As expected, Gerard Batten’s announcement of making Tommy Robinson his personal special adviser has made members fire up their keyboards and write letters to UKIP Daily. Here are the first ones which we publish strictly according to the time we received them, and the first of these letters is from our contributor Rob Mcwhirter:


I had thought that our new leader’s priorities were clear: we are the “true Brexit” party, and should be concentrating on that until March 29th 2019

I was further delighted when the NEC ratified that stance at its last meeting, and confirmed that any vote on Tommy Robinson joining would be deferred until after that time.

Imagine my dismay, therefore, when my morning Google News trawl turned up nothing but “Tommy to be Gerard’s special advisor”, and then – mouldy icing on the cake –  Nigel calling for an EGM to get rid of Gerard as leader!

We need to remember the common enemy – and it’s NOT The Peoples Front of Judea…

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

The next letter we received is from our reader Richard Lark:


I agreed with the decision of the NEC to postpone consideration of a possible ballot on whether Tommy Robinson should be allowed to become a member of UKIP until after 29th March 2019. I am not anti TR nor am I pro and would have to think carefully before casting my vote in any ballot. But for the next few weeks at least we should be giving 100% of our effort on campaigning for a clean Brexit. Our Leader speaks and campaigns well on Brexit but he should not be introducing a topic which can only divide our party at this important time. Of course he can listen to advice from TR, who should not be given an official position until after March 29th, and then only if it has been decided to allow him to become a member.

Respectfully, Richard Lark

Finally, here is the letter our contributor Jeff Wyatt sent in:


Sometimes in life you just have to make a quick decision. Sometimes you just have to show your hand. Circumstances need to be reacted to. Fearless people react, this is what Gerard has done in appointing Tommy Robinson as his personal advisor.  

Right now, time is of the essence.

As many know we have a Prime Minister who believes her pathetic and treacherous draft Withdrawal Agreement is good for the Country, aided and abetted by a big number of sycophantic career minded MP’s (who just want a long stretch in Westminster). It seems the Leavers in Westminster, the Rees-Moggs, the Hoeys, the Bones, the Cashs et al are not making headway, are not steering the Leave debate strongly enough. Westminster is riddled with EU loving Remainiacs with noses in the troughs. Something needs to be done, NOW!

Gerard’s appointment of Tommy is to be welcomed. UKIP for well over 2 years has needed to change the record. This is a gentle move in the right direction whilst acknowledging the Party’s workings. The most important thing that it does is that it galvanises the huge number of Tommy supporters into “thinking UKIP”. The appointment creates a huge amount of extra publicity for the important Brexit Rally in London on Sunday 9th December. I am aware that some are not fans of Tommy, but surely even these people would have to acknowledge that the man enjoys a huge amount of support, goodwill and most importantly trust from ordinary British people. I can think of no better way right NOW for Gerard and UKIP to encourage support from a fresh large group of people, many of whom have not recently cast a vote due to their distrust of the Establishment. A distrust that is contemporarily borne out by the Westminster class’ present attempt to ignore and fudge the clear democratic vote to leave the EU.

Work from pressure groups like Leave Means Leave,, Democracy 17.4 is to be welcomed. But the only organisations MP’s take a blind bit of notice of are political Parties that can secure votes. UKIP is the biggest and most well-known, out and out Brexit Party. Right now our Country needs our Party to do all it can to secure a clean break from the tyranny of the EU, which includes embracing the help of all whom want to come aboard, Tommy included, and even George Galloway would be welcomed on the stage at the London Rally I am sure.

Has Gerard / UKIP done enough with this appointment to encourage a rapid influx of membership applications from the TR support base? Time will tell.   

Respectfully, Jeff Wyatt


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