These two letters to the editor address issues which can be subsumed under ‘climate of fear’ – the fear our Government, with a little bit of help, wants to install in us to make us want to stay in the EU,  and something they don’t talk about but which we really must fear, should we fall for the ‘faux fear’ Cameron wants us to feel.

The first letter is by our contributor, Torquil Dick-Erikson, who again points out what is waiting for us down the line thanks to Brussels:


There is a lot to be feared if we vote to Remain. We will not be given another chance. We will have burnt our boats. We will have locked ourselves in, and thrown away the key. We will be at the mercy of Brussels. Brussels is already planning to demand us to pay £20bn more AFTER the vote – obviously if we are so foolish as to vote to Remain. (See recent reports in the MSM).

But that is not all. We alone in Europe enjoy legal safeguards from arbitrary arrest and wrongful imprisonment, including Trial by Jury and Habeas Corpus. That will go, as Brussels dusts off its Corpus Juris project and gives us a European Prosecutor, who will have a delegate in each state, and to whom national prosecutors will owe a duty of assistance. We will get a Napoleonic-inquisitorial code of law. Already in 1999 they were planning to bring it in by majority voting, but then held off as they realised it might have goaded the UK to actually leave the EU – as then we were still able to do.

And then we will get the lethally-armed paramilitary European Gendarmerie Force to make sure we toe their line. This already exists, in embryo form, see . At that point our subjugation will be complete, enforced at gun-point, if need be.

Torquil Dick-Erikson


The second letter deals with the extraordinary ‘news’ reaching us today, of an interview given by a French Government Minister, no less, and is by our contributor Viv Evans:

What are the lying liars going to lie to us about today?

This morning, the BBC reported as top news that the French Minister of economy and industry, M Emmanuel Macron, told the FT that in case of BREXIT France would disallow British Border Control to do passport checks at Calais. All ‘immigrants’ now waiting in the Jungle Camps would be allowed through into Britain by France. He also said that France would stop British imports if we leave, and would ‘roll out the red carpet’ for City bankers wanting to leave London.

It is only a short while ago that Cameron also tried to scare us silly with the spectre of Jungle Camps being installed in Dover because France would have to let them leave once we’re OUT. He was slapped down by the French President who pointed out that the Treaty of Le Touquet regulated border control between France and the UK, and that this treaty was a bilateral one, nothing to do with the EU. Let’s disregard the patently false scare mongering by the French Minister about stopping imports from the UK into France should we leave: we know the French disregard Treaties whenever they like. After all, they disallowed our beef imports in the 1980s even though the EU Treaties allowed such.

Let’s instead reflect on the attitude of M Macron and Mr Cameron in regard to the illegal immigrants living in the Jungle Camps, wanting to come to the UK – illegally. It is not only scare mongering of the finest, it is scare mongering of the most primitive, as we’ve all seen the videos of those camps and the violence these inhabitants get up to. It is also so deeply racist that one has to rub one’s eyes: they literally use the discredited, racist ‘fear of the black man’ to make us run back to the embrace of Brussels, to beg to stay IN.They cannot have it both ways: using primitive racism as argument to stay IN, while accusing us of being racist for not wanting illegal immigrants in the UK and wanting to vote OUT.

And we might ask M Macron why he and his government have done nothing for years, allowing these camps to exist, against EU rules and directives. Is that the EU he wants us to remain in? Not blooming likely!

Viv Evans

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