Today’s letters cover a wide range of issues. The first is by Mike Hookem MEP, who writes as UKIP Veterans Spokesman:


95-year-old ‘Dambusters’ veteran, George “Johnny” Johnson remains unrecognised by the Queen, while David Cameron’s former political ‘flunkies’ received a range of awards in this year’s New Year’s Honours list. We should be honouring this country’s real heroes and the 55,573 bomber command personnel who died. (See this article in The Sun). By making an award to Mr Johnson, we are not just talking about honouring one man. We are talking about recognising the achievements and sacrifices of a whole generation who risked everything to fight for our freedom. I’m confident in saying that Mr Johnson would be keen that the award also recognised the 56,000 members of Bomber Command who paid the ultimate price to defend this country. To snub a man who put himself in extreme danger during one of the most daring military missions the world has ever seen as part of a lifetime of service is a national disgrace. This situation must be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Veterans Spokesman

Our contributor and reader Jeremy Wraith takes issue with a report on the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers from his post as UK Ambassador to the EU:


See this quote from The Guardian of Wed 4th January on Sir Ivan Roger’s resignation as UK ambassador to the EU:

MacPherson also cited Rogers’ predecessor Jon Cunliffe and Tom Scholar, previously the prime minister’s adviser on European issues who is now permanent secretary at the Treasury. His warning appears to reflect a Treasury concern that Theresa May is under pressure from Tory Eurosceptics to abandon hopes of trying to negotiate access to the profitable EU single market, even on a temporary basis.

This is just the sort of misinformation and outright lies being pushed by Europhile groups. The EU’s single market is anything but profitable.The UK has never ever made a profit on trade with the EU. For example, in 2014 the UK exported £228 billion worth of goods and services to the EU. But, it cost the UK economy in the region of £190 billion to be in the EU. UK trade with the EU resulted in a balance of payments deficit of £61.6 billion. Hence, in 2014 alone it could have cost the UK over £23 billion more to be in the EU and trade with the EU than the UK’s total exports in goods and services to the EU! Furthermore, since the UK joined the EEC in 1973, the total current accumulated balance of payments in UK/EU trade is a deficit of over £1.25 trillion, whereas the UK has had a surplus in its trade with the rest of the world. Not only that, the UK has so far paid the EU net budgetary cash contributions currently worth £415 billion. Is it any wonder therefore that the UK has a national debt of over £1.75 trillion? Lies like this in the Guardian must be attacked and refuted as soon as possible. The quicker the UK leaves the EU the better. The UK would be far better off trading with the EU using WTO rules.

Respectfully, Jeremy Wraith

Our reader Deirdre Trotman has asked us to publish the invitation to this rally:


I hope it will be acceptable to share, via the UKIP Daily letters page, a wonderful piece of news – namely that finally and at long last a BREXIT RALLY has been arranged!

It is an event for Brexiteers of all parties and none, arranged by the enterprising The People’s Charter 2016 Foundation. The date is January 21st at 11 a.m at the George V statue by Parliament and there are will be a delightful mix of speakers:

Robert Oulds, The Bruges Group;  Ben Harris-Quinney, The Bow Group; Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave; Theresa Villiers, Tory Party; Elizabeth Jones, UKIP; Rory Broomfield, Better Off Out; David Davies, Tory Party; Luke Nash-Jones, The People’s Charter Foundation; John Rees-Evans, UKIP; Simon Gibb, Libertarian Home; Steven Woolfe, UKIP (eh?! But let’s not quibble it’s all in a good cause); Alex Nieora, UKIP; Joshua Thomas, Young Britons for Liberty.

Something for everyone I would venture to suggest! The most important thing is that everyone publicizes this, please, in whatever ways you can – it is important that this event is successful and as many as possible are there. On Twitter and Facebook Luke Nash-Jones invites both those who voted Leave and those Remainers who accept the result and just want to get on with it. (I am sorry I can’t link.) I am so pleased that at last Leavers get to have their say – we have been taking so much slanging and denigration silently for so long, hopefully on the 21st January our voices will finally be heard again.

Respectfully, Deirdre Trotman

Finally, our reader and contributor David Soutter addresses the question of appeasement:


The appalling series of murders carried out over the last few months has nothing to do with the individuals or ISIS,  in fact no more than the gun and bullets and trucks used. The real culprits are the stupid feeble Western politicians who have followed a politically correct policy towards a dangerous and growing monster. They have followed the same appeasement policy as did Chamberlain in the 1930’s. Churchill said that appeasers were those who kept feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat them last. This is what the West has contrived to do with the Islamic fanatics which now assault all areas of Western society and culture. In the years between the end of the First WW and 1939 Hitler applied a clever and very successful series of ‘take overs’, e.g. of  Austria and Sudetenland. In the English edition of the German magazine Der Spiegel in 2009 Klaus Wiegrefe wrote:

In March 1938 Henlein, referring to the government in Prague, told Hitler: “We must always demand so much that we can never be satisfied.

Henlein was the leader of the Sudetenland Nazis.

This is what the West is being faced with: demands by so called immigrants, better called migrants, who have created a human tsunami breaking over the borders of Europe. It is not far fetched to equate demands for exceptional treatment across the border with no reciprocal give and take. To make matters worse the politicians have not only appeased those ‘invaders’, they have contrived to hide the truth from the people who they are supposed to represent.

Wiegrefe wrote further:

“The appeasers were later accused of having lost their moral compass. Critics are quick to point to the servility of British diplomats, which Hitler secretly derided, and the contempt with which many appeasers spoke of Eastern Europe.”

It is not alarmist, xenophobic or racist to say these things or ask questions it is a matter which will define the next 100 years. The people of Europe, in fact the entire West, are facing a menace which threatens their entire existence. Yet again those we should fear most are not those who seek to overcome us but those from inside our society which yet again seek to support those who bring down our collective society.

Respectfully, David Soutter


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