Today’s first letter addresses  a problem which all members need to face up to if we indeed want to win elections: Gerard Batten keeps telling us this is the only way to achieve change. Internal squabbles about who is the purest of the pure are not helping! We hope the following letter by Rosie Beattie will induce members to think and act:


Patriotic history buffs amongst us will no doubt be aware of the crisis which faced Britain in the aftermath of Dunkirk and during the critical summer months of 1940 during the Battle of Britain.

Faced with overwhelming odds from the Luftwaffe, which outnumbered Britain’s defences by a factor of three to one, ultimately we managed to prevail and, with our allies win the war.

Less known is the internal conflict which raged between two major protagonists regarding the strategy and tactics required to defeat the Hun in the skies over London.

Today, in order  to face our potential nemesis namely …. defeat by the forces of the Remoaners, their MSM propagandists and the twisted nay- sayers voting against  our right to our own sovereignty we need to keep a cool head.

In this, our crisis of confidence, not to let the understandable over-enthusiasm  and lust for glory of individuals override the need to defeat the existential threat that faces us now.

I would suggest that branch chairmen and their regional leaders may sometimes, just as Douglas Bader and Sir Keith Park behaved during 1940 be somewhat spiteful and in unnecessary conflict over tactics because of a conflict of opinion and a need to be noticed when the vital strategic aim – the success of Brexit and our future  has just like the the defeat of the Luftwaffe never, ever been in dispute.

History tells us that Bader and Trafford Leigh-Mallorys’ ‘Big Wing’ tactic was important in conserving individual squadron casualties when attrition threatened the very existence of individual squadrons, and ultimate successful prosecution of the battle in the skies

Today, as I speak, the very existence of shrinking London branches is in peril due to attrition of members weary of internal conflict.  We need a Big Wing, some big ideas and some mutual support right now.

Let’s just get on with it

So in this predicament which we face,  I would implore our core membership to be patient  and resolute and stick with the party and for our own well meaning but  sometimes subjective Branch Chairmen to stop denigrating individuals when by  doing so this obstructs common- sense manifestos being developed and debated at this critical time and with all best intent by our elected and competent Regional Chairmen.  

It is they who are in the best position to compose and coordinate the winning strategies that will see UKIP forward to victory though Brexit and beyond.

Respectfully, Rosie Beattie

The next letter is from John Owen and is self-explanatory and is as important for all branches as Rosie’s letter above:

Dear Viv,

UKIP Gloucester agreed at the meeting this week to launch a campaign for a referendum on the future of the BBC Licence Fee.

We believe the Licence Fee is the most unfair tax in the country, apart from the over 75’s everyone has to pay £150.50 per year irrespective of whether they watch the BBC or not, even the poorest in society have to pay.

On-line petitions are OK but they get an initial rush and then it dies a death. The recent petition for the abolition of the House of Lords passed the 100,000 mark almost overnight and then struggled to reach 200,000, it then has a 25 minute debate and is swept under the carpet. Whilst 200,000 sounds a lot it is only 0.6% of the people who voted in the referendum.

We have decided to run an old fashioned paper petition and with support from around the country we hope to obtain millions of signatures, imagine Gerard Batten arriving at number 10 with a petition of 10 MILLION signatures, the Government could not ignore it and we can prove that UKIP has not gone away, we are not a single issue party, we are on the side of the people and democracy.

UKIP Gloucester are launching the petition at our Independence Rally in the centre of Gloucester on Saturday 23rd June  after which we will be asking local pubs etc. to support us and we will be seeking support outside supermarkets, shopping malls etc.

We invite every other constituency to join us by printing this form:


and obtaining as many signatures as possible. If every constituency gets 1,000 we will have 650,000, far more than on-line petitions but if each constituency achieves an average of 15,000 we will have TEN MILLION.

The attached form has a capacity of 30 signatures and we would ask that readers print this and get them filled in, we would further ask that each constituency appoints a co-ordinator who can collect the completed sheets. A special email address has been established for communications on this. The petition will close on 31st August, at which point we will make arrangements to gather all the completed forms in one location and make arrangements for a presentation to the Government.

We trust branches and members up and down the country will support us in this venture.

Respectfully, John Owen


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