Today’s letters reflect the result of the local elections, the anger and pain of members. They are a call for the Leadership to get their act together. The first one is by our contributor Stephen Place and illustrates how candidates have been abandoned by UKIP Management:


and fellow Kippers! I’ve been at the count this morning (Friday 5th May). Two colleagues and myself did not get elected. Open minded about it to be honest as the country has swung its allegiance believing the Tory machine is the only way forward. That’s life, it happened in 97 to the Tories when they were decimated by Blair’s new Labour.

No, what really has angered me is the following:

In January I went to Nottingham, paid my £50 and went through a day of assessments, interviews, making speeches, taking questions and assessment to be a Parliamentary candidate. I finally got the email confirming that I was approved.

I then had to submit for vetting again when the snap election was called. It took a while but I am now the approved candidate for Bradford South……….

Imagine then my thoughts and anger to be told that yesterday Paul Oakden had called RO’s (Regional Organisers) and told them that anyone they considered suitable to stand as a candidate could be put forward…..So on a nod and a wink from an RO, anyone can stand now for this shambles of a party. So can I have my £50 back please because anyone who got approval to stand yesterday on such a nod and a wink has not paid, nor have they gone through vetting, approval assessment nor the recent hustings!

The second thing that has got my gander up was this Friday morning whilst still at the count. I received a letter from our esteemed leader Mr Nuttall. He said that our obliteration across the country was a price worth paying for Brexit…well Paul, you are an idiot for making such a statement. Not only had we not finished counting when I got your letter of defeat, which now makes me just wonder if any of this is worthwhile, that is, my many hours of delivering leaflets, the cost to me personally and the effort of my team of helpers, if you think our abject defeat was a price worth paying…. You never had the decency to ask me my opinion on this of course.

You then went on to say “we are the victims of our own success” oh yes, just what success would that be Paul, fighting in Brussels, abject defeat in Stoke, abject defeat today across the whole country with the loss of hundreds of councillors….never mind you are standing in Boston…. All the best

The third thing that has got me really fed up is Paul Oakden’s follow on letter asking me to support three main candidates in Boston and Skegness, Dagenham and Rainham and Thurrock. Friends of yours, Mr Oakden, I suspect.

Well what about asking the party to support me in Bradford South, Paul, or my friend in Rochdale or any other bloody candidates across the country…how dare you use the party machine for certain people and not make a fair balanced case for anyone else that is standing? How dare you!

Jobs for the boys….self-serving juvenile and totally ridiculous overstepping of the mark.

To all my fellow candidates I wish you the very best of British… for sure we are on our own as far as this party leader and management is concerned.

And no do not send me a begging letter for money! I need all I have in the furtherance of my efforts for this cause……..

Respectfully, Stephen Place, very disgruntled Chair of Richmond Yorkshire

The second letter is by our contributor Tim Pope:


So according to Mr Nuttall, we are victims of our own success are we? More a question of our leaders not just failing to capitalise on our undreamed-of success but rather flushing it down the drain, I would say. Sadly we have deserved our failure.

After the great referendum, I think I can accept that there was quite a surprise at our win. An honest assessment by most UKIPpers, and indeed Nigel on the night, was that we were in for a narrow loss. Having won, however, and after perhaps a pause to draw breath, it should have kicked our leadership into gear to translate that into a major springboard for success and a platform to become a major political party. What did they do? Descend into infighting, back stabbing and walking out in a huff, and not surprisingly the electorate have put us in the same unelectable box as Labour. What to do? We have to fight! There needs to be some comprehensive heart searching by the party to ask ourselves what we are, what we stand for and who is capable of leading us.

What is clear is that politics of the principal parties (a group in which we cannot now include UKIP) have moved to the left with a raft of welfare and social hand outs that we cannot afford and a massive underspend on military and strategic resources which we must afford to enable us to remain a genuinely independent country.

Our leaders must reject the left wing, right wing categorisation and instead take the high ground of an agenda that puts our national interest first and that creates an environment of opportunity for everyone to succeed provided they play their part of meeting their responsibilities as citizens. In short, the contract between citizens and the state must be redrawn, reinvigorated and reeducated to emphasise the primary responsibility of individual citizens to educate themselves, achieve financial independence, look after their elderly and save for their retirement. In exchange for this they will rightly earn rights and privileges as citizens of the UK but not an endless list of welfare benefits and payments. That is the general principle. The exception will be that Society must look after those unfortunate enough not to have the mental or physical ability to do it for themselves and so proper provision must be made for this.

The mantra of the media and the left that the so-called rich must pay and calls for a ‘fairer’ system of taxation are so much spin to cover up for the fact that tax levels have reached gigantic proportions and that we have run out of things to tax and now are inventing taxable targets. When nearly half the people pay no income tax and 300,000 pay a quarter of the amount raised, any fairer system of taxation would reduce the burden not increase it.

We are living beyond our means. Like any household in that position, we must re-budget and reduce our overall spending to live within our means and pay down our debts.

Our leadership must get to grips with this and start a campaign to bring home to our country the urgency of agreeing a new political agenda and ensuring that UKIP can deliver it. We need to be the party with the courage  to adopt the right policies for our future long term success in our new BREXT enabled economy.

Please please please oh leadership, listen to this plea and act to deliver against it. We need a radically different but positive ‘can do’ manifesto, and we need it next week!

Respectfully, Tim Pope


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