Today’s first letter comes from our contributor Stout Yeoman who takes issue with Bolton and Farage and points out the serious flaw in their arguments:


I see that both Nigel Farage and Henry Bolton are declaring the NEC not fit for purpose. Neither gives an explanation of why that is so exactly nor what alternative is so desirable it merits the civil war such public statements risk causing, and so should be resisted for the shabby manoeuvre it is. But there was something else in their destructive stance that concerns me. UKIP is to be a single issue party again for both say its purpose, and only purpose, is to pursue Brexit.

This is the problem that has underpinned UKIP’s existential uncertainty ever since the referendum. By and large, the electorate does not vote for single issue parties in a general election, at least not in a way likely to put it into government. But the party’s constitution at article 2.5 is not single issue. Leaving the EU was merely a necessary first step to fulfil its broader mission described in article 2.5 but the party never gave proper thought to this beyond the haphazard and lightweight effort of Suzanne Evans and a few equally intellectually challenged MEPs.

Farage and Bolton’s latest utterances betray that mission and in effect declare UKIP shall live until 29 March 2019 only. After that date all of us who want to see, and are willing to work for, a Britain that “strengthens and guarantees the essential, traditional freedoms and liberties of all people in the United Kingdom” can presumably go hang.

It is this hijacking of the party’s core purpose, this betrayal, that is the deeper reason why Farage and Bolton need to be consigned to oblivion. Their fascist tactic of casting the NEC in the role of juden, of whipping up anti-NEC fervour, is despicable enough.  But the obliteration of UKIP’s deeper purpose, of taking away the one party that could represent people who want to get out from under the stifling grip of big government, political correctness, and to resist being mere vassals of an elite, is unforgivable.

I urge all members to vote against Nigel and Bolton. It is the only way to give UKIP at least the possibility of a worthwhile future.

Respectfully, Stout Yeoman

Next, a letter from Mike Hookem MEP:


UKIP is now in a state of paralysis due to this man’s failure to resign; with branches closing down; members leaving in droves, and years of hard work in the party’s grassroots being undermined.

Bolton could not have done a better job of shutting down UKIP’s opposition to a Brexit betrayal if he was a fully paid-up member of the Lib Dems.

Bolton cannot be totally blind to the damage he is causing within the party due to his arrogant failure to resign. Therefore, in my opinion, he must be working towards goals that are utterly divergent from those of its membership.

This is the only explanation for Bolton’s continued refusal to resign since his failed attempt to divert the blame for his failures onto the National Executive Committee and those resigning from his cabinet.

The fact is, many of the members who are leaving at the moment are still committed to Brexit; still committed to working toward UKIP’s stated goals; but don’t want to be represented by a man who is a political and personal embarrassment. Frankly, I don’t give a hoot who Henry is or is not in a relationship with. The only thing that matters to me is working towards the wants and needs of the membership in achieving real change in the UK, free of EU interference.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP

Next, a letter from our contributor Jack Russell who takes issue with yet another Bolton ‘statement’:


It’s apparently not sufficient for Henry Bolton to denigrate the NEC in an attempt to make himself look good, he’s now doing it to the whole Party. In today’s “Express” I read how he declares UKIP will be bankrupt because the Party loses £20,000 to £30,000 every month and has difficulties balancing the books. At the same time he says that he’s not receiving any salary (he knew this before he stood for Leader!), and that he’s not reimbursed for his expenses – but then we read that he actually receives a stipend!

So the question is of course: what has he done to rectify or at least alleviate this drain of money during the four months of his leadership? Make that three months because the last month was spent either canoodling with Ms Marney or defending himself in the MSM. That car-crash interview of him on “Good Morning Britain” yesterday was the penultimate straw for me – this article is the last one. Why should I or indeed anyone vote for him to stay as leader when he’s bringing the Party into disrepute every time he opens his mouth?

Respectfully, Jack Russell

Finally, the latest issue of “Bromsgrovia” from Peter Mchugh:

A Unique Independence Party.  

UKIP’s present difficulties are something that the party’s rank and file could well have done without, but they are  resilient, and they will soldier on – they’ve done it before – their spirit is intact and their network wide!

UKIP’s success is built almost entirely on the ability and personality of one man, it’s joint founder Nigel Farage, who today still commands the respect and allegiance of thousands .

UKIP  is a uniquely British, political phenomenon, whose stature has to be viewed in the light of it being the target of the most intense denigration campaign ever waged against a British political movement, by an Establishment directed, National Propaganda Service ie. a section of our press and broadcast media .

UKIP’s aims touched a chord in the early days, with a disenchanted  electorate, which was coming to the realisation that the process by which we were encouraged to join : first the Common Market, and then the EU, had about it a very strong odour of government deceit and dishonesty.

It appealed to ordinary, modest, decent people, and everyone who joined,  or just gave their support,  can be proud, whilst those who tried to suppress it, cannot.

As a fledgling party, UKIP appealed immediately to those who were being ridiculed as little Englanders, but who eventually retaliated by voting OUT in the 1975 and 2016 referenda .     

UKIP cannot claim victory,  or even the achievement of its primary goal – but neither can its detractors claim its total defeat  –  and UKIP’s place in our political history is unique and secure.

Nigel’s place in European political history will one day rank with the likes of Martin Luther, as a David who took on a Goliath, and won.

UKIP’s membership today is a vast untapped reservoir of anger – anger generated by government failure to implement the Referendum decision,  and against a Westminster which does not cherish the sovereignty we are attempting to regain.   

UKIP can say to any who advocate REMAINING: Why would you be happy to leave our sovereignty in the hands of twelve unelected political nonentities, and pay so dearly for the privilege ?

The sour grapes of Remainerism are best rebuffed by quoting Henry V before Agincourt:

They shall think themselves accursed they were not here, with us  – –  and hold their manhood cheap, whilst any speak,  who fought with us on Referendum Day

Bromsgrovia  23/1/18.


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