Below are the letters and communications supporting Gerard Batten which we received in the run-up to yesterday’s rally and which we held back, just as we held back the letters of resignation. Again, they are published without comment as they speak for themselves:



I am getting increasingly concerned about the number of snowflakes who are resigning from or criticising UKIP because of Gerards support for Tommy Robinson. In addition Nigel Farage’s intervention is totally unwelcome and divisive. I suggest that all those involved have not thought of the following points or are just ignoring them:

1 UKIP needs as much support as possible in order to get rid of the treacherous and traitorous politicians that currently inhabit the HoC and the HoL.

2 To do this UKIP must appeal to every level of society in the UK that supports BREXIT.

3 Tommy Robinson has a large and faithful support group of people from all walks of life, which includes me.

4 For Nigel Farage to infer that I am a “tattooed thug” is offensive and untrue. I am sure the same applies to Gerard and Lord Pearson!

5 People say that it his supporters and not Tommy Robinson that is the problem, as they were likely to be members of the EDL or BNP.

6 So what? At least they were fully supporting the UK and highlighting the evils of mass uncontrolled immigration.

7 I have more to be ashamed of than they have. Although never a member of the Conservative Party I supported them by voting for them for far too many times. I have therefore supported a party that has lied to me and deceived me for over 45 years. A party which was, and still is, intent on destroying my country as an independent, sovereign and democratic country. In the process they are denying me my birth right to call myself English and British, by making me and everybody else, including the Queen, a common citizen of a foreign country.

8 Let us not forget that it is a basic human right that we can vote for the government of our choice.

9 Will all the thousands who support Tommy Robinson vote for UKIP in the next election? The party that refuses to let them join it because of its “holier than thou” attitude.

10 Also, bear in mind that Tommy Robinson and all his supporters are apparently free to join the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties, all of whom do not believe in their basic requirement, that of leaving the EU. So, which party can they vote for?

11 In addition murderers, perverts, thieves, drug barons, money launderers, paedophiles, thieves and all kinds of criminals walking our streets can and do join the party of their choice. Indeed, some of them are probably Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem MP’s already. The MP’s expenses scandals proved how many of them are thieves and liars!

So, I urge all UKIP members to support Gerard, Lord Pearson and Tommy Robinson and a change in UKIP policy to allow Tommy Robinson and ALL previous members of the BNP, EDL to be able to join UKIP, and welcome home

Respectfully, Jerry Wraith, UKIP Salisbury


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Some UKIP members take an ideological exception to the route Gerard is leading the party in.  That is entirely a legitimate position to hold. But not may I say the universal default conviction of party members.

This week I have been recording Social Media surveys amongst various UKIP Facebook and Instagram Sites, contrasting support for Gerard v Farage.  On Twitter also I have tried to isolate polls by know partisan commentators, instead giving weight to those polls launched by the likes of Jon Gaunt and others whom might be classified as ‘mid-UKIP’.  In summary the split is about 68/32 in support of Gerard.

I’d like to offer you an insight into the mindset of those, like me, who support Gerard.

Firstly timing.  There is nothing that any politician can do about timing.  Events come along most often in an unwelcome sequence. If we were a single-issue party then this would not be a problem but we rightly emphasis that we have a comprehensive spectrum of policies covering all aspects of national life form Brexit to repealing so called Hate Crime Laws to removing the BBC licence fee etc. The whole Robinson timeline was nothing of Gerard’s making but struck a notoriety in the public discourse having direct relevance to Sections 11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28 of our Interim Manifesto.  If Gerard had not taken a public stance on the Robinson events he would have failed in his discharge of responsibilities over 1/3rd of our manifesto commitments.  

Since Farage will not be Leader (of this party) again, consider the history of polled vote share under subsequent party leaders to him.  All of whom, by the way, were his picks:

James – 2.3%

Nuttall – 1.4%

Bolton – 0.9%

Farage ‘None Pick’

Gerard – 6%

Gerard, approve or disapprove of him, has an ability to answer journalist’s rigorous questioning with authority and conviction.  The previous three Leaders came frankly without the necessary competency to engender credibility. It seems possible Farage just wanted to stay in control of the party by proxy, not caring who the incumbent was or their capability, as long as it was his man or woman.

Remember it’s not just Gerard that Farage has fallen out with and aggressively lambasted.  The following list are hardly hard-liners: Suzanne Evans, Carswell, O’Flynn and Bloom.

