Some of today’s letters were written in the wake of the Chequers Betrayal, but before the resignation of David Davis became public. Other letters came in after Mr Davis’ resignation. I apologise to all letter writers whose letters are still pending – but as you all know, it’s ‘events, dear boy, events’ which drive the agenda and what could be more pressing than the Chequers sell-out and its aftermath.

The first letter is from our contributor Malcolm Watson:


Early comments from Nigel Farage and UKIP Leader Gerard Batten would indicate they are not happy with Theresa May’s proposed Brexit Agreement.
Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten have, with UKIP, not devoted the last 20 plus years of their lives fighting for a Brexit just to be sold a Pup.
I have not spent the last 10 years of my life, as have many other UKIP Members, supported a cause to leave this God Forsaken Group Dictatorship of an EU just to be sold a Pup.
17.4 Million supported a Referendum to LEAVE this God Forsaken Group Dictatorship just to be sold another Pup, as Cameron and Osborne tried to inflict upon us all.
Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Michael Heseltine, David Cameron, George Osborne, Alistair Campbell and other rabid Europhiles with their snouts in the EU trough, were put in their place by 17.4 Million Voters in the Brexit Referendum.
17.4 Million people didn’t believe them then and they don’t believe them now.
It is time for all Brexiteer’s,  17.4 million Conservative, Labour, Liberal people to come together AGAIN to tell Theresa May’s weak kneed Government that this Brexit Agreement is NO GOOD.
A Puppy with an EU leash.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson

Our contributor Jack Thomas regards Chequers as ultimate evidence for the betrayal of us all, sending in this call to arms:


Has anyone still not noticed that the native British people are at war with the British government? That war might not have been declared openly and has not been started by us but it is being carried on at various levels every day. We need to organise and defend ourselves with a view to taking the actions necessary to overthrow that government and install one that respects democracy.

It seems that UKIP is still in some disarray when it comes to entering that war. It might be a war of words and demonstrations for now but we should be in no doubt that it will get far worse if government, of all shades, is allowed to carry on down their chosen and long established path.

I would suggest that UKIP forms a War Cabinet to research and oppose whatever government proposes next. The opposition needs to be focussed and continuous; it cannot be lost in the everyday business of the Party. Communication with the electorate will be a key aspect, difficult though it might be to reach some people.

Are we up for the fight?

Respectfully, Jack Thomas

Then Malcolm Watson sent us a second letter this morning, on David Davis’ resignation:


Having watched Gove’s performance in DEFRA and his twisting and turning over the UK Fishing Industry, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. And I’ve got a bad back.

All this ‘double-speak’ from Gove when Lawyers for Britain, Nigel Farage, Gerard Batten, and many other Brexit MP’s, point out the deceit behind the so called Agreement.

hIt looks as if Ollie Robbins with the collusion of Teresa May and the Civil Servants at No 10 have been operating behind David Davis’s and his Brexit Dept back. This deceitful Agreement would be put forward as if coming from Davis’s Dept.

I support David Davis’s motives 100%.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson

And finally – Peter Mchugh’s ‘Caustic Comments’, penned on Sunday:

CAUSTIC COMMENT  [ 8 – 7 – 18]

What is it with Tees and Tories ?

Theresa May is the fourth Tory PM who has duplicitously headed a Tory government in the full knowledge that P.M. Edward Heath committed Treason in 1972, and like her successors, has refrained from revealing that fact to the electorate .

After Heath was deposed,  Margaret Thatcher soon became aware of the extent of his treachery,  but ‘ bottled ‘ going for a full expose’ and contented herself with a few sulks and her famous :

I WANT MY MONEY BACK  jibe, directed at Helmut Kohl.

If our Judiciary had been on the British side instead of that of Brussels, when Heath [against high level advice] signed the Treaty of Rome, and had arraigned him for Treason,  then we would not be grappling with Brexit today.

If our Constitution had been adhered to at that time, every Parliament called since January 1973 would have been declared illegal and un-constitutional, and invalidating Maastricht in 1992.

Since July 2016  Theresa the Appeaser’s  handling of Brexit would lead one to assume that she is now happy to go into the history books as : Theresa the Treason Geezer  by this week offering 17.4 million Leavers, her : fait-a-comply : Brexit in Name Only.

Queen Elizabeth II  [who is about to be restored as Monarch of the United Kingdom] appointed Mrs May after the 2017 General Election, and it is within HER power to dismiss her,  for failing to carry out an express instruction from HER subjects [the Electorate] i.e. to withdraw us from the European Union.

THE QUEEN  [that long forgotten part of our Constitutional governmental system] would then call a new parliament, headed by someone under express orders to enact the Referendum instruction, without further delay or concession !

Today’s Sunday Telegraph carries a welter of letters and articles, referring in varying degrees to the betrayal of our nation, with headings such as : The weekend that Brexit dreams died,  and : Theresa May has thwarted Brexit , betraying the Referendum majority.

Friday the 6th of JULY 2018,  and the events thereof in leafy Buckinghamshire,  will come to be known as

A day that will live in infamy!



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