There is one theme, one event, which is the subject of today’s letters. The first is from our contributor Antony Nailer, written immediately in the aftermath of the Manchester Terrorist attack:


When will our Leaders wake up!

Another atrocity in a major city in Europe and I am losing count of how many it is. Is it just ten or is it closer to 20 and was it just one perpetrator or one aided and abetted by numerous friends and associates who urged him on.

Of all these high profile terrorist acts of the last ten years most have been carried out by Muslims, as far as I am aware. Whether home-grown or imported, their objective is the same: to cause maximum terror and upset and loss of non-Muslim lives. The infidel has no right to life.

On Tuesday morning I saw Andy Burnham, the brand new Mayor of Manchester, spouting about how we must now all come together and prevent the actions of those who would divide us.  

Is he talking about the authors on UKIP Daily who regularly warn of the dangers of radical Muslims or was he referring to the Muslims who use bombs, knives, guns, cars, lorries and aeroplanes to destroy Western lives? I think Andy was referring to us because we who speak up are really dangerous and might cause civil unrest!

You must understand his position and those of the Socialist & Communist persuasion who have actively encouraged the waves of people of a hostile religion to invade our countries and although we are not at war with them, they are at war with us.

The people with the hardest job now following this atrocity will be those who manage to find pieces of the perpetrator and then try to find reasons why we are the cause of his (or her) action, all the time saying to us that we must befriend the invader, even though the males commit atrocities every day in many of our cities by sexually assaulting our women while their women hide their faces.

The indigenous white males would not do the same to theirs because we are culturally more advanced and have largely adopted the concept of gender equality and even accept that western females have many rights and leniency not afforded to the common man. Furthermore we males have been brought up to curb our animal instincts and to generally respect the women in society whether they are attached or not.

Actually it doesn’t matter in respect of terrorism if we stop any and all further invasion because there are now thousands of Muslims already here and being born here who can perpetuate these crimes against humanity forever, or until the infidel accepts defeat.

Theresa must be relieved that she didn’t have to carry on defending the indefensible policy regarding the omni-shambles of the election manifesto policy for old age care costs. Instead she chaired a meeting of the Cobra Emergency Committee. They needed to work out how they can use the latest disaster to further control the population at large, under the guise of homeland security.

I am so glad I do not like city-life and live in a rural town but I feel real sympathy for those who were injured, and for those who lost loved ones on Monday in the most blatant act of political & religious hatred.

Respectfully, Antony Nailer.

The second letter, on the same subject, comes from our contributor Jack Russell:


May I ask your forgiveness for my angry letter. I’ve seen the reports in the papers telling us that the security services failed several times to arrest the terrorist. All I can say to this is that they must have acted according to the same ‘principle’ which prevented the police and social services to deal properly and in a timely fashion with the various ‘grooming gangs’ who have attacked our girls in Rotherham and many other towns and cities: they must have been scared to be called ‘racist’!

But what makes me really angry are the reports that allege that people in the muslim community and even in the Didsbury mosque – a radical mosque by all accounts – have warned the authorities. Oh really? We should believe that, when over half of muslims polled recently said they would never do such thing?

Have our reporters, have TPTB, never heard of ‘taqqiya’ and ‘kitman’?

We have – and we don’t believe a word these islamic apologists tell us! Respectfully, Jack Russell

Finally, the following text is not strictly a letter, but as it is the first comment on Monday’s slaughter of the innocents by a representative of UKIP, ther forthright Gerard Batten MEP, posted on May 23rd, it deserves to be read widely:

The terrorists want to unite us – not divide us

It looks like the latest barbaric terrorist attack in Manchester was carried out by a follower of the cult of Mohammed.

Yet again we see innocent people and children dead, maimed, and lives ruined, and for what?

We will no doubt hear the usual platitudes that ‘it has nothing to do with Islam’. And we will also hear that this latest outrage, ‘must not be allowed to divide us’.

It has everything to do with Islam, and the Mohammedan extremists don’t want to divide us – they in fact want to unite us.

They want to unite us in fear. When we are all cowering in terror then they can impose their barbaric ideology on us.

And they are doing a good job so far.

  • Countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan pay for Mosques to be built in the UK, manned by extremists Imams who spread extremist messages.
  • Islamic schools promote extremist messages to their pupils.
  • Islamic extremists have free rein in our prisons to recruit and spread their message.
  • Rape gangs were allowed to get away with it for years because the authorities were terrified of being called ‘Islamophobic’.
  • Sharia courts are recognised under English law.

In our society, any ideology can be discussed, criticised or even mocked, but not Mohammedanism – sorry, Islam. It’s off-limits because of fear.

Mohammedanism is a barbaric, regressive ideology that was primitive and backward when it was first concocted in 7th century Arabia.

We should be united: not in fear of Mohammedanism, but united in opposition to allowing it any influence in our society.

Gerard Batten MEP   

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