Comments have been made about Gerard being ‘obsessed’ with Robinson.  This is not true.

I have counted back Gerard’s tweets over the last month.  Out of a total of 59 tweets only 4 referenced Robinson. Given as I have said earlier, fully one third of our manifesto commitments resonate directly with Robinson’s agenda then in fact Gerard is under-playing this street / social media movement.

For some in UKIP, mention of Robinson once is too many times.  I understand that.

What turns people like me against Farage in our wing of UKIP is his description of the people attending the march to be ‘tattooed drunks looking for a fight’.

I and 8,000 other patriots, many of whom were carrying UKIP banners, attended the Sunday May 6th2018 Free Speech Rally in London.

Please see this YouTube snippet of the March.

No one remotely resembled Farage’s stereotypical branding on that march.

The lies being told about us by the MSM are now being repeated by Farage for the same reason – To silence his opposition.  Much worse things (than has ever been said by Robinson) have been declared by current Labour MP’s such as Naz Shah (‘White girls should shut up for the sake of diversity’) but she is never called out for it by the MSM.

The old guard in UKIP has lost its hero in Farage.  I understand that pain. The new recruits and YI believe in a different approach.  I think they are right. Look what has happened with the likes of The 5 Star Movement in Italy.  Beppe Grillo and Matteo Salvini together with an alliance of other Right Wing parties now govern Italy with 69.7% of the vote following their last General Election.  The Vox Party in Spain has just entered parliament with 11% of the vote. Together with the PP of Spain, Right Wing populist parties got over 50% of the vote in Andalusia ousting the Socialists who have been in power since 1976.

The reason why characters like Robinson exist is because when the London Bridge Islamic murders took place on 3rd June 2017 the immediate response by Mark Rowley, the then Head of UK Anti-terrorism was ‘I won’t stand for any Islamophobia’.  The public know this is capitulation. If the Government and Institutions told the truth then Robinson would be an ignored non-entity.

UKIP can’t control the events agenda.  It has to support its manifesto or become a single issue party.  If we become only that (a single issue party) and despite the worries that the influx of new members might only be keyboard warriors not leaflet delivering foot soldiers, I can’t see how we are ever going to be relevant in local let alone national political campaigns.  

A major reason why we lost all but one of our 146 County Councillors in 2017 is because the electorate saw us being a single-issue party, for the most part, following the successful vote to leave in 2016.

Perhaps some grandees within UKIP privately think that once we are out of the EU their job (and UKIP’s)  is done and can proudly retire. This group has of course got political opinions (although very diverse) but never had a plan to solve all of the much wider ailments in society.  That’s why they are understandably furious about the Leadership of Batten detracting from ‘the purpose’. I and the people travelling to London this weekend see The EU as only part of the public policy problem.  We believe in the manifesto in its entirety and are committed to championing it.

Respectfully, Gordon Davies


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UKIP’s MEPs seem to be confirming my suspicion that many of them were astounded by the 2016 Referendum result, and were shocked when they realised the ‘gravy train’ they were riding  as permanent protest passengers was rapidly coming to an end.

Except for Gerard Batten, Mike Hookem and one or two others there has been a deathly silence about anything on any subject, let alone policies concerning other matters of importance to our country

My perception as a former member is that Gerard is ‘tapping’ into a matter which is worrying many true Brits and I wonder if ‘Nige’ and others who have resigned have fully thought through what their actions could lead me and others to think, i.e. they support a parallel society with the establishment of Sharia Law – FGM – Polygyny. They do not think a significant minority, too large to ignore, by their own admission want to see the overthrow of existing British way of life and establish a Caliphate within GB. They see no threat posed by The Project proclaimed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe they haven’t even read it!

BREXIT. What exactly is it that UKIP MEPs are doing to ensure the UK leaves the EU? Despite browsing through most of our major newspapers I notice a scarcity of letters or articles written by them supporting the BREXIT cause. A line of attack they could have used would have been to campaign for the EU to ‘chuck us out’ for being too much of a hindrance to the EU’s plans, and that the UK will be forever like an un-lanced boil in the body of EU politics. Far better, they could suggest , would be early treatment by means of a friendly ‘dressing’ of mutual shared interest, rather than the complications of a rupture which  could and will happen.

Just my opinion, and for what it is worth I think Gerard is right!

Respectfully, Ernie Blaber,


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