During the run-up to the EGM, letters and articles were put on file because those dealing with that upcoming EGM (now thankfully behind us) were given priority. We are now working on that backlog and hope to publish what you so kindly sent in to UKIP Daily. Therefore, the letters in this and the next “Letters” columns will be a mix of older and more recent submissions.

The first item today is a report from a Brexit meeting in Scotland, submitted by the organiser, Janice MacKay, with the request for publication:


a good audience of Brexit supporters, eurosceptics and UKIP members turned out on Friday 9th February in Edinburgh to hear Rodney Atkinson (first anti EU pamphlet 1989!) the political economist, author of 5 books on the EU, Ministerial adviser and past candidate for the UKIP leadership. He founded the Freenations website in 1997.

Atkinson described the disastrous political and economic state of the European Union, the utter failure of UK membership since 1973 and the political instability of so many EU member States. Germany for instance had been without a government for more than 130 days. He quoted the German MEP Hans Olav Henkel “The UK, the last country with common sense is leaving the EU”

A quick summary of all the Nazi and fascist elements who founded the European Union and their influence today contained devastating quotes of admiration for Adolf Hitler from the former Head of the BBC Lord Reith – after whom regular BBC Reith lectures are named! Atkinson also reminded his audience that the EU’s Charlemagne Prize awarded to so many UK politicians was founded by two committed Nazis! The Books “Fascist Europe Rising” and “And into the Fire” sold well at the end of the speech!

The speaker concluded by giving an extensive and inspiring list of the UK’s economic growth since Brexit and our great strengths which includes the rarely quoted fact that the USA, the UK and Commonwealth and Ireland together account for 34% of world GDP.

Finally Atkinson regretted neither UKIP nor the established eurosceptic “money bags” had supported the British Declaration of Independence (founded in 1999) which, had it been implemented powerfully at every general election, might have given Parliament a Leave majority by now. He suggested that a new version of the BDI (a copy of which was circulated) be used in all constituencies between now and the next general election.

Respectfully, Janice MacKay, UKIP Scotland, Regional Controller.

The next letter was sent in by our reader Phil Granger:


On the NHS Cover-Up And Conspiracy Of Silence:

Every time they wheel out the usual suspects to trot out the usual trite and untrue excuses for the poor performance of the NHS, I have to inwardly cringe. No wonder nothing gets fixed, they’re all living in denial of the truth. There’s a multitude of reasons the NHS struggles, as politicians run scared of reform, but four main problems stand out:

The Billions in Waste –

Official figures put the wasted drugs at £300 billion. They also mention the overpayment of £1 billion on drugs bought at top prices. Such as the thyroid treatment gone from around £4 to over £260! Somebody’s doing well out of that. There’s a billion said to go on agency staff with doctors paid £1,000 a day. Equipment, supplies and services all bought at top dollar, no national agreements to negotiate lower prices. The cost of PFI alone is £76 billion. e.g. Stoke hospital cost £370 million to build, but will actually cost £2.7 billion under PFI. And there’s more!

Health Tourism –

It’s been estimated that something like £1 billion is lost in ‘Health Tourism’. One recent example being a Nigerian lady who cost £500,000 coming over here to have quadruplets, having never paid a penny into our system, while those who had paid either joined the queue, or went without. The highest bill is £530,000 which is being kept under wraps. We can’t afford to be a world health service!

Immigration –

Despite having 1.5 million unemployed who we pay billions to, to do nothing, the usual suspects complain we need immigrants to run the health service. Maybe we do, as we’re importing around 600,000 a year [300,000 net extra] with another 200,000 getting here unofficially, swelling the queues for the NHS, as well as schools, doctors, etc.

Management –

Overstocked management, with golden hello’s and goodbyes, given large severance payments for failure, large salaries, bonuses and pensions, while they waste yet more of the NHS precious money. Some retiring early with a big package, to then be re-employed on yet another large salary, jobs for the boys/girls.

But you won’t read any of this in the Press, from MPs, from NHS staff/officials, etc., only in little bits and pieces, all nicely covered up while people die from the waste, incompetence and disorganisation.

Respectfully, Phil Granger

Finally, our reader Tim Cooper sent in his observations on the former interim Chairman Paul Oakden:


Whoever is made the new Chairman of UKIP will find following in Paul Oakden’s footsteps a hard act to follow.

Although Paul has only been in the post for about 18 months since Nigel first stood down, after our victory with the EU referendum, he has been UKIP’s continuity man through the tenure of five leaders.

Paul has had to referee three leadership elections, two party conferences and one EGM. He not only had to deal with the tensions between the leaders and the NEC but also had to deal with a legal action, threats of legal actions, a leadership contender missing the deadline, an investigation into a potential disciplinary incident, a leader walking out, leaders’ PR disasters, poor election results and finally a leader’s dismissal under the most difficult of circumstances.

All during this time he was the face of UKIP on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News and put over the official view of our party.  He was a safe pair of hands, a straight bat, and a true professional. With UKIP rarely being invited onto the TV to discuss politics, Paul managed to turn interviews about the latest problems within the party into an opportunity to promote UKIP’s policies and push for a true and proper BREXIT.

I wish Paul Oakden well in his future career, I think he will be a hard act to follow.

Respectfully, Tim Cooper, Mid Sussex Branch Secretary

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