We have asked you to write letters to the members of the NEC, and many have already done so.

With their kind permission, we publish letters sent out already by our readers, and these letters have garnered replies from various NEC members. While we won’t publish those replies as they are private, I mention this because it shows clearly that your letters do arrive and are being read. So don’t give up! Below we also  re-publish the list of email addresses.

The first letter was sent by our correspondent Marie Howard:

Dear (NEC member)

Re: Henry Bolton

I believe Henry Bolton’s leadership of UKIP is no longer tenable and I urge you to support a vote of ‘no confidence’, if as expected one is called, at the meeting on 21st January.

He is, as he has claimed, entitled to a private life but that requires a certain amount of discretion and careful judgement from him in keeping it private, rather than the party; its members; the media, and the public, pretending that the soap opera his life has become is not happening. Instead, he has shown a complete lack of judgement and discretion in the conduct of his ‘private’ life, as has his most recent/current partner and they have done irreparable harm to the party.

Even if his unfortunate liaison has ended, which his rather ambiguous statement about the ‘romantic’ relationship having ended leads me to doubt, I believe things have gone too far for him to continue as leader of UKIP.

He has little or nothing on the credit side of the ledger for the past four months, having spent most of his time moving the deck-chairs round, to little effect, while the disaster that is the Conservative Government’s handling of Brexit leaves members in despair.

Far from being a member of any group seeking to undermine him, even if one exists, I supported him in the election and donated to his election expenses, and to the party too, very recently.

Sincerely, MH

The next letter was sent out by our contributor and correspondent Ceri Jayes:

Dear NEC member

Henry Bolton is not worthy of being our leader. His judgement is as lamentable as his political acumen. He has squandered his 100 day honeymoon period and given no vision or direction for the party. He has done nothing to ensure that we get the independence that the British people voted for and for which thousands of UKIP activists had campaigned so long and hard. Money may be short but devising policies so that the grassroots members would continue the battle to leave the EU costs little.

He and his girlfriend have brought the party into disrepute and caused untold damage. If he had any moral fibre he would hang his head in shame, resign before the NEC meeting and apologise for his disgraceful poisonous conduct.

If he lacks the decency to resign I urge you to give a vote of no confidence in him. The prospect of another leadership election should not deter you from doing what is right and summarily dismissing him.

At an action morning on November 25th in the iconic fishing town Brixham, which is in the Totnes constituency, folk were queuing up for leaflets and to sign the Fishing For Leave template letter to Theresa May calling for her to ensure that we are out of the Common Fisheries Policy on 29 March 2019. We collected hundreds of signatures. People were desperate to make their frustrations known. Their relief in seeing that we were out campaigning for Brexit was visible.

Last weekend my husband told me that he had spotted some recreational fishermen taking part in a shore fishing competition on the estuary near our house. I nipped down to have a chat to them. They were all conversant with the damage the CFP has caused and eager for the UK to have its fishing waters back. Within minutes I had another 14 signatures on the template letter, and they took leaflets away to give to fellow members of their fishing clubs. This is just another example of how eager people are for information, to be able to do something towards regaining our independence, and to know that they have not been betrayed. They want a party that supports their wishes.

UKIP raised hopes of change, raised expectations that the ordinary person is listened to and does have a voice…and then it disappeared and let them down.

My former Treasurer has resigned in disgust. The current Treasurer and Secretary are unlikely to renew their membership and the ordinary members have been haemorrhaging away over the past 15 months. This is another Branch that is teetering on the brink of collapse. It is in your hands to take decisive action. Irrespective of the problems that it would cause, you must not take the easy way out. Dead wood must be stripped out and someone who puts their country and party before their ego must be appointed.

Ceri Jayes, Chairman, Totnes Branch UKIP

You can of course also write to Henry Bolton directly, as our contributor Nigel Moore has done:

Dear Mr Bolton

I believe you no longer have the confidence of many members to continue as leader of our party. Whilst your efforts so far within Ukip are obviously appreciated, recent events have had a vastly negative effect. I believe it is in the best interests of the party that you resign as leader as soon as possible.

I am a member of North West Hampshire Branch.

Sincerely, NM

Many have asked that we re-publish the list of NEC members and their email address, so here it is, as published by UKIP in the Independence Magazine. Emails may bounce back because you’ve made a typo or didn’t use the correct spelling (easy to do, as I know myself …!) – so check before posting!


leader@ukip.org  (that’s Henry Bolton, for the time being!)
















Finally, just in, a new, brief public statement by David Meacock, whose Press Release we published here yesterday:

“Even Edward VIII actually made a choice between his crown or his mistress, so what makes OBE Bolt-on think he’s above that?  Given he reckons he can strangle a badger bare-handed, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at his deep hole digging skills without needing a spade!  At the rate the hole he’s digging himself into is deepening, he’ll soon reach Australia. We weren’t taken in yesterday, so for goodness sake Bolton, wise up and accept the consequences of your free choice to continue your association with Jo Marney and resign.  Stop making a complete ass of yourself and all of UKIP, and GO.  Jump to it, NOW!”

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