The first of today’s letters is from our correspondent Septimus Octavius and draws out attention to looming ‘events’ which will play a role in our Brexit negotiations, Ms May’s, Ms Merkel’s and M Barnier’s attitude to that Chequers “Agreement” notwithstanding:


Don’t forget Quitaly!

The Silly Season is almost upon us.  Shortly after it ends, in September, the Italian Government will stage its first budget.  Italian debt is so vast that it can never be repaid; and the TARGET2 pressures mount.

In my view, it is now more likely than not that by the end of September, Italy will have defaulted, decoupled and devalued, ending the euro of course, and causing the worst world-wide financial crash in history.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

More on Brexit and Chequers – the next letter is from our contributor Jim Makin. It is a letter he sent to his local paper. You might like to write to your local papers as well:


I’m a moderate and restrained man but it’s time to call a spade a spade.

I have sent the following to our local paper.

“Mrs May’s latest “Brexit” White Paper is another most dangerous step along her devious path to ensnare the UK into final subservience to the EU, under cover of a new form of words. This she presents as a best “compromise” between the leavers and remainers in Parliament.

There is now no reasonable doubt that this paper was prepared in secrecy, disgracefully without the knowledge of her own Department for Exiting the EU (Telegraph 14th July). She stabbed her minister David Davis in the back, leaving him no choice but to resign, and effectively eviscerating the Department. The deal was sprung virtually sight unseen on the full Cabinet in a special meeting at Chequers, reportedly (Independent 5th July) after she had already discussed the principles with Chancellor Merkel!

To those sad people who have followed the minutiae of Mrs May’s developing sell-out, this comes as no surprise, but the facts are now in the open for all to see – Mrs May is nakedly negotiating a false Brexit, a no-change “Brexit” where we remain under the EU’s control in all important respects. She is bit by bit softening us up for the full betrayal as “negotiations” (capitulations) continue. She no doubt intends to push through the end result in the absence of her adequate plans for the no-deal scenario. She will destroy the Tory Party, she betrays our Democracy, and demonstrably she is the EU’s quisling. She must go.”

The time is now ripe for all of us who value democracy, would rescue what remains to us, and would build it again to be the best in the world, to do whatever we can to stoke the fires of reaction across the land. Let the people rise against our quisling Parliamentarians and bombard them with the evidence of their failings by every available means until they quit.

If we say and do nothing, we are as guilty as those who would give it all away.

Respectfully, Jim Makin

Our contributor Jerry Wraith send us the letter he wrote to his constituency MP, John Glen. You might also like to write to your MP:


This is the letter I sent to my MP, John Glen:

Dear Mr Glen MP,

Could I have your comments on Steve Baker’s article in the DT, please and please confirm WHEN are you going to write your letter of NO CONFIDENCE in Theresa May as PM. She is typical of ALL Conservative PM’s and many Conservative politicians who apparently all have lying about the EU in their DNA!

Ted Heath, Alleged Paedophile, Confirmed Liar, Confirmed Traitor, Conservative Prime Minister, lied to the UK public that joining the EEC would not involve any loss of sovereignty when he had either ALREADY joined Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe or was just about to. This obviously involved a TOTAL loss of sovereignty if it was achieved, which was obviously his intention. I believe that EVERY Conservative PM since then, including Theresa May and many of it’s MP’s have allegedly been working towards the aim of making our great country a vassal state of the EU. You should be thoroughly ashamed to represent a party that is so deceitful and dishonest. Regards, J Wraith

Thanks for publishing it,

Respectfully, Jerry Wraith

Finally, a letter from a UKIP member and UKIP Daily reader reminding us of a different attitude prevailing amongst honourable members of government:


The  Attorney General felt the need to remind politicians of the need for a ‘grown up conversation’ . The fact that he felt the need is in itself alarming, but not surprising given the behaviour and comments of our elected representatives and  media commentators.

It would seem that many have never left the  school playground let alone the safety of the college or university common room , presumably childhood now extends to middle age in many cases. From now what must be regarded as another age, a quote from the autobiography of Lord Carrington, former Home Secretary, who was blamed for the ‘ Falklands Debacle’ but apparently bore or had little responsibility for it;

“The nation feels there has been a disgrace. Somebody must have been to blame. The disgrace must be purged. The person to purge it should be the minister in charge. That was me.”

Contrast that with  attitudes of today and  of government ministers in general.

Respectfully, Norman


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