Today, after PM Ms Theresa May finally triggered Article 50 yesterday, the letters sent by our readers reflect on that event. The first is by our reader and contributor, Hugo Jenks:


The date 29th March 2017 will be noted in the history books as the moment that we begin to re-assert our ancient freedoms and rights. 

From my location it dawned grey and damp, symbolic perhaps of the weary, drab procession of uninspiring remainiacs who wanted to rain on our parade.  There are birds singing however despite the early morning gloom, and these are a reminder that there is a song in our heart. There is a sense of satisfaction from being right, and on the right side of history. Perseverance despite the naysayers and their negativity and their rudeness.

Birds have probably sung their dawn chorus for millions of years and barring a planetary catastrophe might well continue for many millions more years.  The same cannot be said for political edifices, which are constructed from delusional concepts and collapse under the weight of their own contradictions. Historically every single empire has collapsed in the end, there is no reason at all to suppose that the EU, which increasingly resembles an empire, can escape this same fate.

We, the UK do owe a duty of care to our friends in Europe. The kindest service we can now do for them is to assist with the dismantling of the EU in an orderly and careful way. To assist every nation to free itself from the yoke that the EU places upon their shoulders. We must treat each nation as freeborn equals, not as serfs labouring in vain for an imposed master.

The EU will collapse, that is inevitable. We will also be part of picking up the pieces. We must begin preparations for that too. It will not be an easy task to unpick the utter stupidities of the past six decades. We can do this task though, with the right leadership and knowledge and determination.

Respectfully, Hugo Jenks

The next letter we received is by our contributor and reader Schrödinger’s cat:


The vote for Leave last year was the equivalent of reaching Everest Base Camp (17,700ft).

The serving of Article 50 on March 29th 2017 was Camp II (The Advanced Base Camp at 21,300ft).

Agreement on citizens living ex-pat between EC and UK is Camp III, which appropriately stands at 24,500ft on a small ledge

The main meat is in agreeing terms of trade. This will be interesting as they need us more than we need them. There is the border with Ireland.  All this is Camp IV at 26,000ft.

The European Parliament then votes to accept or reject the deal. Strange because all their other business is non-substantive – just waffle. This is the South Summit at 28,700ft.

The deal done is the Summit at 29,029ft.

Will it be done in two years, when the EU can’t even complete a trade deal inside ten years? Whatever… That is their problem!

Respectfully, Schrödinger’s cat

However, Mike Hookem MEP reminds us in his letter that, joy over the final triggering of article 50 notwithstanding, Brussels is not giving up and that we cannot afford to take our eyes off the ball:


a new move by the European Commission to centrally control all fisheries data across the bloc is an attempt to ensure the UK will remain under the hegemony of the Common Fisheries Policy post-Brexit. The EU knows perfectly well that by centralising the data on fish stocks throughout Europe, the UK can never escape the suffocating embrace of the Common Fisheries Policy. If Grimsby, Hull, Scarborough, Whitby or every other fishing port in the UK are to have a future, then we need our sovereignty back! On this issue, we cannot have any ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’. We need to take back full control of all our waters!

And that means we choose what data we collect; what is monitored; and how and when that data is used. Without the power to measure, analyse and utilise fishing data, the UK will still be unable to formulate its own fisheries policies and will remain under the hegemony of the CFP.

This move to centralise data collection post-Brexit means that if we sign up to this legislation now, there is every chance this EU-wide law will be adopted under the so-called great Repeal Bill.

This will mean its effects will continue to be felt long after we supposedly wave good-bye to control from Brussels.

Adopting this measure into UK law will mean half the battle to reclaim our fisheries and waters is lost before the negotiations have even begun. If what will happen under the new rules sounds theoretical, then just ask the artisanal, shore-based fishermen in my constituency, who face losing their livelihoods following the recent sea bass ban. The sea bass ban originates in EU data – and data control. Even after the triggering of Article 50 we must remain vigilant!

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP

And finally, a reminder by our reader Roger Arthur:


On this auspicious day, it is worth remembering that In the House of Commons on 11th May 1953, Churchill said:

“We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed. If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always chose the open sea.”

The Allied purpose in WW2 was to restore the sovereignty of nation states, but Van Rompuy said:

“The era of the nation state is over.”

Who seriously believes that, after all the blood, sweat and tears of WW2, Churchill would have accepted that!

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

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