As the ‘Article 50 Bill’ now passes to the House of Lords, today’s letters reiterate the call to the Government to repeal the ECA 1972. The first is by ‘Roving Reporter’,our reader and contributor, who has made this call repeatedly here on these pages:


A year ago, the Cameron Government published a propaganda paper entitled “Leaving the European Union”. This was the inception of “Project Fear” which that administration hoped and fervently believed would terrify the people of the UK into voting to remain. In the event, mercifully, the Project failed.

Of interest, however, is what that paper said about a vote to leave:

“The Prime Minister made clear to the House of Commons that ‘if the British people vote to leave, there is only one way to bring that about, namely to trigger Article 50 of the Treaties and begin the process of exit, and the British people would rightly expect that to start straight away”.” (My italics).

That administration vanished in shock, of course, and now nobody remembered the “straight away” bit. As things are, it seems likely that Article 50 will be triggered on 9 March – nearly nine months after the vote to leave.  Still, better late than never, and things are looking not too bad – except for the elephant in the room, viz. the unholy failure to date to repeal the ECA 1972.

In its January judgement, the Supreme Court made it clear that until that repeal happened, UK law would continue to be subservient to EU law. The Court made it equally clear that the ECA 1972 can be repealed “like any other statute”. However, the Civil Service has chosen to disregard this ruling, and continues to persuade Government and Parliament that this statute has magical properties and cannot be repealed until the UK has left the EU.

The way it’s been fixed is like this; the Great Repeal Bill will be introduced in the Queen’s Speech due in May or June this year, and the way the government paints it, the Bill will repeal the ECA 1972 and transfer all EU laws currently in force in the UK onto the UK statute book.

OK, so what’s the catch, readers may ask?

The snag lies in the sneaky “commencement provisions” which we are told will be incorporated in the Bill . . which will only be enacted “from the day we leave the European Union” . . .

You see? The Government has been conned by the Civil Service again!

I reiterate to all who will listen – no, simply repeal the ECA 1972 NOW!

Respectfully, A Roving Reporter

Today’s second letter, which is by our reader Brian Scott and was sent to his MP as well, reinforces this demand, using a particular and hugely important example and referring to the Government’s White Paper published last week:


I have read large parts of

”The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union, Presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister by Command of Her Majesty, February 2017”

As time permits I shall read the rest. At least it is available, unlike the Maastricht Treaty that was taken off of HMSO bookshelves at the time, to try to prevent the people from reading it. 

The silence from the SNP regarding this document is deafening. This particular paragraph demands comment:

“8.16 In 2015, EU vessels caught 683,000 tonnes (£484 million revenue) in UK waters and UK vessels caught 111,000 tonnes (£114 million revenue) in Member States’ waters. Given the heavy reliance on UK waters of the EU fishing industry and the importance of EU waters to the UK, it is in both our interests to reach a mutually beneficial deal that works for the UK and the EU’s fishing communities. Following EU exit, we will want to ensure a sustainable and profitable seafood sector and deliver a cleaner, healthier and more productive marine environment.”

Great Britain, The United Kingdom, will not be Sovereign over its fishing grounds!

I remember, as a young man*), I was working not far from the Scottish coast. Ships would come in at night; the fish smoked; first thing in the morning bought by men I worked with from Arbroath fish markets; then eating a breakfast-cum-lunch smokie at 10.00 a.m. Wonderful memories. Nowadays, it is hard to find smokies in the fish shop. Generally you have to order them. Today our once great fishing fleets and our fishing industry, that includes fishing, processing, packing, canning and sales abroad are emasculated to the point of invisibility. About the same profile as the SNP fighting for the industry in particular and Great Britain in general! Does not the SNP want its fishing grounds back rather than a mealy mouthed

”want to ensure a sustainable and profitable seafood sector and deliver a cleaner, healthier and more productive marine environment”

controlled by an unelected elite in Brussels (the status quo)?

The paragraph should say to hell with the EU’s fishing communities that have been given priority over British industry by treasonous politicians over the years. These are our waters! Exit from the Common Market, European Economic Community, European Union is now a foregone conclusion, and no amount of chain rattling will change that. Hence it is in Scotland’s interest to give themselves the best settlement that can be got.

The real answer is to repeal at the earliest the European Communities Act 1972. The judgment of the Supreme Court on 24 January is set out at Paragraph 101 thereof. It says this Act “can be repealed like any other statute”. Perhaps you can tell me what you are doing to make this happen?

Respectfully, Brian Scott

*) Forty years ago, that is before most of the SNP MPs were born and living in a Sovereign Nation. My MP is 23 years old; school, university, and two years licking stamps and bag carrying for an MP. Oh and his mother a Scottish member of parliament.  No nepotism there . . .


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