The following letters from our contributors and readers were received after Ms May’s “Withdrawal Agreement”. The first is from Julian Flood:


I feel angry and helpless as, I am sure, do many people. We are being betrayed and ignored. Time to try anything, anything at all, just to lessen the feeling of impotence. I am not on Twitter, I am disorganised and shambolic. For a boycott of EU goods to take hold needs someone with better resources and contacts than I have.

The British people are held captive by the EU, undefended by those who should be fighting for our freedom. The only weapon that we had, the democratic vote, is ignored. The British political class, so-called Left and so-called Right, looks on as our government seeks to sell us to an increasingly anti-democratic and sinister Brussels. Our armed forces are put at the service of those who are free of any constraint. Our voices are silenced by newspapers which have tied their wagons to a treacherous globalist ideal. The BBC, that ultimate betrayer, is dominated by those who have no patriotism, and no loyalty to the listeners who pay their wages under threat of prison. Our masters, EU slave-drivers, are to be immune from taxes and prosecution.

We are bound and gagged, serfs of the New World Order.

Even Internet blogs, the last bastions of free speech, are under threat from our invisible masters. Before they are closed let us use our little influence to make a protest, perhaps the last protest we will be permitted before the remnants of our democratic power are washed away.

You will have heard the cries of anguish and anger. There is talk of marches. Talk of pitchforks and flaming torches. Talk of defenestrations of the ruling class. While these cries may make us feel better they will not result in action. The British are not a violent people and, so far at least, we are unlikely to see the quiet and orderly folk of the shires and market towns marching up Whitehall with hate in their eyes. But we need some outlet for our anger.

All we control, for the moment at least, is our own money. Let’s use that to show them that we’ve had enough of being ignored. Don’t buy German and don’t buy French. Don’t holiday in those countries. They already suck away our money by taxes and direct imposts from Brussels, why should we voluntarily make them more powerful?

Anyone buying a new German car should be ashamed. They are sending aid to our enemies. The same for those who drink French wine, or eat French cheese. Start small. Check every item you buy and if it is from those nations then put it back on the supermarket shelf. Put a sticker on the back window of your German car saying ‘Sorry, We’ll never buy another BMW’. “Mercedes: overpriced, overhyped, over here. Sorry.”

If you buy their products you are helping our enemy. Shame on you. If you boycott them you are making perhaps the last small protest of the British people which will ever be allowed. Act now before it’s too late.

Those who pretend to lead the EU are vulnerable to the influence of the men with money. They are bought, those Quislings, paid millions for carrying out the demands of their globalist masters. But even so they have to listen to their own industrial aristocracy. Hit German and French companies where it hurts. One pinprick can be ignored. A hundred would be painful. 17.4 million might be fatal.

Time to rise up.

Respectfully,Julian Flood

The next letter is from David Meacock:


When EU leaders refused PM Cameron’s suggested EU reforms, he meekly caved in and still recommended people vote Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum.  Had he publicly threatened to recommend Leave in the middle of talks if they didn’t change their tune, EU Leaders would either have caved in, in which case the Referendum result would more likely have been Remain, or continued as they did but Cameron would then have carried out his threat and recommended Leave.  Leave would then have won with an even greater margin and so having had his recommendation endorsed and being on the winning side he would probably still be PM of a probably far less divided UK.

Equally failing to understand negotiating tactics through lack of experience outside the Westminster Bubble, Feeble Appeaser Re-May-ner Theresa PM has repeated Cameron’s errors.  The only way out now is to list required alterations to get her Deal supportable by Leavers; in particular Conservative Brexiteers and DUP MP’s, and tell the EU they have 7 days to agree to the revisions, or the UK Parliament will immediately repeal the EC Communities Act 1972 and negotiate a Free Trade Deal and any other mutually advantageous co-operation from there.

This might serve to re-unite the country in further showing the UK public that the EU have never had any intention of genuinely reforming or negotiating a mutually advantageous Brexit. PM May could probably get this through if she threatened her own Party MPs with a General Election if they fail to support her, as well as the DUP MP’s with a Northern Ireland Referendum as to whether Northern Ireland wish to remain in the UK or Re-unite with the rest of their landmass, Southern Ireland, knowing the result could easily be for the latter option – esp. as 58% of the NI voters voted Remain, which they could then achieve by uniting with the South.

If PM May won’t stand up for the UK’s interests by taking this tough action, then she has failed in the first duty of Government which is Defence of the Realm, and the UK will urgently need to replace her with a new Conservative leader who will.  To minimise disruption, MP’s will need to unite around one candidate to replace her so that we have a new genuinely Brexiteer PM come the middle of next week.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way: jump to it PM, or jump yourself!

Respectfully, David G. Meacock.

Paul Chambers sent the next letter:


The appalling attempted absolute sell out of our country by a PM who can only be described as a traitor is even worse than I imagined it to be. I never thought that I would be grateful to Gina Miller for interfering with the Brexit process but her intervention has prevented Theresa May from just going ahead with her treasonable deal. I therefore look to you to add your name to the list of those MPs loyal to the UK  in sending a letter to Mr Graham Brady expressing no confidence in our treacherous prime minister. The 17.4 million Brexit voters will remember at the ballot box and if we are betrayed, I for one will NEVER vote conservative again in my life. Our politicians have demonstrated their true nature of contempt for the electorate.

The only thing that would upset them is if we are able to vote them out and they lose the benefits of the gravy train. I for one will do my best to bring that about. I do respect the fact that you did vote to Leave and I also suspect that the current deal will not pass a parliamentary vote but then what we will we get. We should get a No Deal as Mrs May has wasted plenty of on false promises and the voters wishes to leave must be respected. I suspect however that there aremany who will try their best to betray us. A so called people’s vote will be rigged to split the Brexit vote. The Remain option should not be permitted as we have already made the decision to leave.

I am sad and angry at Theresa May and her broken promises.

My predictions and comments in previous letters about May’s broken promises have been proven absolutely correct. She HAS broken EVERY promise that she has ever made and is a complete disgrace. The quicker she goes, the better.

Respectfully, Paul Chambers

Finally, a letter from R.E. Jones:


What to do, if Parliament and the Conservative Party shrink from taking action to stop the fake and seditious Withdrawal Agreement? No doubt Brexit lawyers are thinking about it but I fear that ordinary people will be forced to take control, unable to rely on our politicians any longer. Here’s an idea. Any good?

Since Britain is now fighting to preserve its democracy, it might be an idea to organise a UK Walk for Freedom. This would be a modern Peasants Revolt drawing people from every hamlet, village, town and city across the country, across fields, mountains and rivers, from Scotland to Cornwall, through the night with flares, all backgrounds, occupations, and ages joining up to converge in their multi millions on London. The Tower of London maybe?!! Someone could read out the Magna Carta and announce this is what we recognise and not the EU constitution.

Routine protests with shouting and screaming are counterproductive but the mobilisation of huge numbers of ordinary people setting off for a week-long journey in defence of their country would be something to behold and less likely to provide an opportunity for mischief making by the media.

It’s time too for the fishermen (and other supporters) to get the boats out again from all UK ports and coastal communities and sail to London, maybe block the Channel. Barnier has wrung more concessions and our fishing communities sold out yet again.

Respectfully, R. E. Jones


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