Today’s letters are …. about Brexit! The first is about Brexit, UKIP, and Ms May’s government. It’s by our contributor Mr Punche-Bagge and is a call-to-action for members, branch chairmen and indeed the UKIP HO and leadership:


UKIP has been knocked for six this year – but that was because at the 2017 Council and subsequent General Elections Mrs May was at the helm of the good ship Brexit and steering us (according to her Lancaster House speech) clean out of the EU. Of course we were wiped – she could do it, we couldn’t.

A critical analysis of her Florence speech (and subsequent statement to Parliament) however points to a completely different picture – a picture that the public in general and those many Ukippers who have allowed their membership to lapse clearly have not recognised.

Mrs May has laid the groundwork for an interminable negotiation process that should keep the UK in the EU indefinitely.

How so? Surely article 50 means that we leave after two years deal or no deal? Nobody (funny that) is noticing that article 50 permits the leaving date to be postponed (apparently indefinitely) by unanimous agreement between the EU 27 and the UK. With Remainer May at the helm and the 27 desperate for our continuing contributions, why would this unanimity not be forthcoming?

Meanwhile back at the ranch the remainers throughout the establishment can dream up any number of shenanigans to frustrate the will of the people.

UKIP’s primary task is to educate the public about what is going on here. Until this message gets out UKIP memberships will continue to lapse and electoral success will remain a dream.

Branch Chairmen up and down the land should be giving this message to their members and ex-members loud and clear in their AGM calling notices and at the AGM itself, and to their public in whatever way they can.

Likewise they must badger Head office to follow through on the currently defunct Out Now campaign, explaining to everyone exactly why Mrs May cannot be trusted. We need leaflets that ram home the logic behind this campaign and we need pages on the national and local web-sites that do the same. We cannot allow current paralysis to continue.

Clearly the public believe that we are a single-issue party – but that issue hasn’t gone away, it was merely covered up until we were routed. Now we need to get back in the fray, and UKIP is still the only party in a position to do so.

Respectfully, Punche-Bagge

The second letter is about …. Brexit! It comes from our correspondent Felicia Catto who asks if there’s a reason for this sudden outbreak of ‘sensitivity’:


The papers are still full of the ‘Sex Scandal in Parliament’. There’s a report of an interesting spat between the Speaker of the House, Mr Bercow, and PM Theresa May who believes the HoC ought to have some sort of procedure dealing with this, not just the Parties whereas Mr Bercow thinks it has nothing to do with him. Be that as it may – what I find very interesting is that all these accusations go back several years, sometimes even as many as ten years. I’m sure parallels between this and the hashtag ‘Metoo’ campaign, in the wake of the Weinstein scandal are all purely coincidental, aren’t they!
Does anyone really believe that a) nobody knew about these things at that time; b) they all just didn’t care; c) it didn’t matter to the ladies ten years ago but now, d) everybody has discovered their new sensitivity?

Does anybody believe nothing like that has been going on during the last couple of years? Does anybody believe that the perpetrators now accused of deeds done 5, 10 years ago have suddenly changed their spots and have become pure and sexless?

Well, I don’t!

Of course, anyone older than 21 remembers the back-stabbing which the Tories excelled in, getting rid of Margaret Thatcher. So for me, that’s got to play a role: given Ms May’s replacements, I don’t think it’s about, or only about replacing Brexiteer Tories with remoaners.

I do think though that there’s a concerted effort to destabilise Ms May and thus derail Brexit. A former Tory aide is alleged to have leaked the ‘list of shame’ (he’s denied it) – and he’s now working for one of Peter Mandelson’s outfits, according to The Sun. So – is it about engineering a snap GE with a win for Corbyn and thus the scrapping of our, 17 million voters, decision to Leave? That looks like a possibility!

Of course, any cynical observer of TPTB and how they push ‘news’ on the ever greedy MSM would also ask: what are they hiding? What are they not telling us? Why ‘sex pest reports’ now? Are there news about the Brexit negotiations they want to hide? A pity that there are no journalists left who’d dig out the real story.

Respectfully Felicia Catto

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