Today’s first letter comes from Peter Mchugh, in the form of his much-loved ‘Caustic Comment’:


Caustic Comment 

A Thrice Cheated Electorate  –  14 – 4 – 18

Our ill-starred association with Europe  in the form of the EEC and EU has now spanned forty five years and hence someone of voting age then, is now in their sixties and can justifiably claim to be one of the Britain’s cheated generations.

Cheated first in the early 70s via an elaborate media campaign, into membership of a Common Market (which never was)  

Cheated again later via John Major’s signing of the Maastricht Treaty (1992) into the loss of any remaining sovereignty.    

Now being cheated a third time, post Referendum, by a government with no pretence of enthusiasm for enacting our separation from fraud riddled Brussels.    

The realisation of Brexit  became impossible the moment Theresa Mayhem opted to abide by the rules of the Lisbon Treaty’s Article 50, which were framed primarily to hamper any attempt to leave .

Many former members of the Conservative Party were central to the plot that got us into The Common Market and later were party to the 1992 plot that was to entrap us in the EU (via the aforementioned Maastricht Treaty).

It is now this very same party that is obstructing our severance from undemocratic Brussels, defying our clear instruction to them at the Referendum in June 2016 and our Head of State should have intervened on our behalf, well before now.    

This immigrant invaded nation has a government that ignores the electorate’s mood and wishes – has failed to defend the realm and needs removing from office and replacing by an administration that will.

It is sinister that both the Tories and Labour, in government since 1973, have seen fit to consistently lie to us on the true nature of our association with Brussels and the real financial costs.

Now nothing must be said, or written, which infers that our governments have caused the immigrant crisis, by refusing to listen to the voice of the electorate.  

Mrs Mayhem currently prefers to devote her efforts to conceding everything to Barnier and Co., whilst hiding behind overblown Russian spy stories and a Syrian conflict that has been running – on and off –  since the dawn of recorded time.



 Next, our contributor Malcolm Watson warns of the continuing sell-out of our Fisheries, quoting an official text from the Marine Management organisation:


Please see this article published by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

At first sight, it seems very reasonable that, for a fishing vessel to have a UK Economic Interest, it must be demonstrated, as the first bullet point states:-

  • landing over 50% by weight of their catch (which are subject to EU quotas) into UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man ports.

I’m not an expert as I’m not au fait with the numbers. However, to stand any chance of rebuilding the UK Fishing Industry and the onshore services, fish quays, processing, road transport, retailing, exporting particularly to the EU, boat yards for building & maintenance, jobs, businesses, Fisheries Protection/Border Force vessels, local and national economies, etc, etc, 100% of all fish caught in UK EEZ Waters by UK and foreign vessels must be landed in the UK. Not the EU.

The onshore fishing infrastructure would be as big, if not bigger, than the value of the fishing fleet. But the onshore fishing infrastructure is very dependent on all catches by all vessels, UK or foreign, into the UK fish quays and not running off to EU Ports or Russian factory ships as they did in the old days.

In broad terms, an extreme example of what could happen, if EU Company vessels have an EU quota of 60% of the total catch in UK Waters, that leaves only 40% for UK Registered vessels. EU companies could then register some or all of their vessels as UK vessels by each vessel landing just 50% of their catch from UK Waters in UK harbours carrying off the other 50% to EU harbours, to the detriment of the UK economy and the benefit of the EU economy.

If the EU fishing companies really want to work the system, they could completely destroy the UK fleet and UK industry jobs and businesses by landing just that 50% of the 40% of UK quota. In other words, just 20% of the total fish caught in our UK Waters would be landed in the UK. The UK fishing industry could not survive that. To fill the UK demand for fish, the UK would also have to import all our fish, a double economic whammy of lost export profits, taxes and import taxes.

Where’s the Brexit Justice in that?

The Conservatives are using UK fishing as part of Trade negotiations, trying to maintain the status quo and sell out our fishing communities, to maintain more or less the CFP where EU vessels are able to plunder UK Waters.

We’ve already lost out to foreign vessels with 60% of all fish quotas fished in UK Waters going to the EU, not to mention EU companies with UK registered vessels landing 50% of their catches in the EU. The MMO are proposing the UK continues a similar arrangement, which is flawed.

The  MMO UK Assessment Economic Link Conditions MUST be reassessed.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson

Finally, our reader StuartJ draws our attention to a petition, set up to address a veritable scandal:


Could you please share the following petition link?

“Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived In Britain between 1948 to 1971”

This could be a good cause for UKIP to rally behind. I find it astonishing that our government fails to take action to deport known foreign criminals and illegal immigrants arriving in the backs of lorries. Yet it is ready and willing to attempt to deport Commonwealth nationals who were welcomed here as children along with their parents, and have lived here for years and often contributed a great deal to our economy and culture.

I find it shameful and quite frankly embarrassing.

Thank you all in advance!

Respectfully, Stuart J


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