In a change to our publishing schedule “Letters to the Editor” are published today because of the extreme urgency of the first letter which we received this afternoon from our contributor David Soutter, and the implications it has for UKIP and the EFDD:


The 5 Star movement leader Beppe Grillo has issued a press release covered by Reuters in which he says the time for the EFDD is over and that they are in talks with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ADL). Such move would result in the ALD becoming the third largest group in the EU Parliament, which in turn is led by arch federalist Guy Verhofstadt.

This, if it happens, will mark the end of the EFDD. It will create chaos for the rest of the group and in particular for the new UKIP Leader, Paul Nuttall.

I have been concerned for some time about the make-up of the group after comments in the Autumn by Beppe Grillo were he said he wanted to stay in the EU but get out of the Euro. This was a clear indication that the EFDD was in a potentially terminal position. Given the antics of the leader gone replaced returned gone again and replaced, it is perhaps not surprising.

Respectfully, David Soutter

Of interest also is the copy of the following letter sent in to us by our contributor “A Roving Reporter”, which he permitted us to publish. He had sent the original of this letter to 10 Downing Street before Christmas. He has had of course not yet received a reply:

“Dear Sir or Madam

There are reports in the press today of Her Majesty the Queen herself being a little taken aback by Mrs May’s reluctance to disclose any details of the Brexit strategy.

Can I please repeat my advice to Mrs May that she could easily defuse all this criticism if, instead of the usual obfuscation, she came out with this mantra:

“There are only three objectives: to regain control of our laws, to regain control of our borders, and to stop paying money to the EU.”

If that seems like a runner to you, please bring this letter to Mrs May’s personal attention.

Regards and best wishes.”

The final letter is by our reader and contributor, Cllr Paul Foyster, addressing both UKIP HQ and members, i.e. the foot soldiers, in the run-up to the council elections in May:


The lights are going out…all over England.

The most complaints I’ve received from residents this month were about street lighting. Lincolnshire County council is switching them off during the late evening to save money. All the cctv cameras people bought are suddenly useless, not enough light to see anything. I gather this is a national problem. In this county we’ve just wasted somewhere near £338,600 on a failed devolution bid, because the Tory government needed to try and shift the blame for underfunding the area from Westminster to a new regional authority. The roads are full of potholes, the verges don’t get cut very often, some school transport is under threat, the libraries are being closed or have to be rescued by volunteers.The trend is frightening.

At the same time, nationally we borrow billions to give away in foreign aid, spend more on mad vanity schemes like HS2, still have no proper border control and have to use the Red Cross to prop up the Ambulance Service.   Worse still, with Labour now effectively split into two separate parties, there is no opposition to the Conservatives, who were strongly Remain and still are, despite the cunning approach of Mrs. May, who is more concerned with holding on to votes than leaving the EU. UKIP are all the country has left to fight for low and middle wage earners. These are the issues that will win us seats in May, though local matters are as important to many people as Brexit. The Tories have already started campaigning for the County elections, they will have 4 times as many activists as us. (Please note that, members, who don’t turn out to help leaflet or canvass!). They will spend many times the cash we have available, it will be a hard battle but one we intend to do our best to win.

I do not expect a lot of help from HQ, who will have financial problems of their own if they throw too much cash about in May. Please can I use this opportunity to ask that they restrict their efforts to suitable supportive words and visits from spokesmen, the provision of affordable electoral material, like Corex boards, one or two generic leaflets etc. We don’t need advice or advisers on how to campaign, we’ve now done it before several times, quite successfully, and our local MEPs have been very supportive. I’m a big fan of Nigel but the change of leadership and the stability the new management has so far achieved is helping a lot. Now it’s down to individual branches to fight as best they can for council seats. In the final analysis, it’s the foot soldiers and branch administration that win elections for UKIP. All we require is a favourable background against which to work.

Respectfully, Cllr. Paul Foyster. South Holland and the Deepings

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