Today we have part 1 of an open letter to our leader, Paul Nuttall, from one of our regular correspondents Dr Tomaz Slivnik


Dear Paul,

I’ve known, and liked, you for many years. I had the privilege of working with you on the NEC policy sub-committee when you were the Deputy Leader and its chairman. I enjoyed being a member of this committee. It was the best part of my NEC responsibilities. The committee was well managed, and worked as a team, which was largely down to you and was in sharp contrast to how the NEC itself was chaired.

I was happy when you stood for Leader. You had been a loyal, and universally well-liked member of the party and an excellent Deputy Leader (in my opinion) for many years. Unlike many who have been aspiring for high office recently, you were not a last-minute carpetbagger, demanding the right to go from nowhere straight to the top, never having done anything for the party. Although no one can replace Nigel or come close to his ability as a great orator, confidently and honestly saying it as it is, or matching his ability to think on his feet, I saw you as having strengths important in a Leader in areas in which the party had been lacking, e.g. in picking and managing a good top team. I knew your and my world views were not entirely the same, but I saw you as broadly sharing UKIP’s values, those held by most of our members and codified in our party constitution.

You promised to unite the party. Not that, historically, the party was disunited. Until a few years ago, party conferences felt like family reunions of like-minded people. But things changed over the past few years due to the deliberate and premeditated actions of a few recently joined carpetbaggers, mostly chancers and failed politicians from other parties seening a quick way to a salaried elected office, being otherwise unemployable, but some overtly associated with the Fabian Society whose agenda is not at all aligned with the party or its best interests. Parenthetically, I would – and I know that I am far from alone  really like to know why the leadership of a firmly libertarian party has abdicated its responsibility to uphold our party constitution and has for so long done nothing about such shameless and overt infiltration by our enemies.

In 2016, weeks before the Welsh Assembly elections, we still had not selected our candidates and the organisation of our other elections was similarly shambolic. I asked why we had not selected our candidates years in advance and I was impressed and encouraged when you shared my view and, later on, when considering standing for Leader, you said that one of the first things you would do as Leader would be to ensure exactly this.

In the last Leadership election, party members – most of whom believe in traditional British values, enshrined in our party constitution, including the beliefs in individual initiative, personal liberty and small government – saw you as the defender of the party’s traditional values. They overwhelmingly endorsed you and contemptuously rejected the alternative, Red UKIP, vision of envy, jealousy and negativity, albeit dressed up, as per the usual formula, in the stolen clothes of ‘compassion’.

I was saddened and disappointed, therefore, when instead of being a Leader of unity and clearing out the party’s Augean stables, which your very large mandate gave you every authority and opportunity to do, you promoted to all the key posts people of questionable character and members of the minority Red UKIP clique, sidelining the party’s traditional and honest majority. Even people of no consequence, no following, no ability, no employability, to whom you owe nothing, have been kept in important posts or promoted.

Party spokesmen and the MEPs complain that they cannot get stories into the media because they are blocked by the press office, who in turn tell them that they need approval by secret ‘powers that be’, which powers that be turn out to be one Patrick O’Flynn and one Suzanne Evans.

Party spokesmen and MEPs complain that they are not consulted on what is going into the upcoming manifesto, but are nevertheless (and merely) asked to provide their recent high resolution photographs so that they can be put next to the policy content associated with their portfolios (thus signifying endorsement of the same), while such content is being prepared by Suzanne Evans in secret and will not be made available to them until the manifesto has been finished and it is a fait accompli.

Spokesmen and MEPs are merely being fed ‘lines to take’, which emanate from the same secret unelected cabal. NEC members complain that policy is being announced to the press without the NEC ever having heard of it or having had any involvement in the making of any of such policies.

As a traditional member of UKIP, I feel betrayed. I know many others do too.

Was the leadership election a stitch up, a sham? If it was really a contest between Red UKIP and Red UKIP, between Suzanne Evans and Suzanne Evans, why were we not told? Who voted for Red UKIP to run the show? Why is a dark, secret, unelected cabal of Fabian infiltrators deciding the policy direction of the party, making the most important decisions that need to be made? At the same time as those people who under our party constitution are supposed to be making those decisions (the NEC) and who we members democratically elected, together with the party’s senior spokesmen and MEPs (except those who themselves are members of this cabal) are deliberately bypassed and ignored. Would it be too much to say that an undemocratic coup has been carried out and the party is secretly being run by our enemies who have infiltrated us?

I will not dwell on the Stoke election, as it must have been a painful enough experience for you, other than to say that it was not good and that I do not believe the public will accept that, whether true or not, so many stories were the fault of ignorant researchers. Your initial reluctance, after Ms May called the snap election, to confirm that you would stand tells me your own gut is giving you the right advice.

Of more concern to me is what came next …

[To be continued tomorrow in Part 2]

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