Today’s first letter is from Catherine Blaiklock, Eastern Regional Chair:


we need to get UKIP out of a 1980’s time-warp!

68% of 18-30 year olds voted for anti-EU and non establishment parties in the Italian Election.

Nigel Farage noted that CPAC last week in the USA  (Conservative Political Action Conference) was full of young people.

8 million people (80% of whom are estimated to be young men) have watched Jordan Peterson’s fight with Cathy Newman on youtube. I recommend anyone who has not seen this video to watch it.

I get told all young people in the UK are brainwashed, Marxist snowflakes. Many clearly are but many are not and are dying for a political message that is different  – as is evidenced by the popularity of Jordan Peterson, his book and his videos. The Millennials flock to Corbyn because he is fresh and new and at least has something to say directly to them, rather than the half-baked policies of the Conservative party who seem to alienate their core whilst not engaging with anyone young.

And what does UKIP do?

We continually appoint people with an average age of  60+:

Gerard Batten: *1954  – Mike Hookem: *1953 –  Margot Parker: *1943

We are clearly a party of old people and we desperately need young and middle aged people with energy to join. My plumber, my plasterer – these men aged 35-45, have energy and passion. Where are they? They support everything we stand for but we cannot attract them and even people who previously joined have walked off in disgust.

I support Gerard and I know he has a difficult job but he has got to get energy and life into this party. We will die if our membership has an average age of 60+. He must appoint some people who are 16-40. There are people around. Reece Combes who set up Kipper Central and is only 17, is an outstanding example, as is James Turner, 22, the candidate for Anglesey in 2017, or Daniel Woolfe (mid 30’s), the Parliamentary candidate for Gloucester – a teacher and a young David Kurten. There will be many others who I do not know. These are our future and our country’s future. They also know how to use social media which is also the future. All this political activity is happening every day on twitter but it is not translating into anything for UKIP because we do not engage properly and continue to have no internet strategy or message!

5 Star in Italy said, ‘We got 32% of the vote because of our dense social media’ connections.’

16,000 UKIP members is not an example of ‘dense social media connection’:

Farage 1.1 million, Hopkins 900,000, Trump 45 million.

Those are numbers that will change the political landscape.

We will not make progress if we continually appoint the same old people and are stuck in some 1980’s timewarp, talking to forty old UKIP members in a church hall somewhere.

Respectfully, Catherine Blaiklock, Eastern Regional Chair

The next letter is from Jane Collins MEP:


I write about the UKIP Damages Nonsense.

There is a lot of comment and speculation currently being circulated about the defamation case against the three MPs and how much UKIP will have to pay as a result of the recent judgment.

I have to say that everything I have seen has come from people who know absolutely nothing about the case and would seem not to have read the judgment. It is as we say in Yorkshire a load of rubbish.

I would therefore like to make it clear that the judgment handed down in February did not specify any amount of costs that UKIP is liable for. In fact the judge specifically stated in the judgment that he was not there to assess the costs.

The judge concluded in view of minutes from the NEC that members of the NEC had been directing the management of my case and that the party was therefore liable to pay costs incurred for a specific period March 2015 – June 2015 plus the assessment hearing of January 2017.

Again I would like to stress that the Judge did not put any figure on what the costs are but made it clear that if they could not be agreed they would have to be decided by detailed assessment. As yet I am not aware of any figure being requested by the Labour Party or having been agreed by UKIP. those speculating about what this number might be don’t know what they are talking about and should really sit down and read the judgment before firing off comments and emails.

Respectfully, Jane Collins MEP

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