Our latest crop of letters ranges from Brexit to village life. Each one illustrates the wide-ranging the interest of UKIP Daily readers. The first letter comes from our outstanding correspondent Roger Arthur:


This is a good article by Melanie Phillips.

Brexiteer MPs may see that May has not been converted on the road to Brexit, but probably fear that, if she is replaced, it will be by Hammond, then Corbyn. What a dilemma.

They know that over 60% of constituencies voted to leave the EU, while only around 30% of MPs did. So they may little more than spectators at a movie.

As the writer says, we need a leader with conviction about the “inherent greatness of our country and in their own ability to deliver a better future for its people.” But what can Brexiteer MPs do? Not much it seems.

Even more interesting, what can voters do at the forthcoming local elections? Perhaps they could vote for the party that remains committed to removing us from ECJ jurisdiction. Without that, it will not matter much who they vote for in future.

Remember what you did last time you saw a PM with no conviction, or tenacity. That was when almost 4m people voted UKIP. Now it is time for another wake-up call. Do not stand by like a spectator at a movie.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Our reader Tim Pope sent a warning on Brexit and immigration:


I will take a bet about an action that will be led by Angela Merkel and followed by France, The Netherlands, Italy and Greece.

These countries have a major immigrant problem. David Davis has been weak in negotiating a transition period that still allows free movement of people. At a stroke these countries can fast track EU passports for their immigrant problem population a large number of whom will then pack their bags and head, legally, to the UK. Problem solved for the EU once again at our expense.

Respectfully, Tim Pope

Our reader John Douglass was inspired by the photo of the Swindon ‘magic roundabout’ which accompanied our report on the Swindon Meeting to write the following letter:


The magic roundabout brings back memories!

I was one of the last National Service “victims” I had completed basic training at Bridgnorth and was posted to Compton Bassett for training on morsel code.

On a dark wet evening on the way to find Compton Bassett I found myself on what I later discovered was the magic roundabout, I had never seen anything like it, totally lost, local traffic at what seemed high speed in all directions , not knowing where to go. An unforgettable experience.

I later learned that the town planner had a habit of putting his coffee cup on his map and wherever it left a round stain, he made a roundabout.

Having seen and experienced it, I am glad to be a Northern country bumpkin.

Respectfully, John Douglass

Finally, our contributor Laurence Keeley writes about village life:


We have seen over a number of years the decline in village life,it all started with Governments valuing estates and taxing them,while this broke up the wealth of landowners, it has been creating unaffordable houses for the local people, and working family farms have all but disappeared.

There is a case to say, it doesn’t matter how much one owns, it’s what you do with it that matters.

Cottages are sold off, barns converted into weekend retreats,and some used for light industry; villages used to have football, & cricket teams,and in the South East stoolball teams. Tug-of-war was another sporting activity,and usually a thriving local pub. and schools and post office are disappearing fast. There needed to be a new village housing plan where houses could be built and sold at cost.

Unfortunately many newcomers (not all) are against  this, but what is needed is to reinvent the locality & community life, have a plan where one would invite every parish in the United Kingdom, to select a place or places where one could build 15 / 20 houses under the above plan. This could be extended where a large number of homes are planned in some villages, also to have a review of inheritance tax for family businesses. Create a land Community Trust for a new houses plan,and with the UK leaving the  European Union there is a great opportunity to have a local farming business that makes a living and becoming an enjoyable enterprise. Most villages could do with a new village hall therefore build some homes in each village and add £10,000 to each one for the community asset,make the pub the hub.

This could also help with enlarging village shops that are often too small to cater for the local needs owing to little space, and some villages schools could be enlarged.

If the trend continues, we will end up with only old fogies living in dormitory villages, and more overcrowded towns, where we are seeing developers only interested in building what they can sell.

With the price of houses and rents,we will have more mental health issues  and depression,and air pollution. Visit www.campaign-for-change.co.uk for some possible answers.

Respectfully, Laurence Keeley.


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