Firstly, thank you all for sending us your letters for publication on UKIP Daily! There’s nothing which shows your, the members, opinions on the situation Bolton has landed us in than your letters. We want all your voices to be heard, so there will be two ‘Letters’ columns today. The first letter is from our Associate Editor Debbie and it is addressed to you all:

Dear readers!

Through these pages I’d like to thank all those readers who wrote to the members of the National Executive Committee to urge them to vote in favour of No Confidence in our leader Henry Bolton.

I was allowed to draft a few of these letters to encourage members to contact the NEC with their views and we published a list of their addresses so that readers knew where to contact them. A few days after the initial list of email addresses we added a couple more, and we understand that these newly-listed people received at least 150 communications from members; that suggests the NEC received quite a few more, possibly even several hundred!

The result, as we now all know, is that the motion of No Confidence in Henry Bolton was passed unanimously, with the exception of Bolton himself, and I’d like to think that UKIP Daily’s campaign brought home to the NEC the strength of feeling of the grass-roots members of the party.

Our next step is the Emergency General Meeting, which will confirm or dismiss the No Confidence vote.  We understand that if the motion is passed, Bolton will no longer be our leader, but if the motion fails, Bolton will stay as leader but the whole of the NEC will have to resign. That’s quite a choice for members – Bolton or the NEC as it now stands.

Already many members of Bolton’s shadow cabinet have resigned and there may be more resignations to come, but they have not resigned from the NEC (e.g. John Bickley). According to the constitution, upon a NEC member’s resignation the committee may ‘invite a candidate from the immediately preceding NEC election to fill the vacancy until the next annual elections when the position shall be filled by election’, so we’re not likely to have a choice as to who serves on the NEC any time soon.

The party’s in a mess – I don’t think there is any doubt about that, but as long as there are those of us who sincerely believe in UKIP’s goals and aims, there is hope for us.  I urge all members not to give up hope but trust that there is a way forward for the party.

Regards, Debbie, Associate Editor UKIP Daily

The second letter comes from our reader Marjory Broughton and is a coruscating critique of Henry Bolton, written as open letter. I believe many other members and readers will concur with the arguments brought forward. Marjory does not mince words:

Open Letter to Henry Bolton:

As someone who joined UKIP from Labour 3 years ago, I thought I had hit the jackpot and joined an organisation which accurately reflected my outlook on life and values. I believed this until a series of leadership elections had a retrograde effect on the hard won public support for UKIP which has evaporated since the Referendum Vote.

In your election campaign, Mr Bolton, you presented yourself as professional, with good leadership qualities and the saviour of UKIP.  TWICE married, you stressed your current 2nd marriage and that you were a committed family man with a young family and strong family values. I attended a hustings in Surrey and heard you stress this in your hustings speech.

Well, Mr Bolton – you have clearly picked up (some) politicians habit of lying and have mislead and betrayed the members who voted for you. To fail to mention that you have had 3 marriages is a perfidious attempt to deceive and therefore demonstrates that you are a  confidence trickster who is not fit for purpose. You would never have won the leadership competition today had you displayed your current behaviour during the hustings.

To say you had no knowledge of your lady friend’s racist views just shows you up to be a either blind foolish or a deceiver.

Mr Bolton you have brought the UKIP Party into disrepute and as such I think you should be expelled from the party for Gross Misconduct.

It’s not about people making moral judgements about you, it’s that just a few months after your campaign, you have demonstrated that it all amounted to total fiction. Your campaign stressed your family values, your young children, and yet press coverage states you did not even visit your young family over Christmas:  this young family which was so important to you!

Then there are the reports that you have been seen visiting the “Elite” National Liberal Club. Membership is only open to prominent Liberals! Are we to understand that you went there to be rewarded for mortally wounding UKIP? Your actions belie your loyalty to UKIP.

You have failed to convince me that you have been issuing press statements rebutting the Government and proposing policies which they should have been following. Alas you have remained abysmally silent on matters of national Brexit. Where is your publicity team? Silence. Yet we have several talented UKIP members who work in National Media!

You have failed to convince many UKIP Members that you have behaved competently, indeed, Mr Bolton, why would you not surround yourself with these talented people who offered you their help to promote your and UKIP’s message to the National Media? More Silence!

I am a party member and find your behaviour to be worse than Momentum, the Communists, Trots, Socialist Workers and misfits  from Corbyn’s Labour Party who at least have enough honesty to acknowledge they want a hardline, Russian influenced Socialist Country and that revolution is on the cards to achieve it. If you had any leadership talent at all, you would have been shouting out loud and making political capital out of what is a weak Opposition Party and an even weaker Government Party. Mr Bolton – you leave me in despair.

Finally I find it difficult to believe that you have had many “letters from Branch Chairmen all over the country urging you to stay”, as you claim. Your statement today (Jan 22nd), warning that UKIP will be bankrupt if they have to hold a new Leadership Elections, is crass nonsense. Most members would accept interim leadership as a short term solution just to be sure they had got rid of a bad egg! I warn you now that many many UKIP members including myself will cancel their Membership Direct Debits which would result in UKIP’s bankruptcy.

In addition, I find you have no moral fibre. Furthermore, I believe you occupy your position of trust under false pretences and urge you to resign today and be gone from our lives before we begin organising for the EGM to remove you!

Marjory Broughton, East Surrey UKIP Member


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