The first letter is by our contributor Sonya Jay Porter, and is an important post-script to her recent two articles ‘A Layman’s Guide to the English Constitution’, here and here. In the wake of the London elections, this letter is required reading:

Naturalisation – Denizisation

When someone comes to England and applies for British nationality and it is granted, they place themselves in a difficult position because under the law their first loyalty is to the country of their birth. If this country went to war with the country of their birth they should in law return to that country if they remain here they commit an act of treason against the country of their birth. If they return home and support their original country they commit an act of treason against us.

If they have children here those children take the nationality of the father so if the father originally came from India the child is Indian. If an English man lives in Russia and marries a Russian woman any child they have is English. If an English woman goes to Russia and marries a Russian man any children they have are Russian.

If a person comes here and is naturalised British they receive most though not all the rights of a natural born subject they can buy and sell inherit or leave property, what they may not do is sit in either House of Parliament, sit on the Privy Council, receive any order of Nobility or hold any office of public trust (in short they are never to be trusted). The Sovereign is forbidden by the common law of Kingship from ever changing that law.

The object of that law is to keep England under the safe governorship of an English King and the indigenous people of England.

It is worth repeating that the Oaths from the Act of Supremacy 1559 and the Bill of Rights 1689 both major constitutional law state:

No foreign prince, person, state or potentate, hath or ought to have any power, superiority, supremacy or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this land.

With this oath in mind it makes no sense to allow any naturalised subject to hold any public office, and most assuredly we must at all costs remove all Denizens from every office of public trust and do it now. We can start by not voting for anyone but a natural born subject at the next election and all other elections. Write to the chief Officer of your police force and ask him to arrest those natural born subjects who have placed denizens in offices of public trust for treason, write to your MP if he is a natural born subject demand he upholds the law, if he is a denizen order him gone in the name of the law.   

Sonya Jay Porter, extracted from a booklet by Albert Burgess

The second letter comes from our contributor Torquil Dick-Erikson and relates to the extraordinary report from a few days ago: Calling on a greater power! EU bosses hope for Pope Francis blessing for ‘common Europe’. He writes:

The International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen is awarded for work done in the service of European unification. The prize is named after Charlemagne, the King of the Franks, who was revered by his contemporaries as the “Father of Europe”. The laureate of the award for 2015 was European Parliament President Martin Schulz. The announcement was made on December 23 in Aachen, Germany, by the prize’s executive committee. Citing his address to the European Parliament in 2014, the prize committee commended the pope’s message of “peace and understanding” as well as “compassion, tolerance, solidarity and the integrity of creation throughout his pontificate.” “In these times, in which many citizens in Europe seek orientation, His Holiness Pope Francis sends a message of love and encouragement,” it said in a statement.

Three reflections on this move:

1) The Pope has been vocal in exhorting the faithful to “build bridges, not walls” for immigrants, ie supporting Merkel’s “open door” policy to the incoming flood from the Middle East and Africa. This shows that the EU establishment – all three Presidents – and the Vatican, are firmly behind Merkel’s policy. One more reason to vote OUT.

2) This coming just before the UK’s EU referendum puts British Catholics in a position where they are being encouraged very strongly indeed to vote to REMAIN. Back in 1588 the Pope at the time offered 1 million doubloons to finance Philip of Spain’s Armada to conquer England and bring her back into the “fold” of Roman Cathlicism. Nevertheless most English Catholics rallied behind Good Queen Bess and backed her and Francis Drake’s resistance. The Armada was beaten off. Some say God also gave a hand by sending a storm which scattered their ships all the way up the North Sea…!

3) In 800 AD Charlemagne himself was crowned by the Roman Pope – also called, then and now, the Pontiff, from the Latin Pontifex, meaning “bridge-builder”. Pontifex Maximus was an ancient Roman pagan religious title held by the pagan Caesars, later adopted by the papacy who wanted to take over the Roman dominance of Europe, shaping it to their spiritual power.  The dominance of Rome has always been closely entwined with the symbols of the European dream. So the original Treaty was signed in Rome, as indeed was the draft European Constitution (later rejected by French and Dutch referendums).

Torquil Dick-Erikson

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