In the run-up to the EGM, we are receiving numerous letters addressing the problems created by the current Leader. We will publish those as a priority and apologise to all our correspondents whose letters are held in the queue. They are not forgotten!

The first letter is from our contributor Dr Tomasz Slivnik:


Henry Bolton was spotted with Jo Marney in the National Liberal Club, of which he is a member.

According to the National Liberal Club’s own website their members are of two kinds: ‘Political Members’ who sign a declaration that they are a Liberal in their politics, and (ordinary) ‘Members’, who must sign a declaration that they shall not use the club’s facilities for political activities adverse to Liberalism. The word ‘Liberal’ is highly ambiguous and overloaded these days, so in this context, what does it mean? The web site goes on to say:

“A common misconception … is that club membership … depends upon the membership of the Liberal Democrats … This is not the case”.

It may be a common misconception but there is usually a reason why common misconceptions are commonly held.

The March 2016 article published in LibDemVoice sheds light on the former question and on why the latter misconception is so commonly held. According to this article, the National Liberal Club dropped “the one-off Joining Fee (worth half a year’s subscription) for anyone who is a paid-up member of the Liberal Democrats” and furthermore “Every major British Liberal and Liberal Democrat politician has been a member, and the club is increasingly the British base of choice for international liberal politicians … It’s also a uniquely progressive place.” I wonder how many other British political parties were offered this same deal.

The cost of membership of such a club is not inconsiderable, particularly for someone who claims to be broke. Surely hardly a luxury one would afford oneself unless one wanted to regularly use the club’s facilities and mingle with its other like-minded members.

It seems like an unusual club for the Leader of UKIP to belong to, and its membership declaration an unusual one for a member (let alone the leader) of a libertarian party to sign up to.

Henry Bolton has said (see here) that the Thurrock Independents are still members of UKIP. After a rebuke from a Thurrock Independents Spokesman, he corrected himself to say that all but one of the Thurrock Independents have resigned from UKIP, but that Tim Aker remains a member of UKIP. In fact, Jack Duffin has written that:

“Thurrock Independents, the new residents party in Thurrock, can announce that all 17 Councillors have resigned the UKIP Local Government Whip and joined the party.”

We thus know that the Thurrock Independents are “another political party (whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not)”. Referring now to the Party Constitution:

4.3 If, after becoming a member of the Party, a person

  1. a) joins another political party (whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not) …
  2. b) without the authority of the NEC, sets up or has set up or has aided and abetted the setting up of another political party, whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not; or …

the Party Chairman shall revoke their membership forthwith. …

The Party Constitution leaves no room for the Party Chairman to have any discretion. It reads the Chairman “shall” not “may” not “might” not “can” nor “could” but “shall” revoke such a person’s membership “forthwith”. My dictionary defines the word “forthwith” as “immediately, without delay”.

Perhaps Henry Bolton and/or Paul Oakden will explain why Tim Aker is still a member of UKIP?

On 5 February, Interim Chairman Paul Oakden e-mailed us all to advise us we would be voting at the EGM by secret ballot. “I have decided that a closed ballot will now determine the outcome of the EGM.” writes Oakden. But the Party Constitution is clear “5.7 The NEC may also summon other special conferences or EGMs for specific purposes, which will be open to all Party members ‘in good standing’. The NEC [not the Party Chairman] may from time to time make rules for the convening of and the procedures for the conduct of such conferences.”

Respectfully, Tomaž Slivnik

The other letter is a statement sent by Catherine Blaiklock, Chairman of the Eastern Region Committee, to the regional members. It deserves wide publication:

Dear Members,

The EGM is on 17 Feb. I urge you to go and vote.  This is the last chance for UKIP as a political party. I will be voting for the removal of Henry Bolton for the following reasons, and ask you to do likewise.

  1. Henry Bolton has no political message. This is the number one reason why you should vote to remove Henry.  The UK is in danger. Your children’s future is in danger. Life as we know it is in danger and everyday it gets worse. If things continue as they are, within 20 years, we will be have serious civil unrest.  Henry fails to understand this. He started by saying that immigration is not a problem. It is ‘the’ problem and the major reason why people voted for Brexit.
  2. Henry Bolton is not truthful. Lying and being caught is the most dangerous thing you can do in politics. I voted for Henry on the basis that he had been married twice and was a family man.  Neither were correct. Henry at hustings, said David Kurten would be his deputy and Aiden Powesland would get a position. He reneged on both. Henry said he had a BA from Sandhurst. Sandhurst does not issue BA’s. Henry told newspapers he had been paid nothing by UKIP. John Bickley (UKIP Treasurer) had to go public and say Henry had been paid a total of £15,002.30.  Henry said the NEC had blocked his plans. The NEC said they have never had any presented. Henry promised to appoint the YI’s chairman as Youth Spokesman. He did not. Over 70% of YI voted ‘no confidence’ in him.
  3. Henry Bolton is now tarnished beyond repair. When people laugh at you, you are finished. Henry is associated with someone racist.  This sums it up with voters: (From Susie Govett who was Henry’s campaign manager)
    UKIP Canvasser 2015: Will you be voting UKIP?
    Voter: Not sure, are you racist?
    Canvasser: It’s not racist to be concerned about immigration
    UKIP Canvasser 2018: Will you be voting UKIP?
    Voter: No, you’re racist sympathisers, your leader is sleeping with one.

This is not a vote for or against the NEC. This is a vote solely for, or against Henry.  The NEC  versus Henry is  PR hype. You are voting only on one issue: The ability of Henry Bolton to lead UKIP and save this country.

This is a vote for your children, your grandchildren and your country.  The UK needs a strong UKIP.

Yours faithfully, Catherine Blaiklock. (Chairman, Eastern Region Committee).

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