Still working through the backlog of letters, here’s a new collection. The first letter is from our excellent contributor Roger Arthur:


This is for any who are debating whether to join, or re-join, UKIP.

“Labour is pursuing a legal case against UKIP, over Rotherham issues.

No doubt they relish the idea of bringing the Party down, leaving you with Lib/Lab/Con – plus a fudged Brexit, leaving us under ECJ jurisdiction.

If you are happy with that prospect and you want to make Juncker happy, then you don’t need to do anything.”

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

The next letter was sent in by our reader John Freeman:


While browsing twitter the other day I came across a link  to a video (Oct. 2015) titled – An Uncomfortable Truth. This eighteen minute speech brought home to me how self serving politicians, police officers and officials have betrayed vulnerable youngsters . It was a talk by Andrew Norfolk, who was the Times journalist who started to investigate Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs and with the courageous backing of that newspaper, followed through with further investigations. He refers to the accusations of racism and how the authorities were more concerned that he had seen confidential files that confirmed girls were being abused, than they were about the abuse. Two examples of abuse he detailed brought tears to my eyes, and at the same time blind anger at the actions of police officers who arrested a thirteen year old girl for being drunk and disorderly when she was found undressed in bed in a house where there were seven adult males present. No action was taken about the possible abuse but the girl was convicted of being drunk and disorderly at THIRTEEN years old. Mr. Norfolk’s voice appeared to break as he describes this. The other example he speaks about, I can’t even bear to give details.  Please watch this video!

However, my main point is referring to when Mr Norfolk says that had he done  the same research, as an individual, and then campaigned on his own – nothing would have happened. He states it was only due to the fact his research could be put forward in the Times that any notice was taken.

In my opinion, without a strong UKIP no other political entity is going to face up to situations such as the above and be known enough to able to alert and inform the public.

I have read Gerard Batten’s “UKIP – The Way Forward”. Twelve points that appear to me to be straight forward common sense. Surely Gerard is indicating the way forward for UKIP and although he may not want to be a long term leader, I’m convinced he has the integrity and strength of character to set the party in the right direction not only on situations such as the above but  on immigration, the economy, law and order, armed forces etc. Even if UKIP cannot become the governing party it can act as a thorn in the side of the liberal lefties who have brought the UK to the state it is today and hold them to account. Our country needs a strong, honourable UKIP. Is that asking the impossible?

Respectfully, John Freeman

Finally, this letter was sent in by our contributor Jerry Wraith:


Global Britain has published a very interesting paper written by Prof Alan Sked titled “TIME FOR A CHANGE, British Conservatism and the politics of Brexit” from which I quote:

“Monnet had been kept more closely informed of the British negotiations (to enter the EU) than either the British Parliament or cabinet. Edward Heath met him in secret regularly while Douglas Hurd arranged, through the private account of Lord Edwin Plowden in the City, for the Tory party to become a secret corporate member of Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe. The initial fee was £15,000. According to Monnet’s chief aide and biographer, Francois Duchêne, the Labour and Liberal parties joined later. Britain was eventually allowed to enter the EEC in 1973, ……..” (My emphasis).

This statement clearly demonstrates that the Conservative Party has, since well before 1973, been a dedicated supporter of forming a United States of Europe. They were joined in this aim soon after by the Labour and Liberal parties.

Hence all three parties have for well over 45 years been totally committed to:

  • the abolition of the United Kingdom as a sovereign independent country
  • the abolition of the monarchy as our Head of State
  • the abolition of Westminster, the “Mother of Parliaments” as the governing body of the UK
  • the abolition of UK citizens right to “hire and fire” their government
  • the abolition of the right of UK citizens to call themselves, English etc.
  • abolishing the UK armed forces in favour of the European army, navy and air force
  • abolishing the UK’s right to form its own foreign and domestic policies
  • abolishing the UK’s membership of the Commonwealth

Yet during the whole of this time there has never been the smallest suggestion in any of their election manifestos of any of these eventual aims. Indeed, the opposite is true, as all three parties continually strived to give the electorate and the public at large the erroneous impression that Westminster was actually running the country. This, in spite of, increasing evidence of the ineffectuality of the House of Commons and our “elected” MP’s.

In addition, the horrendous costs involved to the UK’s taxpayers and public of this deceitful and treasonous policy of being in the EU to achieve the above aims were never clearly exposed to the UK public.

The deceit and treachery of all three parties is almost too much to comprehend. So surely, the time has come, not for a change in the deceitful and treacherous Conservative Party as suggested in Prof Sked’s paper, but for a completely new party to take over government and unravel the vast ills that have resulted from our membership of the un-democratic, un-elected and corrupt European Union. In other words, our next government must consist of a party that is committed to Brexit and to fully withdraw the UK from any control whatsoever by the EU. Hence, it cannot and must not be a Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem government.

Respectfully, Jerry Wraith  

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