in future genuinely represent the interests and major concerns of the silent majority of the British People.

They have also made the decision, and again they agreed 100%, that they wish to support our MEP Gerard Batten in the interim period of leadership, and would jointly support him in any leadership election, as they really believe that he is the the real way forward for everyone.

Unfortunately for our Party, they would under no circumstance support our current leader Henry Bolton, or our party if he manages to be re-elected as leader.

This is a short information note to you all, but the most important detail I have left till last: it’s that these collection of groups, none of which can be classed as extremist, radical or racist, have a total united membership in excess of 1 million members, the majority of whom will come to us and stand behind Gerard Batten if elected the new UKIP leader. Onwards and Upwards!

Respectfully, Dave Moreland, Chairman of UKIP Broadland branch, Norfolk.

Supporting David’s letter is this article by the Veterans Group! Next is this letter by Ernie Warrender, UKIP Spokesman for SMEs and the Countryside:


“UKIP is the only real opposition – it has to survive.”

I shamelessly plagiarise the title of the thorough article by Gerard as it says it all. I also congratulate Gerard in choosing this forum to make his point rather than choosing Facebook, Twitter and the like.

I find myself in the novel position of a ‘Remainer’ as one of the last left standing!

I did not resign because,

  1. a) I felt the message had been made by others much higher up the food chain and
  2. b) I felt as a non Propol (Professional Politician), rightly or wrongly, it would leave 6 Million Small Businesses, Our Countryside and 17.4 Million Brexiteers, with no voice, albeit a squeak, in the wilderness.

I neither condone or criticise Henry but would make the point: Is this the same as the Profumo scandal? The British PM having an affair with Edwina Currie, Keith Vaz in a taxpayer-funded flat with two rent boys ordering illegal drugs, Clive ‘Get on your knees bitch’ Lewis – both of the latter, Labour quietly promoted after a private chat! I am assured Henry was separated, was ‘chased’ by a 25 year old ‘Model’ who has turned out to hold rather unpalatable views. She is no longer a member of UKIP. Would that the Labour Party dealt with its various racist and antisemitic members so expeditiously!

For better or worse UKIP is again in the spotlight. Many of us spend an inordinate time attempting to get on the media to no avail. Suddenly, as Peter Whittle, Paul Oakden and even yours truly, have proven,we have a platform to use either positively to hammer home the point or sadly in some cases, to air our dirty washing and personal aspirations and grievances, in public. This interview is a classic. Listen from 1.43 in.

I too have a vision for the Party based on ours and the American Constitution:

Replace the NEC with a National Chairs Exec made up of the Regional Chairs. This is:

  1. a) cost effective as they are already elected and
  2. b) will offer true direct democracy for the members as your branch resolutions will go up the chain and back down. True Bi-Directional Communication.

UKIP to be run by a true Board of Directors or Trustees made up of professionals. Their purpose:

  1. a) To run the Business
  2. b) act as a second chamber (checks and balances) to cast an expert eye over the NCE’s decisions and send them back. A true mirror of Democracy.

It’s funny as this historic EGM appears to be turning into 2 votes of no confidence. 1 in the Leader, and by default if that is rejected, 1 in the NEC.

One of the comments on Gerard’s thread seems to shine a light on the well known person and well known donor who appears to be in favour of the status quo. A bad thing?

Members of UKIP, whilst we are rearranging the deckchairs, 17 Councillors have resigned in Thurrock. Let us put this to bed one way or the other and go to Thurrock to put pressure on these people to call a by-election and/or mobilise the branch. They were elected as UKIP and the electorate must have their say. Ditto, The 3 Plymouth Councillors.

I hope this letter can serve to provoke and promote healthy debate and some deep thinking. For those of a masochistic nature you can find me on youtube

Respectfully, Ernie Warrender, UKIP Spokesman, SME and Countryside

Finally, a letter by J.A. Parsons, of the West Leeds and Pudsey Branch:


we need this EGM. Whatever the result I’ll stay with UKIP but we need this EGM to clear the air.

It seems to me that those who are resigning and demanding Henry Bolton’s resignation, good people though they are, are dancing to the media’s tune. They could have ignored the furore over his girlfriend’s reckless, insulting, but private text to a friend which was passed to the papers, and backed him nevertheless but the NEC’s decision has now forced him to fight, his back to the wall. If he compliantly stepped down now he would be leaving with an ignominious, unfinished legacy. It is obvious that, from his perspective, it is better to gamble for a better legacy, to aim to continue or go down fighting.

I shall vote for Henry Bolton to stay. If he wins it will be a marvellous rebuttal of the intrusive, scandal-seeking, moralising media that has generated this storm. And there is another aspect being overlooked. If he loses then UKIP loses a leader who has acquired a huge amount of publicity and that is valuable capital, whatever the quality of that publicity. He is now known. Who knows what goes on in the mind of the average voter, poised with the pencil to mark his cross? It is very hard to predict; ask our prime minister! It may not be rational but an image in his brain of a man who came through the fire and survived and soldiered on regardless is an attractive image. It could be politically valuable.

I hope he wins this coming EGM vote, and goes on to carry out his reforms. He has experience of government administration. Last October he committed himself to leading UKIP, to his own financial cost, and things were going well until this noisy, muckraking side-issue around his private life took over. Whatever the distractions in that private life I want to see the focus shift back now, to see what he can do in his public life as new party leader. I think he has the talent for this re-organisation task. I don’t want UKIP to go through yet another leadership election. It just puts things back to the start all over again with more hustings, more grandstanding, more decisions, more doubts, more delay. It is clearly the worst of two options.

Respectfully, J A Parsons, West Leeds & Pudsey Branch.

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