Today’s first letter is from Stuart Johnson, on the Local Elections:


I don’t think anyone within UKIP can deny that Thursday/Friday’s local election results were beyond ‘disappointing’. They weren’t very good, that is a cold hard fact.

But I think on balance, the results were to be expected.

What I found most disappointing was reading that on losing his seat on Dudley council, Bill Etheridge decided to launch an attack on Gerard Batten, pushing the blame firmly at his feet.

This is a shame, as I had started to gain a bit of respect for Mr Etheridge again. I can understand his disappointment at losing his seat, but I am sure his well-paid job as an MEP will compensate him until at least next year.

This really isn’t the time or the place to start launching attacks against Gerard Batten, who admitted himself that when he took over the party there was ‘no plan, nothing’. Have we all forgotten about Henry Bolton? Shouldn’t his job have been to be starting to plan and organise local election campaigns rather than ‘rearranging deckchairs’?

Although I was hopeful of being proved wrong, I did not for a second believe that UKIP would romp home to victory at any of these local elections.

Reading comments elsewhere and talking to other people about this, the biggest problem as I see it is that these local elections were turned into a ‘Corbyn vs May’ contest. People were conned into forgetting about ‘local issues’, and being asked to cast their vote whether they wanted Brexit to be delivered, or to keep Corbyn out of number 10. Or to ‘send a message to Theresa May’.

How on earth can anyone explain Labour maintaining a hold on Rochdale council? Following the revelations and exposes in the last couple of years about the local authority being implicated in covering up the child grooming scandal, what compelled voters in Rochdale to vote Labour yet again? If it was indeed to ‘send a message to Theresa May’ that they don’t support her Brexit ideas or ‘Tory austerity’, then the point of these local elections has been missed completely, and the Establishment have truly got people ‘back under control’.

The media obviously had a field day crowing about the ‘finishing off of UKIP’. But while they were also picking at Labour and Tory results in an effort to ‘judge the mood of the country’, one important detail has been seriously overlooked.

The appallingly low voter turnout – I read elsewhere that across the regions that held local elections last Thursday, the turnout was something like 34%. That’s little over a third of the electorate.

I was perusing through the ward results on Sandwell council’s website earlier today, and some of the turnout figures there were shocking. Princes End ward (in Tipton) for example had a turnout of 19%.

I don’t think the media have a right to ‘judge the mood of the country’ based on election results with low voter turnout.

UKIP is far from ‘finished’ despite what the mainstream media and the Establishment would like you to think. There are still thousands of people out there who can be reached if we can somehow persuade them that there IS another choice, that nothing will ever truly change while people continue to believe that they only ever have two choices at any election, Labour or Conservative.

The local election results were disappointing for UKIP but now more than ever we all need to get behind Gerard Batten and start to work together to get peoples’ opinions back onside. UKIP can’t get any lower than it is at present, the only way is up. The bigger tests are yet to come, and I still believe we need to be ready for yet another General Election campaign, which I suspect that will be called later this year once May’s government ‘collapses’ following the defeat of the EU Withdrawal Bill in the Commons

Forget about getting seats into local councils, UKIP will need to get seats in the House Of Commons! That is the only way they will be able to have any influence at all on Brexit.

Onwards and upwards my friends!

Respectfully, Stuart Johnson

Also on the local elections, the next letter is by Ernie Warrender:


I am moved to write regarding the Local  Election results. So many people worked so hard. The direction of travel is up. The electorate are crying out for a Party Of Common Sense. There was a cartoon in the Torygraph yesterday [Ed: sorry, we can’t re-publish it because -> copyright!] which says it all. Blimey, she is even wearing a purple cardie!!

The current team of Gerard, Tony and Sebastian are doing a great job of putting us back on the rails. We have to make the Party electable and give millions of people a voice. Together we can do this. There is a renewed spirit in the team. To paraphrase the ghastly Tony Blair, “There is always a Third way”. Let us all pull together to find it, capture it and market it.

Respectfully, Ernie Warrender

Next, a letter from Ralph Prothero which is self-explanatory:



On the 23rd of June 2016 the majority voted in the EU Referendum for Britain to escape from the European Union. 17,410,742 people voted to leave the EU and restore the supremacy of our Parliament in Westminster in the biggest vote that Britain has ever seen for anything in its history.

Theresa May’s duty to democracy was clear. It was to declare Britain’s unconditional self-government & independence from the EU, while preparing to trade with the EU on the terms of trade established by the World Trade Organisation, rather than on those of the EU.

All the major trading states in the world belong to the WTO, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, India, Japan and the EU itself.  They trade with the EU on WTO terms of trade. The EU is legally obliged to accept the rulings of the World Trade Court of the WTO in Geneva, which favour unobstructed free trade between nations.  The WTO runs world trade, and unhampered free trade is what the WTO is there for.

But instead Theresa May in these calamitous Article 50 negotiations has agreed to a “transitional period” from March 2019 until at least the end of 2020. In this “transitional period” Britain will remain a member of the EU but will lose her veto over new EU laws in the EU’s Council of Ministers. So from March 2019 all the EU laws that Britain has vetoed in the past can be re-introduced, and Britain will have to adopt & obey them.

Furthermore Theresa May has agreed to a “close regulatory alignment” with the EU after the “transitional period”, whereby the EU will have remote control of Britain’s laws [which are its “regulations”] after Britain leaves the EU. Theresa May has agreed to deliver Britain to the EU as a perpetual colony after Brexit.

National self-determination & self-government are a fundamental right in international law. UKIP should demand that Theresa May walk out from the cesspit of these Article 50 negotiations, and then declare Britain’s unconditional independence.  UKIP’s slogan in future elections should be “Home Rule for Britain” – BRITISH HOME RULE – which is what 17,410,742 people voted for on the 23rd June 2016.

Respectfully, Ralph Prothero

Finally a letter on the Single Market from William Dartmouth MEP, re-published from the DT:


Jeremy Warner (Comment, April 27) advocates Britain staying in the EU single market. But there are problems.

Less than 12.5 per cent of the UK economy – a declining proportion – is accounted for by trade with the EU. Yet, so long as we remain in the single market, 100 per cent of our economy is subject to the burden of the EU’s rules.

Worse, the European Court of Justice has full power over us in the name of enforcing single market rules. This costs us over and over again.

Moreover, the single market gives 440 million citizens of EU member states the absolute right to work, live and settle in Britain. That is the true meaning of the EU’s “free movement of people”. It is a clumsy method to solve short-term labour shortages.

Respectfully, William Dartmouth MEP


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