It’s now three weeks and counting until we finally know who the new Leader will be. The ballots have gone out, and since many members are still pondering whom to vote for, we’re publishing two “election” letters today. The first is from our correspondent ‘citizenkain’:


Hey-Ho it’s off to vote we go!

Friday 8th September 2017 I return home for a break from work to discover my voting pack has arrived.

Firstly thanks to Roger Dudding for paying for the printing of the UKIP magazine “Independence” and thus allowing for the candidate statements. Secondly thank-you to all the staff in Newton Abbot HQ for all the background work necessary for the leadership election to progress with quiet efficiency.

I am impressed by the totality of the candidate statements and instead of being a weakness the existence of 10 ‘entrants’ shows the possible talent and range of abilities within UKIP. I know that three of them have withdrawn and that their names are not on the accompanying ballot paper. Regular readers of ‘Daily UKIP’ will know my partisan views and sometimes my acerbic comments but I pen this letter in an act of conciliation and celebration of UKIP’s survival and I wish to commend all the candidates for their personal commitment to UKIP and their enormous contribution by standing for the top position (this includes David Allen who withdrew a couple of weeks ago).

Sheffield forges made some of the best steel in the world by quality iron ore and anthracite from the Blackband, in white hot Blast Furnaces. It is this crucible of heat that tests the ability to forge great metals. In the same way the heat of this election , so much better than previous recent elections, has led to a real contest and a range of quality views and policies that would do justice to any serious political party.

One of the hopes I have for this election is that no-one is excluded from a cabinet of the talents that should invite all of them to continue with the important debates inside and outwith the party. Putting aside my personal preference and the vote I shall make I am aware of the membership of UKIP and the dominant profiles of ‘typical members’. This leads me to believe that it will be very close and for brevity’s sake I shall only name the leading four.

Well done David Kurten you have an exciting and rewarding career within UKIP and long may you serve as a LAM; your value in the field of Education must be recognised.

Aidan Powlesland you may not win the contest but some of your ideas are brilliant and it would be sensible to have you involved in Economics debates.

Henry Bolton you are going to do very well and I hope that should you win you will recognise the concerns particularly of UKIP voters in labour strongholds who are desperate for a radical alternative to the lies and deceit of the corbynistas.

Anne Marie Waters you have my vote and my hopes and dare I say it my prayers. I know that notwithstanding the declaration of the result in Torquay that you will continue the fight for our people and our country. The dangers that Britain, and Europe face are too big to go away and will need great resolve.

Last but by no means least John Rees-Evans. You have a brilliant future ahead of you and may each day aid you in your fight for truth and justice. Were I going to vote based solely on the Candidate’s Statements in ‘Independence’ then you would have my vote. To me the Bill of Rights is fundamental to our Island Story. Good luck Sir.

Best regards to all members and may the best candidate win.

Respectfully, Citizenkain, proud UKIP member and supporter of UKIP for 8 years

Today’s other “election” letter is from our contributor and reader Jack Russell:


I’ve followed the debate in these pages as to who should be the next Leader of UKIP: articles, letters, comment posts, hustings reports: the lot. I’ve watched the online videos of the hustings as far as they were available. After all, if we bemoan that so many voters in GEs and local elections neglect to inform themselves, then it behoves us UKIP members to give a good example and use the info available to us before voting, especially as there’s not one candidate who hasn’t told us that this election is make-or-break for UKIP.

But what I’ve seen and learned was stunning – in a bad way. I never expected to find this sort of partisanship (“if you vote/don’t vote for XYZ you’re a bad person, have understood nothing and should leave the Party”) in UKIP. We’ve always prided ourselves to be independent-minded, to not follow the herd. Now it seems that many, in their partisanship, have closed their minds and are not even willing to listen to what other candidates have to say. Neither do they scrutinise or ask inconvenient questions of their preferred candidate.

Worse are the attacks on members who beg to differ. Is it really acceptable to speak of  members who are not supporting a certain candidate and  say they’ll leave as: “the dead wood, the dinosaurs, those lacking in contemporary backbone or those with past rose tinted grandeur will not be missed.”?

To me, that attitude, and of demanding that candidates must show their ‘credentials’  and prove to be as anti-islamic as AMW before they will even be listened to, smacks of virtue signalling just as obnoxious as that which we deplore when shown by the Left. To me, it also sounds dangerously similar to the way the hard left has managed to oust Old Labour in the now Momentum-run Corbyn Party. Is that how we want UKIP to be run?

We don’t have to send in our ballots by tomorrow, so may I use this letter to ask your readers to please give the other candidates at the very least a fair hearing, and ponder well their proposals for our Party before they make their choice!

Respectfully, Jack Russell

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