Brexit is the theme of today’s letters. The first comes from our contributor Donald Watson:


Why should the unelected Group Dictatorship of the European Commission be in charge of telling the people of the Irish Republic and the people of Northern Ireland what is in their best interest. Why should the Remain Lobby, the biased, vested interest politicians, the biased MSM trumpet the obstacles to the Question of the Irish Border rather than discuss the solutions that are there.

One great solution to the Question of the Irish Border is Irexit and the Irexit Freedom Party for the Republic.

That is if the people of Ireland are allowed to see and hear the arguments of the Irexit Freedom Party beyond that presented by the biased MSM, the biased politicians with their own vested interests and others, it is rumoured the Taoiseach is being lined up for a lucrative EU Post. All the bias and unfounded fears the Irish people are being subject to, is practically a rerun of what the people of the UK were, and still are, being subject to.

Despite the ‘Troubles’ between Irish Groups with vested interests, the vast majority of the Irish people, North and South, know their closest friends are the people and Government of Britain and the UK. NOT the unelected Group Dictatorship of the European Commission telling them what to do.

The future of the UK outside the shackles of the European Union are very bright, being free to strike Trading Agreements with the rest of the world. In particular there are 2.4 billion English speaking people and 53 countries in the Commonwealth which, in terms of Trade, skills, business and enterprise, is forecast to be one of the worlds fastest growth areas.

The Irish Republic is not in the Commonwealth however, under the eligibility criteria, ‘an applicant country should, as a general rule, have had a historic constitutional association with an existing Commonwealth member, save in exceptional circumstances’. However, whether or not the Republic is in the Commonwealth, a Sovereign Irish Republic would be free to strike a deal with the UK and the Commonwealth. But not if shackled to the EU.

The European Commission are frightened to see their dream of a Socialist Superstate disintegrate. An EU stuffed with Socialists and Left leaning Socialists bordering on Communist ( eg Federica Mogherini our EU Foreign Affairs spokesman, a born and bred Italian Communist most of us would not choose to speak on our behalf ) They are more interested in holding the EU together rather than what is in the best interests of the Irish people. The Irish people are of secondary concern to be sacrificed on the EU Altar of Socialist/Communist conformity as were the people of Greece and Italy.

But, at the end of the day, it is up to the Irish people to decide if they are allowed to see the options available without obfuscation, bias and lies. Whether to become a Sovereign Irish Republic country once again, equal in Standing with other Independent Nations of the world without the tie and subjugation of an EU ball and chain.

Without interfering in the Democratic Process of the Irish Republic, rather than let the biased politicians and MSM have their own way, the Irexit Freedom Party should be supported as much as possible in their aims of informing the Irish people, the benefits of regaining their Sovereignty and Independence from the European Union.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson

Our contributor Roger Arthur sent in the following letter, commenting on a report in the Daily Telegraph:


According to a report in the Daily Telegraph David Davis is urging Cabinet members to vote down Chequers, notwithstanding that the majority of them are remainers who may not want a Brexiteer in No 10.

They might just stomach that – if they believe that a new leader can deliver Brexit – thereby saving their seats and the Tory party, keeping Mr Corbyn out in the process. But they cannot envisage any proposal, from Canada to no – deal, which would get through Parliament. Indeed the only deal likely to get majority MP support is a Swiss option, although that could leave us paying something in to the E.U. and complying with much of their rulebook, for many years.
So Tory Brexiteers have nowhere to go and will likely continue to watch Mrs May operating like a rabbit in the headlights, in thrall of an NI border issue, which is a molehill constructed by the EU that she views as a mountain.

For their part Labour would do almost anything to see the government fall, hoping that they will get into power as a result. They could well be the only winners. The losers will be those the 408 constituencies which voted to leave the EU, along with democracy itself.

Where is a Churchill or Thatcher when we need one?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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