Today is the day of important elections here in the UK, so our politicians are heading to the polls and our MSM are holding their breath. This is also the year when the USA elect their new president, and the news from ‘over there’ are rather interesting. Yesterday, we heard that Ted Cruz, one of the Republican candidates, has suspended his candidacy, followed later in the evening by the announcement that the other rival to Donald Trump, John Kasich, had done the same. This means that Donald Trump is now the only one left for the nomination as Presidential candidate by the Republican Party. The news of the Trump candidacy are the subject of the following two letters.
The first letter is by our contributor Moraymint, published on his elegant blog which is always worth reading:

Headline! Indiana Primary: Donald Trump gets straight run to presidential nomination as Ted Cruz drops out. Shock!  Horror!

This is just a quickie post aside from the EU Referendum series of essays that I’ve been uploading lately.

The established order of the mainstream political and media elites is crumbling to pieces as those same elites struggle to understand the changing relationship between people and politicians these days. Many people are sick to death of being lectured at by semi- if not wholly-detached politicians and their media lackeys – or is it the other way around? – purely in the name of political power and prestige (sod the voters).

Well, the voters seem to be getting fed up with being told to sod off – in the States at least. The result is interesting times for the Yanks. Are we next in the UK and Europe? Let’s hope so. Let’s hope that the likes of the Cameron-Juncker double act is on borrowed time.

If mainstream, ‘moderate’ politicians lose all connection with their voters – as has happened in the US, and is happening in Europe and the UK – then all bets are off as to who rises to the surface. For as long as our cretinous politicos treat the voting public with contempt, democracy says anything can happen. The growing view of the politicos, however, is the less democracy, the better; which is European Commission policy, of course.

‘They must go on voting until they get it right‘ – Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission 2004 – 14

My anger and irritation lies not with Donald Trump (he’s an opportunist), but with the mainstream political elite, the so-called ‘moderate’ politicians who have engineered themselves into some other universe, out of all touch with ordinary voters. The result is what we’re seeing in the States now. My money is on the same unfolding of political events occurring in Europe and the UK in the coming years …

PS I’m not a fan of Mr Trump, btw, but I do like watching the existing political order being blown out of the water …


The second letter is by our American correspondent who never minces her words, giving us her forthright view:

Some Hill staffers [Ed: “Hill” = Capitol Hill, i.e. US Senate and House of Representatives]  told me over a year ago that nobody could stomach Ted Cruz. Well, eventually, the voters came to feel the same way. His policy bromides, superior ground game, and intellectual suppleness were overwhelmed by his reptilian personality. The current joke is “Why do people instantly dislike Ted Cruz? Because it saves time.” It is that simple. And though it is true that, by and large, we are a religious people, when we want to be preached at, we go to our chosen places of worship, not a town hall meeting. The “come to Jesus, I’ll meet you there” cant came across as manipulative and insulting. Even with all that, there were a lot of people who would have voted for him – myself included – simply because his record is rigorously Constitutional. We would have gritted our teeth and prepared ourselves to seriously dislike a president on a personal level who we thought would do the right things politically.

Carly Fiorina [Ed: named by Ted Cruz as his Vice President, before he threw in the towel] buried that. It was a desperation move that reeked of desperation and no POTUS can be seen as desperate. As good on the stump as she can be, Carly will forever be tainted with her Hewlitt-Packard legacy. She fired thousands of people during a merger and was eventually fired by the Board of Directors. I lived through those days, I was a software developer in telecom and I saw first hand what the industry was going through. In my view, Carly did the right thing and nobody remembers that subsequent CEOs’ performances were manifestly miserable and that they were also fired by the same Board. But when the real, actual unemployment figure has been hovering around 15% for years, nobody is interested in the nuances of a tech company’s struggles 10-15 years ago. Carly put people on the unemployment rolls, period, full stop.

There is a lack of patience among the voters that astonishes the elite. None of the admonishments about Trump’s lack of ‘Conservative Credentials’ have had any effect. They are received as threats and disingenuous disparagements. Because that is what they are. The Republican Party hasn’t behaved as a conservative party for 20 years, except when campaigning. The flop-sweat panic they and their media stenographers find themselves in now is quite gratifying to a lot of people. To headlines that scream THE DEATH OF THE GOP in 20-point type, the reaction is, “Nice shouting”.

And if you are serious about getting Donald Trump elected, please have the German Foreign Minister, from the country that opened the floodgates to the so-called ‘refugees’, continue his harangue about Trump’s “America First” philosophy. Americans love to hear that putting our own country first and foremost puts the fear of God in Europe. A lot of people here think it’s about time, as that whole ‘”Allah” fetish doesn’t seem to be working out so well.

Pamela Gray

Hopefully, this anti-establishment attitude shared by so  many people over there and over here will translate into more votes for BREXIT!


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