Today’s letters look at various issues related to the forthcoming General elections. The first is by our reader and correspondent Roger Arthur:


I was asked for a statement, on why I am standing as a PPC in the General Election. My response: “UKIP effectively put the skids under Mr Cameron, to get a successful referendum. Then Mrs May emphasised that Brexit means Brexit, and many ex-UKIP voters gave her their support in the local elections. But in Horsham, we have an MP who voted to remain in the EU, along with other Remainer candidates. The many thousands here who voted to leave the EU deserve to be represented in Hustings debates – by someone who strongly shares their desire to have regulations made in their Parliament, by MPs who are accountable to them.

So I intend to represent them by challenging the sitting MP, to assure us that he will not change direction again and that he will fully support the PM’s intent to remove the UK from ECJ jurisdiction. I shall also expose anyone who seems to be working to keep us subject to EU regulations, when EU rulers have I made clear that their ‘four freedoms’ are not negotiable.There is clearly no risk of letting in a Lib/Lab Remainer candidate, as there might be elsewhere.The EU has told us in many different ways that “the era of the nation state is over” and 400 UK constituencies voted against that in the Referendum. No Prime Minister or Government has ever received as large a mandate. So now we must see that there is no backsliding, by seeking the best Brexit deal available – without remaining under ECJ jurisdiction. That is what I shall fight for.”

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

The next letter, by our contributor and reader Rob McWhirter, informs us on candidate selection, showing that not just UKIP has difficulties:

Sir, I recently saw a question along the lines of “What’s the point of assessment and training if RO (Regional organisers)  best-mates can queue-jump?” Allowing for the short notice of the election – we had all been working towards 2020 – and aware of the greater resources and funds available to the main parties, I thought they would probably have managed selection better than us. However, as the below fascinating and enjoyable article reveals, it seems we are all on an equal footing this time!

And when they remove a candidate from the list they’re causing unhappy candidates:

Respectfully, Rob Mcwhirter

Our contributor and reader Jack T takes issue with our so-far non-existent manifesto, making the following important point:


Our military personnel have been treated shoddily by government. Many have risked their lives in foreign wars with some suffering life changing injuries. Perhaps the injured are the lucky ones here as they will receive ongoing care. Others, some with severe mental issues, receive no help and end up on the street. All this goes on whilst alien invaders are given housing and financial aid to plot against us. It cannot be allowed to continue so UKIP should be facing up to this issue and implementing appropriate manifesto policies. Surely, as part of that, a policy to assist these guys would be supported by any decent native Brit?

There is also another side to this; government policy, or lack of it, in dealing with the invasion by hordes of young men of fighting age is going to result in ever increasing violence. Most people have a high level of tolerance but at some point that will break. In the event that civil unrest ensues then we need the military on our side.  Maybe they are already inclined to take our side against a globalist government but anything that might shift their support in our favour should be policy.

Respectfully, Jack T

And finally, a rallying cry by our reader and contributor Phillip Smith:


“WOE!  WOE!  A-THRICE WOE!”  Anyone who remembers the old BBC comedy series “Up Pompeii” will remember this as Cassandra’s warning of imminent disaster. It pretty well sums up our performance at the local elections on May 4th. Another term from TV comedy comes to mind, namely that we were “marmalized”, as Ken Dodd’s diddy men would say. What has happened since the last local elections when we did so well?  

What has happened is the Referendum, the thing that we have been working flat out for ever since the party was first formed. We gave the people their opportunity to free themselves from occupation by an unelected foreign power, and they grasped it. The referendum would never have happened if it wasn’t for the tories peeing their pants at the thought of facing UKIP at the ballot box in future elections. What the public need to realize is that if they abandon us now, they are throwing the referendum result away, as the tories will only honour their obligations if UKIP are breathing down their necks.  

The Tories have a track record of betraying the British people over Europe. Railroading the Maastricht Treaty through Parliament was the most recent betrayal, and before that we had the Single European Act, and before that there was the original Act of surrender, the European Communities Act. All of these atrocities were visited upon us by the tories. There have recently been news reports of the government back-pedalling on things like free movement and immigration, payments to the EU after we have left, and jurisdiction of European courts in the UK after we have left. This has all happened only a matter of a couple of weeks after the delivery of the Article 50 notice, so just imagine what the Tories will give away over the two year period!  We may very well find ourselves more in the EU than out!  

UKIP is the only party that wants to get the UK completely out of the EU.  All the other parties campaigned to remain in the EU at the referendum, and some still are. The Tories are all trying to pay lip service to Brexit right now but just look at how many of these tories backed “remain” at the referendum? I doubt if all of these have somehow undergone a mass “Road to Damascus” conversion since the referendum. They are really only Europhiles in Eurosceptic clothing.  

In the coming general election campaign, we need to be telling all this to the voters. If the electorate sends hTeresa May back to Parliament as “Empress of Westminster” she will almost certainly betray us. Her own hard-line Brexiteers will be outnumbered by the back bench lobby-fodder that will vote how they are told to vote, and with no UKIP representation in Parliament, there will only be a pro-EU, lacklustre opposition that will support any sell-out to the EU that emerges. The country needs a UKIP voice in Parliament, even if it is only a single voice crying in the wilderness.

Respectfully, Phillip Smith

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