There are more letters in the run-up to the EGM addressing that event, so we again call for our excellent correspondents who’ve written on other subjects to please be patient: needs must when the devil drives! Their letters will be published! The first letter is from Mick Mcgough:


Henry Bolton OBE has never stood for Parliament for UKIP only for the LibDems.

He did stand for PCC but as his supporters at the time reported he insisted that street stalls etc showed no reference to UKIP. I think he was more interested in the salary than UKIP.

In my opinion that shows he does not have the convictions that we in UKIP have.

Respectfully, Mick Mcgouh

Next, a letter on the constitutional changes proposed by Bolton, from our contributor Jack Russell:


I’ve looked at the proposed ‘Constitution’ which Bolton sent out yesterday in a message to all members. Steve Crowther has replied for the NEC – allow me to add my observation as ordinary member.

Frankly, I am not just astounded, I am irate how this leader can claim in the section on what the Party stands for (on Page 8, 2.9 – it’s in red, therefore a ‘proposed change): ‘Respect and promote freedom of expression and speech’ while further down he proposes swingeing disciplinary “reforms”  which give dictatorial powers to himself and his designated ‘representatives’, to remove any one member from the Party. What is proposed under ‘terms of membership at 10.3.d is chilling. Membership can be removed from anyone who  “is liable to undermine the cohesion and unity of the Party”. Those who’ve observed was has been going on Social Media and the UKIP publications such as this one, surely must see this as a vindictive attempt to silence all who have dared to voice criticism and questions at this current ‘leader’.

In other words: UKIP will stand for Freedom of Speech for all citizens –  but not when they are members of UKIP?

He’s lost my vote at the EGM.

Respectfully, Jack Russell


Our contributor “Mr Bav” has sent this letter, taking a look at where we now are as a Party, in the run-up to the EGM, and it’s encouraging:


Boris Johnson today made a powerful speech arguing that Brexit should not be seen as an economic threat but as a great opportunity.

Acknowledging that ‘peoples’ feelings matter’ Johnson avoided the banter that we come to expect.  He was keen to put out a message of confidence and self-belief and was pleading to the Remain camp to refrain from the incessant demands for a second referendum that would be divisive and damaging. Let’s just get on with it.

He mentioned UKIP  becoming ‘eclipsed’ in the UK because the leave voters and the Brexit process had removed the need for ‘far-right’ political parties whereas in Europe the opposite is true – evidenced by the electoral successes in Germany and Austria-

The implication is that UKIP has no further role to play.

Before we roar ‘to Hell with that!‘ – Johnson has a point.  UKIP, unless it makes a very clean break from its current ‘Boltonballs’ fixation on Saturday and gets back to solid campaigning  under the aegis of Gerard Batten, will not only be eclipsed but eliminated by dint of utter irrelevancy.

But there is cause for great optimism.  To ape Johnson, peoples’ feelings really DO matter.

In the past few weeks I think it’s fair to say that everyone, the members, the NEC,  the senior officers of the party and a couple of MEP’s, have been forced by the shock of utter pending disaster caused by Bolton, to put aside for a while the suspicions and frustrations of the past in order to fight and eliminate the common destructive enemy.

I’m not naming names but some bitter rivalries appear to have cooled down. A sense of peace is in the air.  I wrote to a well-known Kipper on Twitter and said that, right now, everyone but Bolton are mates again – and he agreed.  That was not the only one.  The ordinary members, I believe,  have lost a lot of the suspicions they have  had with the NEC in the past and ‘the secret cabal at the top’ as officers like Steve and John  have spoken candidly , through UKIP Daily and on Kipper Central, and expressed their own frustrations and shown huge camaraderie…. and in so doing  gained much respect.  I think they have demonstrated that their best intentions have always been for the party as a whole. Even regarding financial matters, the openness has been refreshing.

Even the ‘rival’ Kipper websites have agreed to co-operate, and through this the YI wing is back in the fold.

That success, that  mutual respect, between the officers, the NEC and the general membership, and the ‘opinion groups’ must continue to flourish post Bolton. But he really has to go.

UKIP can come out of this mess victorious.  It WILL come out of this mess victorious!

So on February 17th, you know what to do, and after go forwards.


Respectfully, “Mr Bav”

Finally, here is a video from Neil Hamilton AM, leader of the UKIP Wales Group in the Senedd, on the importance of the EGM:



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