As we all know, Brexit or the May Sell-Out has been in the news all week. Here are two important letters reflecting this raher important event. Both letters draw our attention to the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA 1972). The first letter is from our contributor and correspondent Roger Arthur:


Remainers say that TMay has failed to get us out of the E.U. and that she will leave us worse off than before. So they argue that we need another referendum, allowing us the option go back in to the E.U.

They write off the no-deal option, knowing that TMay is unprepared for that and they think that Parliament will not allow it. Let’s hope they are wrong.

But even if they are right, no PM can bind the hands of future governments. The  ECA 1972 was repealed by the Withdrawal Act and the UK no longer has to comply with E.U. regulations.

So a future government with backbone can denounce whatever TMay signs up to, citing the UN Charter or the Vienna Convention.

Project Fear 2 is intended to soften us up for another referendum, hoping we will be scared into submission and that we will vote to return to being an E.U. member.

Some Brexiteer MPs want no-deal as the default option, which would be better in the long run than TMay’s proposal.

But if they fail then it will take us many years to achieve the outcome voted for by 408 (62.8%) constituencies in the referendum.

As bad as it is, even May’s proposal would be better than reversing the Withdrawal Act, returning to E.U. membership and towards the end of our nation state.

So don’t be duped into seeking another referendum, just because this PM has failed to deliver Brexit means Brexit in the short term.

The ECA 1972 has been repealed and that must never be reversed, however long it takes us to break the chains that bind us to the EU.

We have set ourselves on a journey back to government for the people by the people and we must not allow anyone to deny us that aspiration.

Whatever happens, we do not want and we do not need another referendum, however much Blair, Soros spend on it. Don’t be duped by them. This is our country, not theirs.

If we can’t have C++ then the priorities should be 1. No deal, 2. M++ (May’s plus) and then 3. May’s deal. Under no circumstances do we want to go backwards – with another referendum.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

The next letter, also emphasising the importance of the ECA 1972, is from our correspondent Septimus Octavius:



God does indeed move in mysterious ways His wonders to perform; and with the unparalleled benefit of hindsight, never has this been clearer than in the foggy thing we call “Brexit”.  How simple it all seemed when the vote was cast in June 2016! How complex it has apparently become ever since!

Our thanks must firstly go to Gina Miller.  She it was, it will be recalled, who, using the ECA 1972 as her weapon, forced the Government to gain Parliamentary authority before the Article 50 Notification could be given.

Our next expression of gratitude must therefore go to the blinkered inanity of our Civil Service with regard to the ECA 1972, which should of course have been repealed before the end of June 2016.  If it had been, Gina Miller could not have brought her case. As it is, and even though Dominic Grieve has used it to set his invidious trap in the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, its continued survival means,inter alia, that it has indirectly prevented that trap from working.

The way this particular aspect of the matter is now working out so beneficially is as follows.  Article 50 is a rule of EU law, and until we leave the EU, EU law trumps UK law. The Parliamentary approval by statute given to the Article 50 Notification means that as a matter of EU law the UK will be released from the Treaties of the EU at 11.00 p.m. UK time on 29 March 2019 if no Withdrawal Agreement has come into effect before that moment, and that Parliament has formally confirmed that this must happen.  As I have already mentioned, this proof demonstrates the complete, albeit sadly misinformed, falsity of the oft-repeated mantra that “there is no Parliamentary majority for no deal”.   On the contrary, as has been shown above, Parliament has already legislated for just such a possibility.

It is next appropriate to remind ourselves of the inevitability of the Article 50 process, which as has been shown above, is a matter of EU law that trumps anything the UK can do, or any EU institution can do, or any nation, person or organisation can do.  EU law is indeed a tyrannical horrifically overpowering thing, but that actually assists the UK’s cause here. This, incidentally, gives the lie to Theresa May’s threat of “no Brexit”.

At this point it is helpful to consider why it is now absolutely certain that a no-deal Brexit is the best option for the UK.  It saves us £39 billion. It avoids the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 trap. We exit on WTO terms which simply need a few technical tweaks to implement.  It leaves us entirely free to negotiate whatever we want with whomever we want, including the EU. There will of course never be a hard border in Ireland because nobody is going to build one.  Perfect!

Our final vote of thanks goes to the massed forces of the Remain camp and the Prime Minister, who by their ill will and ineptitude have guaranteed that a no deal Brexit will indeed occur.  The Remainers have enshrined in UK statute law a rule that gives Parliament a “meaningful vote” on any proposed Withdrawal Agreement. And, thanks be to God! Our Prime Minister has negotiated a deal which is not just bad, it is utterly appalling, terrifying and horrific. It would be, if it were allowed to happen, the worst defeat of these sceptered isles since 1066.  It is an abject and complete surrender for eternity to the rule of a foreign power. It has had the truly remarkable effect of uniting Leavers and Remainers, Labour and Conservative, Scotland and the rest of the UK, in wholesale and universal condemnation of it. It is impossible to see how any Parliament could ever approve such a ghoulish nightmare of a deal.

So, Parliament will kill this proposed agreement, and Article 50 will run its course (unless Italy destroys the EU first!).

Thanks be to God!

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


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