Today’s first letter is by Jeff Wyatt, reporting on a meeting with Anne Marie Waters:


Anne Marie Waters, the well-known political commentator, UKIP member, Director of Sharia Watch and, with newly announced intentions to stand as a Candidate in the election to be the new Leader of UKIP, spoke to a group of UKIP members and specially invited guests from Milton Keynes and surrounding areas on 4th July 2017 in Milton Keynes.

Speaking on a wide range of subjects from Immigration, Law and Order, the Economy, Brexit, Islam, political correctness within education, the housing crisis and the British Constitution, Anne Marie eloquently conveyed to the audience her view of the state of the Country as is today and her vision of how UKIP as a political party needs change and why she thinks she is the person to enable that change.

I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Anne Marie in action at a meeting in her native East London previously, so I knew what to expect and was keen to showcase her credentials to local people so they could see and hear up close and personal this extraordinarily capable politician in action. They were not disappointed. We were privileged to witness her at her finest. As a measurement of the impact she had, some 9 UKIP members signed her formal form to Assent to her application to become a Leadership Candidate and several non-member guests pledged to join the Party. Anne Marie is planning further meetings throughout the Country over the next 6 weeks to speak to UKIP members and interested individuals in the build-up of the UKIP Leadership election process.

Respectfully, Jeff Wyatt

We received the following letter from Alan Hastings, spokesman of “Fishing for Leave” who organised the infamous Brexit flotilla on the Thames during the referendum:


The EU chief negotiator tweeted that nothing would change in regard to EU fishing as Britain begins the process of re-establishing her fishing rights in preparation for leaving the EU, with the head of the European Fishermens Alliances stating that EU fishermen would take the same position and continue to pillage Britain’s waters against the boundaries of international law. This position by the EU’s is irresponsible and bullying.

After years of lecturing the world on unregulated pirate fishing being a threat to sustainability it would be sanctimonious in the extreme for the EU to do just that by invading Britain’s sovereign waters of our 200mile or midline Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). International agreements through the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) bind all signatories, including the EU to co-operate on the satellite monitoring (VMS) of all fishing vessels whilst enforcing and respecting the sovereign rights of one another’s waters to ensure sustainability. The EU will have to climb off its bellicose high horse and readjust its fishing fleet to reflect the end of being able to plunder 60% (674,601 tons avg. annually) of the fish from Britain’s rich fishing grounds.

When Britain joined the EU it accepted the fledgling Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of ‘equal access to a common resource’ leading to Ted Heath surrendering Britain’s fishing as “expendable” in order to join.

The CFP has afforded EU fishermen this ‘equal access to a common resource’ for 44years under the CFP but as EU rules “shall cease to apply” to Britain upon withdrawal as per Article 50, this access and rights to fish British waters shall automatically cease as Britain will automatically take back control of all her waters within her EEZ.

The EU will have to accept this restoration of British sovereignty or the EU will be breaking every international agreement there is in becoming a pirate nation jeopardizing sustainable management of our waters. With repatriating our fishing waters and implementing new decent British policy being worth £6.3bn to the British economy, taking back control of our fisheries could support a welcome boost to the Royal Navy to protect our seas from belligerent EU bullying. This echoes calls by Lord West former First Sea Lord of the Admiralty that Britain would have to enforce and patrol her restored marine boundaries – or else look incredibly stupid.

Respectfully, Alan Hastings

Finally, from Stuart Agnew MEP’s website a communication whic is of interest to all members:

Dear Members,

I have been contacted about the length of time a new Member needs to have been in the Party before they can vote in an internal election. Having spoken to the Party Chairman I can state that there is confusion here, because our Rule Book and our Constitution say different things on the matter. Such anomalies do occasionally slip through. However what is not in doubt is that the Constitution always has the overriding precedence. In this case, the Constitution states that to be eligible to vote you must have been a member when the election was called. The Leadership election was called on June 23rd. Anyone joining since that date will not be sent a ballot paper.

The Constitution cannot be changed by a show of hands at an NEC meeting. Any changes must be approved on a ‘one member – one vote’ basis with voting papers sent to all members. I hope that this clears up the understandable confusion.

Stuart Agnew MEP


An Appeal on our own behalf:

Would all you kind and interested readers and comment posters on UKIP Daily, who are doing so much to make a success of this site, put pen-to-paper or indeed fingers to keyboards and write an article or two?

You can write – your comment posts document that fact! What interests you interests other UKIP Daily readers. One comment post of 400 words equals half an article …

Please take the plunge – it’s easy, and we editors are here to help!

Warm regards,

Viv Evans, E-i-C

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