The two letters in today’s batch hopefully might encourage you to write letters to the ‘usual suspects’ in a similar fashion. They are about Brexit or rather the mess the current May government is making of it. The first letter is by our contributor Jerry Wraith:


I believe that we democratically voted to leave the EU some time ago.

Some (many?) Conservative MP’s are resisting the result of this vote and advocating staying in the EU or at least some of its institutions.

I therefore believe that I (and the UK population) have the RIGHT to know WHY they are not following the demand of the majority of the UK population that we LEAVE the EU.

I have given them many good reasons in my note which are all good reasons for leaving, any ONE of which is enough to justify our leaving the EU.

Hence, in the light of the reasons quoted these these turncoat MP’s are OBLIGED to justify WHY they are rejecting the democratic vote in the referendum.

(NB. Airy fairy statements such as our economy or our exports will suffer are NOT acceptable. They need to justify why staying in the EU is such a good idea when the EU can call on the UK to provide nearly £1 trillion to save the euro. Or that UK trade will be adversely affected if we leave when it has been proved that being in the EU provides the UK with no favours in trade with the EU and we have already lost well over £1 trillion in trade with the EU whilst making a profit trading with the rest of the world!)

In addition, the PM Theresa May MUST give good reasons why these MP’s are not being disciplined for not following the promises made by the previous Conservative government relating to the result of the referendum being fully actioned. She must as a minimum threaten de-selection for the next general election for them as they refusing to follow party policy and a promise from the previous Conservative government which should be sacrosanct.

I therefore suggest that everyone sends a similar letter to their MP demanding that their MP circulates my report [Ed: “Poor Millicent and Emily” – 3 Parts, see Part 3 with links to the previous parts here] to all the Conservative Party remainers and demanding a full justification from them for their position as their constituents demand to know. I see little difference between this demand and writing to your MP to demand an answer from a government minister!. In addition, we cannot demand an answer ourselves by writing to Conservative MP’s who do not represent us. We must therefore make our MP’s do this for us.

Respectfully, Jerry Wraith

The second Open Letter is by our contributor Jack Thomas – why not use it as sample and send your own letters to Monsieur J as well:

“Dear Mr. Juncker,

I am a native British citizen and believe that the time has come to express the views of myself and many others in respect of the ongoing negotiations led by Mrs. May, who does not represent us.

You might remember that on 23 June 2016 we voted to leave the EU. We were given a straight choice; leave or remain a member. In particular there was no provision for our remaining subject to EU rules or some sort of associate membership. We voted for out, nothing more, nothing less.

For the sake of clarity that means:

  • No financial contribution to the EU
  • No acceptance of EU rules
  • No recognition of the ECJ
  • The restoration of our national borders
  • The end to free movement of so-called “refugees” and “asylum seekers”.
  • No recognition of your European Arrest Warrant
  • No participation in your ‘EUROGENDFOR’

We are open to a free and fair trade agreement between the UK and the various remaining EU members but that will not include acceptance of your rules either.

As you may have noticed Mrs. May and her colleagues have been too ready to agree with some of your outrageous demands. That does not mean that we will accept whatever agreement she may sign up too. Indeed such an agreement will result in her rapid removal from government. She has made promises on our behalf which we have not been consulted on and will not accept.

We believe that she was mistaken in pursuing our departure using your Article 50 and should instead have repealed the various treaties which would have resulted in our being out by now. Nevertheless I would remind you of some of the words of our great Prime Minister Winston Churchill when faced with the enemy:

“We shall fight on the seas and oceans,
we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender”

Be assured that the spirit of that speech remains alive to this day in true native Brits. We will never accept rule in any form by your Evil Union. I hope that is clear to you whatever our Prime Minister or others in the UK government might agree with you.

Sincerely, Jack Thomas – A true native Brit.”

Since M Juncker personally selected and installed M Barnier as chief Negotiator, and since we now read that M Barnier doesn’t want to negotiate at all (see here), we might also tell M Juncker that we won’t negotiate because it’s now finally obvious: the EU does not want to negotiate, no way nohow.


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